Friday, July 27, 2007

Blobs Be Things

Blobs Be Things

A Doodling Diversion

Occasionally, as a little drawing game, I'll ask the lovely Kimlan to draw some blobular shapes for me, which I then turn into things. Usually characters, because I quite enjoy drawing faces. Though as I sit here, it occurs to me it would be just as fun to turn those shapes into animals, or the entire body of a character, or furniture, or food... or outer-space vehicles... et cetera.

So, with that in mind, I've posted the original blob file for download. Feel free to take these and turn them into whatever you'd like (not that I don't think you can't make your own blobs, but part of the fun is not having control of how the blobs look). I would love to see your results, so if you're able to, post them online and send me the link in an email (using my contact form, please). If enough come in, I'll even post the most entertaining in the next week or two (so, include your name when you send the linked file).

Here's the blob file: sample_blobs.pdf ( 149kb ).
If you'd prefer a .jpg, help yourself ( 205kb )

Okey doke. Have fun. But not too much fun, because you might forget to eat, and then starve to death. It happens sometimes. Mostly to clowns. Otherwise we'd have to open a hunting season to keep their numbers down.

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But... will you be first to submit a blob drawing? That's the question!

Russer Butter

Ah, I remember my days back in college drawing blobs, oh wait, I forgot I can't draw, that was you drawing blobs of me and creating such greats as the Pornography Store and Rustard.


So far I have "The NightSchmoo", "Winged Schmoo of Samothrace", and "Les Schmoos d'Avignon"... I don't think your pictures look very much like blobs.


Russ - All these blobs would make excellent pornography Russ. You could re-stock the store!

Bluefrog - Haha - I love those titles... as for the pictures not looking like blobs, well that's the point... take this blob and try and turn it into something that's NOT a blob (while still hinting at the blob's initial boundaries).


I think that is the first time I have ever seen anyone actually write out, "etc"

It took me awhile to even be able to read it, it was if I was looking at some foreign language.


"I don't think your pictures look very much like blobs." My wife doesn't get my jokes either ! 8^) Maybe I'm not French enough for a Bon-Mot (I KNOW I'm not classy enough for Repartee!)

I'm doing your assignment in reverse. Take a famous picture and make it into a blob!

Paul Annett

My wife got me Quentin Blake's Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered for Christmas. Give me a few years practice and I'll send you the results of my blob drawings.

Ryan Terry

I love this idea. I had a lot of fun with the other doodle game where you start with one object and morph it along in to other objects. Loads of fun at the office with that one...


Shane - I like spelling it out. Makes me feel like I'm writing in Latin. Which makes me feel like I'm writing something more important than just a transcript of my vapid thoughts.

Bluefrog - Whoops! Well - either way - I was amused :D

Paul - How many years? I can't guarantee I'll still be checking email after 3...

Ryan - Well, I certainly hope you send something my way!


lol. I'm busy at work right now, but be assured that as soon as I get out I'm going to whip up a masterpiece for you...


This is so cool. Thanks to Ryan for sending this link :) Great way to get the juices flowin. I love your site!


So my drawing skills are not really developed but I think this would be neat as a photography exercise (which is more my thing). It's all about getting yourself to be more creative.


I'm busy at work, but be assured that any moment my boss isn't in eye-shot, I'll be doodling.

I often forget to eat due to dedicated involvement, though a clown I am not. I promise.


Gerren - Alrighty! Lookin' forward to it!

MacKenzie - Thanks :D

Swift - Interesting - how would you work it?

Jimo - I'll test you with a trick question... hmm... so... do your shoes or nose squeak?


I'm definitely going to send you something... whenever I get some free time.


Oh man, and assignment? I already got a degree!


Haha - NICE :D


I sent you a few kevin.




About Blobism: When my little baby brother pulled at my father's nose, it sounded a bit like "blob". Next thing I know was that my brother had red splashed all over his face and was laughing. He's an industrial designer now, so there must be something to it.


Heya Kevin!

Great stuff!

I'm gonna send you some if that's still okay for you! Lovely idea!


Wow, I ended every sentence with an exclamation mark!

And now I did it again!


Well, I've already posted the submissions, but if you did some, I'm still always interested in seeing what people do :D


This idea and your drawings that came out form your bian simply rule. I love this post and when I was a kid my dad and I used o play a similar game. Greetings from Mexico.


I mean "brain"

the baldchemist

The pad under my lap top is ful of coffee stains. I have a whole tribe of Thai women made up of blobs. when the month is up I'll send them over.
Thanks for the fun and your art skills. The Baldchemist

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