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Return of the Blobs!

Return of the Blobs!

Submission Highlights

The past two weeks of my life have been filled with delight; the giddy delight of receiving translated blob drawings in the mail! And because delight is infectious, I have selected some of my favorite submissions to share. As well as my own blob-derived Mojo comic. Mainly because the main article image is the only image I can't attach a link to.

Blobs of Note

Should you want to view more of their blobs, each image links to each artist's respective post. Except for Mr. Randy Jones, who only did one drawing. Way to go, Randy!

Anthony Clark Randy Jones J. Galloway Charles Stanhope Unitus Gerren Rabideau Jeff Jeff Bandelin Rev. Josh Till Lassmann Juergen van Straelen

Here's To Everyone!

Many, many, many thanks to all who submitted — I wish I could have included every drawing! But rest assured, even though I didn't have enough room here, Mojo has more than enough room for all in his beanbag chair full of winners. Perhaps he's even reserved a special space for you, somewhere toward the top, where the oxygen is!

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Bit of a letdown there, I was half expecting the blob to transform, like a green man-eating blob, which uses Mojo as a bait.



Nah... Mojo would never trick a human into becoming blob food. Only to to fill his beanbag chair.

Ruud Welten

Wow I just remembered how many great artists there are out there, I just love the penguin ... and Gerren's drawings and and Jürgens pets .... wel I like 'm all!


I think the conjoined spiderman is my favorite, simply because he represents twice the web-slinging-crime-fighting dynamo we've all come to respect and fear.


good stuff.

i like the elephant.

the blue headed one sucks though, and that guy should have tried harder.


Yeah, that Jeff guy should have done a big-nose man or puppy skeleton or something. That would have Rocked!


Ruud Welten- Thanks! I do what I can.

Charles Stanhope - Nice tank, that was a tough blob...

Everyone Else- Amazing stuff all around!

Kevin- BTW, did I even come close to being the first to submit thier blob?


Is that you asking Mojo all of the questions, and by all the questions I mean one?

Art Beard

I really enjoyed the ones anthony clark did they made me smile a bit. Then I looked around and realized I was at work. Crap oh enough with the loss of productivity


Paul - I dunno... something tells me a conjoined spider-man would be a lot less effective at dodging bombs and mechanical arms and such.

Bandelin - He could have at least drawn the blue guy awake. Sheesh.

Jam - I tell ya... if he wasn't such a slacker!

Gerren - Actually, you were second! Randy beat you to it.

Shane - Haha - naw, I would have a beard and glasses! And more hair on top. And more muscular. Oh, and I shoot fire from my fingertips!

Art - It's not a loss of productivity if you're a bear biologist. Are you a bear biologist?


Gerren - Thanks! I think you hit that particular blob out of the park. Also, your D doodle was inspired.

Juergen's single doodle from two blobs: very cool.

Man, all the doodles were terrific, fun stuff.

Art Beard

No I am not a bear biologist although I am now considering a carrier change. I want my bear biologist thesis to be what happens when I strap a rocket to a bears back. Hey if a bear with a rocket on his back in the woods crashes in the forest and no one is around to see it or hear it, does it still get mentioned on this site?


Oh, this is some cool stuff. Nice job everyone, and thanks to Kevin for setting this up.

I can't help but notice that about a third of the blobs drawings are asleep. Guess being a blob drawing is quite draining.


Wow - those are great! I tried to do something with the blobs but they just turned into slightly less attractive blobs.


Psst...I've cast my vote For Mr. Bearskinrug - how about everyone else?


hahahha! i love that comic strip... my favorite so far. and your submitted blobs are awesome.

all of them are great, but conjoined spiderman made me laugh out loud.


Uh... really nice funny stuff here! I like all of them!!
... thx for your feedback ;-)


Art - It depends how humorous the crash is, really.

Jeff - Well, they have no internal skeletal structure, so they have to use a lot of muscle to stay upright.

BigA - You shouldn't have drawn them with scars and clothing of an unflattering fit!

Martha - That seems to be a crowd favorite!

Terry Tolleson

Conjoined Spiderman FTW!!!

These are all very awesome. Such talent.

Elsewhere: Those human-beanbag chairs are great substitutes for the SharperImage/Brookstone massage variety.


I'm not sure exactly why but this Mojo adventure amuses me greatly. I read it several times and I laughed out loud every time.

I know that's not much of a 'witty bon mot' but fwiw.


Mojo is at his best not only when he's a jerk, but a life-threatening jerk!


Mojo is my hero.


Actually is very funny.


I used to play this game all the time with my sister, I'll see you in court! For ideatheft!

Oor... maybe I'll just send you some blobs.


Oh no! Not another ideatheft lawsuit!

Adolfo Tavizón

Kevin, this cartoon its too good to be true!

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