Friday, July 13, 2007

Eighteen and Green

Eighteen and Green

Spontaneous Sketchbook Spelunking

It occurred to me today, sitting here in Bearskinrug Headquarters, that the end of the week is about relaxing. It's about following your whims, and doing just what you feel like. And today, I sure felt like posting something from my sketchbook, instead of my original idea — a detailed analysis of a fictional debate between former president James Garfield and Garfield the Syndicated Cat.

After carefully poring over my most recent sketchbook, number Eighteen, I decided to post one of the pages that have drawings on them, as opposed to the blank pages, which don't really have that same zing. This spread is a particularly sort-of-green spread, which I feel is appropriate seeing as that was particularly sort-of James Garfield's favorite color.

That was actually what most of the debate was about anyway. And lasagna-related ethnic slurs.

Author's Edit

My wife points out that green is not the only color in this layout. So in reality, this article should be titled Eighteen And A Variety Of Hues, Some Green, But Predominantly Rust.

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Kevin, your color-blindness has just been revealed to the world.

The Colonel

Aww, cut the guy a break!

Eighteen doesn't rhyme with "Eighteen And A Variety Of Hues, Some Green, But Predominantly Rust."


See Honey? You're not going to argue with a Colonel, are you?

Jason Santa Maria

I must be colorblind too, because I don't see anything green here. I could go find you some good working eyes and sell them to you at a premium. Interested? I gotta move on this fast before the potential donor escapes.


Green is everywhere! It's the new brown.


Stan - No deal! I know where you get your dirty black-market goods! That sled you sold me still had frozen children on it!

Monkeyinabox - That's right! Hey, have you ever thought about becoming a Colonel?

some lady you don't know

I don't know about anyone else, but I for one am glad to see that Reginald Rotheford Longlegs arrived safely.


Some Lady I Don't Know, hmmm? Could you possibly be...


The Colonel

Not just a Colonel!
The Colonel! :D


Wow... I didn't realize we had only one...

Today's armed forces is much less impressive than I thought!


I like that your spread is portrait-oriented.
I wish they'd start making magazines like that I'm tired of them slipping through my legs while I'm on the pot!

Also! I can't wait to bust your chops for being color blind. I got a whole list left over from the Sutter days.


They make some parts of SOME magazines in portrait form. Just the kind of magazines you'd need to read alone in the bathroom too...


like National Geographic? loves me those natives...


Well, actually... the only part of them that goes portrait is the maps...

But I'll tell ya, that Nova Scotia shoreline? SMOKIN!

Cissy Strutt

I heartily endorse Cecelia Frost for Quee - she'd make an excellent Maj


You're probably right - she did a great job as Presiden...


FUN FACT: James Garfield's Secretary of State was one James G. Blaine (the same Blaine who was with Garfield when he was shot). Blaine had a habit of bringing his dog with him to work everyday. Garfield reportedly hated the dog but Blaine was such a close friend that he allowed the practice to continue. That dog's name...Odie.


I've been teaching a bully-handling class at the local community college for nearly 27 seconds now, and I have to say, this guy looks legit. I only charge $2 though, so he must know something I don't.


biga - wow! do you think he named his dog after the comic strip?


Definetly deserve an A from your hand drawing class. And yes I can tell you had green pigment on your brush after you failed to change your red rense water.


I wonder what that guy would charge to "handle" a couple of former bullies from my youth.

Randy Johnson

How do you obtain that rust and do you first apply the rust or do you use it to fill in the blanks.

These are 2 different questions


He wets the paper and leaves it out in the sun for a couple of days. Just like my brand new paint-tray I don't own any more.

My wife tells me, "Jason, don't you leave that paint-tray out to dry like that! It'll rust!"


I call dibs on the milk and brownies and I, for one, am glad they are not green.


My favorite part of this illustration is at the top with "Charlie Bear" it's not so much that Charlie Bear can't find his car keys when he doesn't even have a car, which is funny, but the humor really comes when the animal apears to me to be some sort of a fat rat, or mouse, or at least in the rodent family, however his name is "Charlie Bear?"


Just so you know...I live in Mentor, OH and can get you into Garfield's Home for cheap. There's a lot of green there...


That's James A. Garfield, not the cat


shane - The important part is... he's an animal. Plants are NOT funny...

garland - Does he still live there? CREEPY!

Skid Row

Eighteen & life, you got it
Eighteen & life, you know
Your crime is time and it's [sketchbook]
Eighteen & life to go


Sebastian.... you haven't commented in, like, forever!


Only because I love you[r work], you pour over something when you have a leak, and you pore over something when you do what you done.


Haha - Excellent catch :D Thanks Lovejoy!


um, ok. i am sure my 5 year old brother could have thought up the same ideas.


He's hired. I need a CEO.


Pres. Garfield lives in all of us. What's creepy is that people pay money to have fancy dinners and even get married at his crypt.

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