Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Leg Is Asleep Walking

My Leg Is Asleep Walking

The Phenomenon Of Somnambulism

I myself have never gotten up and strolled away while sleeping (nor, have any of my body parts for that matter). I have to say I'm pretty thankful for that. Sleep walking sounds like a terribly inconvenient affliction. You go to all this trouble in the morning picking out clothing, showering, shaving, and brushing your teeth so that when you meet people on the street, they find you clean and respectable. Little do you know they saw you hours earlier, in your pajamas, eating out of the trashcan.

On A More Blobular Topic

I'd just like to say, I've been enjoying everyone's submitted blob drawings. Next week I plan to post some of my favorites, so if you're still working on a set, or haven't had a chance to start, there's still some time left to entertain me. After that, I'm getting surgery to remove my entertainment glands, so... you know... one last hurrah and all that.

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The Colonel

Now if only you could pick out clothing, shower, shave, and brush your teeth while sleepwalking.

You'd save 30 minutes each morning, easy!

Of course, I barely trust myself shaving as it is, so this plan may be destined for disaster.


Well, maybe if you shaved with a razor, instead of a bayonet.


I just can't imagine being that calm if my leg had wandered off without me. Though on second thought, this gent no doubt wandered off with the leg.

Still, I'm sure the serenity depicted here would not describe me. I mean, I go to pieces if I leave my iPod at home for a day, for crying out loud. And the day my goatee revolted and seceded from my face- man, that was a bad day for me.


Actually, entertainment glands is spelled without the... uhm, never mind.


Testmonkey - I didn't know facial hair could revolt! How about back hair?

Filip - Hahah... I didn't think about those particular glands...


Has anyone ever heard of somncoitus?


Oh, the sleep walking experience... Not all that pleasant when you wake up in the middle of the walk, scream a bit and, whoever hears you (family, boyfriend, etc.), starts laughing at your face - or something close to a Mojo attitude ;)


I have this same experience almost daily - except it's my ears - and my wife is talking to me.


Is this related to the old wives tale which states that if you wake a sleepwalker their legs fall off? Or your legs, I can't remember. Something along those lines anyway.


How extensive is that surgery going to be exactly?

Another question is, Can it be reversed?

diane witman

My mom repeatedly reminds me that once at a very young age I walked around the outside of at hotel that we were staying at and returned knocking at the door.

And I just remind her that I shouldn't have been able to slip out without anyone noticing. Being a grown-up is great once you get to the point of being able to throw those experiences back at your parents. Uh-oh, what if my son does that to me? Oh well, what goes around comes around.

The Colonel

What am I, a chick?


it's even more embarassing when they catch you eating out of the trash can and THEN drinking out of the toilet... i've had to move like four times just to escape the stares.

thankfully... no loss of limbs though. yet.


Awww... toilet water isn't all THAT bad. It comes IN clean...


Actually, I drop one of those minty pucks in the back of mine. Its kinda like a refreshing menthol splashback!

Art Beard

My sister sleep walked once and she asked for crayons. I said dang mom give her some crayons maybe she will make something great them we can sell it and I can go to college
Then she slapped me in the mouth for saying dang. Dangs not a bad word is it?


Depends how it's used. "Dang, these socks are comfortable!" is appropriate, but "I'm going to dang you in the face with this bowling pin." is considered bad form.


Oh noes!

Don't let them remove your entertainment glands just yet! I still gotta submit my blobs!

Oh noes! The exclamation marks again!

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