Thursday, May 31, 2007

Octokid and Turtleman Prints

Octokid and Turtleman Prints

The Voices Know Best

Let's say, hypothetically, that you're crazy. And as a crazy person, you took every painting, poster, tapestry, wall sconce, and framed family portrait in your house and burned them all in a bonfire, because that's what the voices told you to do. But now the voices are telling you that they've changed their collective mind, and the house looked better with art on the walls! What is a crazy person to do?

This is just me, but I suggest you get an Octokid print. Or a Turtleman print. Either one is guaranteed to be visible when hung on the wall, or your money back. And as an added bonus, every Bearskinrug Print is printed on 100% flammable paper, so when those capricious voices demand another bonfire, you can be sure Turtleman and Octokid won't put up a fight.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the store now and pick up a print. At the very least, one voice will thank you for it — mine.

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I love turtleman. I picture the turtle to be named wilbur... Or chompy.


oh man! these are SO going in my superhero room!


Mork - Haha - Wilbur is an EXCELLENT turtle name...

Martha - Now, is that your room filled with Superhero pictures? Or the room in which your Superhero lives?


if i told you, then i'd have to kill...

wait... that's my SPY room.

it's actually the room where I turn into a superhero. but don't tell anyone. i can't stand the superhero paparazzi.

Captain Purple

Sorry Kevin, but the voices in MY head told me to burn all m money and credit cards. I haven't done it yet, the topic has been tabled until their next monthly meeting.

More importantly; as much as I would like to get some of these prints, my wife feels they may have adverse effects upon our 18 month old son (as a matter of fact, she mentioned something about 'creating the voices in HIS head.' But she makes it sound like a bad thing. Shesh!) Like the stuf I've been known to draw won't.

Russer Butter

The Octokid costume is obviously a costume, but the Turtleman guy just looks like he hauled a real turtle up there for display. What a cheap costume, well that is unless you count the feeding costs for the turtle. But I digress, now Octokid is someone I could get behind, because that costume rocks.


True, the Octokid getup looks like an obvious costume, but look how HAPPY the dude seems in it. That's in stark contrast to how very PISSED the turtle looks.


Martha - Are you Marvelous Martha? You rescued my kitty!

Captain Purple -

my wife feels they may have adverse effects upon our 18 month old son
Yeah - every time Kim's nieces and nephews come over, we take The Donestre off the wall. Just to be safe.

Russer - Why is Octokid obviously a costume? For a Marine Biologist, you seem to know so little about Octopusses. Or is it Octopi? Or is it both?

Testmonkey - My guess is, the Turtle misses his legs.


That turtle wouldn't be up there if he had learned some defensive moves from this guy.

That is, if he had legs.


Hahah - Or MAYBE the Turtle is actually trying to climb ONTO the cat's back. We never actually see the end result...


i do love kitties.

all in a day's work, my friend.

all in a day's work.

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