Thursday, July 19, 2007

Heavenly Smell

Heavenly Smell

Food And Progress

I blurted the above punchline out quite serendipitously the other day while Kim was cooking dinner. Which makes me wonder if I'd get more comics done if we did more cooking at home. But alas, I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Not that we hate cooking; we quite enjoy it. Though, Kim is really the only good cook. I have a lot of theoretical knowledge about cooking, but I don't seem to have the knack for actually making something both edible and delicious. It's one or the other with me — like a doctor who is either good at keeping patients alive, or at dodging malpractice suits.

Both Kim and I gained most of our cooking knowledge from years of watching the Food Network, though those times are changing. I don't really watch it as often now that it's only filled with beautiful people, and chefs whose only qualification for being on the show is that they won a contest. It was a much more interesting network 4 or 5 years ago, when their sole concern was about food, before whatever slick marketing team seduced their way to the control room.

But I suppose that's inevitable. It seems the natural course of any endeavor is to grow more and more complex. Take Ambidextrous for example. A few years ago, some squares with eyes would have sufficed for these characters. But now they have to have round heads... arms... dialogue. Fuckin' sell-outs.

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I watch Iron chef, but all I can do is bad Canadian voice-over acting...


That sounds slightly delicious... is there any maple syrup involved?


scratch that, I was SO sure the North-American adaptation was Canadian that I didn't bother looking it up...


So.... no syrup then.


well yeah, I guess there would be maple syrup involved...along with a whole tree and some poor squirrels too...those crazy Japs!^^


given your disposition for syrup this morning, I have to ask: what's in the box? Waffles? Pancakes? Some leaves and squirrel meat? I mean, what on earth could smell so good?

Design Monkey

Love it! Especially because "gomp" remains the sound of eating.

Serendipity occasionally comes up with a decent comic for me, and although it's Canadian, it's lacking in maple syrup or any other flavour. Unless amusing is a flavour.

The Colonel

Testmonkey, isn't it obvious?


Not surprisingly, they taste quite a bit like chicken, but the smell, OH the SMELL!

It's like a party in your nose, and everyone's dancing to house music.


ah, house music... I'm now reminiscent of headier times: glow-in-the-dark wrist bands, someone slipping me e, etc.

good times, man. good times.


I get the distinct impression that he's trying to gomp down all his angel before he's forced to share.

But then, if you're the type who would eat an angel, you're not going to be the type to share it, are you?

Terry Tolleson

uhm… Not sure I see the funny here…

So he is eating raw angel. That's no different than eating, say, chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

I mean… it's the most crucial ingredient in angel food cake. You are cooking with real angels aren't you? Aren't you?! You should be.


Testmonkey - I imagine it to be orange chicken. That stuff is irresistable. I doubt it's any kind of dish made from the Waffleses, since it's not barking.

Design Monkey - Haha - I imagine they lose a LOT of jobs the same way...

Colonel - Hmmm- I'm beginning to suspect you're the one who ate my Angel Jambalaya last winter. I had to do 17 good deeds to find that guy!

Jam - Haha - excellent observation!

Terry - Chocolate chips straight out of the bag!? What are you, some kind of savage!?


Look at the package. It's retro-styrofoam Chicken McNuggets! Well, not the actual McNuggets, but the package. Everyone likes hot steamy McNuggets. I mean, they are hot and steamy. Plus, they are McNuggets.

Sure after seeing Supersize Me, they scare the hell out of me now, but at one time they were a small piece of Heaven, sent down from the Angels above.


Well... Chicken McNuggets could be made of Angel. They sure weren't made from Chicken.

Captain Purple

Sure, angels are delicious but ALWAYS remember to cook them thoroughly. Under cooked or improperly prepared angels are lousy with threat of trichinosis and/or salmonella.

Mmm, the other other white meat...


I was thinking P'zone. That's totally a P'zone box. They're back!

Speaking of Food Network, the only person I can stand is Alton Brown. It's rare these days to actually learn something from a cooking show.


Definitely... Good Eats is one of the best shows on ANY network...


a) alton brown is really good friends with my uncle. my uncle does all the music and sound for that show. you're jealous... i can tell

b) while angels do smell quite delicious, i've thus avoided the temptation to take a bite. i really want to go to heaven. my hope is, unlimited angel for eternity.

mmm... angel. i can hardly wait.

Adolfo Tavizón

besides procrastinating job schedules for the other boys here in the office, I do enchiladas, chilaquiles, muffins, cake and my specialty, cereal whit milk


If angel is that good, I can only imagine how awesome devil would be.


Martha - I AM Jealous! Hey - Can he get Alton Brown to do an Angel episode?

Adolfo - Interesting - I've never heard of a chilaquiles, though - what is it?

Stinn - I don't know... Devil could very well taste how Kimchi smells...

The Colonel

Holy crap! Alton Brown lovers in the house. Awesome.

See, Alton Brown would not only tell you how to make your Angel delicious, but also tell you the science of WHY it's delicious. Something about the holy molecules, no doubt.


As a strict vegan, I only eat Angels that have fallen out of heaven of their own accord.


Colonel - So true, so true...

Robert - Haha - NICE!

Adolfo Tavizón

Chilaquiles are fried tortillas scrambled whit egg and lots (and I mean LOTS) of hot chili sauce, onion, sour cream, dry cheese and some species, everything cooked until its dry and crispy, they are great for those nasty hangovers


Ah, but Robert... a fallen angel tenchnically would have fallen in discord. It would likely, then, be on its way to tasting more like devil meat. So you're actually tasting something that is either more awesome or less awesome than all us who just buy our angel from the deitytessen at the supermarket.

Randy Johnson

Why is the second guy not saying anything?
Like "back off" or "its just I can't believe its not butter on a sandwich"

Mr. Fishie

Would that taste better or worse than chicken?


I found this "advertisment" for the "local deitytessen's selection" of "Angel Meat"
Tasty looking ay?

Note: All quoted phrases are LIES


ohhh kevin....


Oh Davi-T... :D


Jeez, I hope we don’t get excommunicated for this entire angel eating thing…not that it would stop me of course. I bet you cherubs taste just like veal. *drool*


It's obvious you guys didn't grow up on a farm! I remember having to chase the angels around the coop, chopping their [heads off, plucking them. Sure it's all sexy once you're eating Angel d'Bernaise but don't forget the Angel Farmers of the world!

** Remember, Free Range Angel has less fat than buffalo meat and more fiber than a bushel of apples.
[This message brought to you by the Universal Angel Farmers Assocation]

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