Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fun Uncle Stu

Fun Uncle Stu

The Late Great Connie Caper

A little mischief never hurt no one, no how! Except li'l Jimmy. But Fun Uncle Stu won't let a silly-billy ol' fireworks boo-boo sink his sugarcubes! No, sir! Time to swing by Sis's house and see if Connie-kadoo wants to ditch those stuffy chores and have a whiz-bang-of-a-time with her faaaaaaaaaavorite Uncle!

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ah yes - reminds me of the time my uncle wanted to have me "test" an antique Lugar rifle he had purchased at a garage sale. Things didn't go well. Luckily I wasn't horribly disfigured. The Lugar however blew up

The Colonel

Yes, I had an uncle like this once. Good ol' Uncle Dan. Of course, his idea of fun usually involved low-grade explosives, a bottle of Jack, and cheap women... God rest his soul.

Not really sure if it was the Jack or the explosives that did him in, either way, he will be missed.

Ah, good times. Good times.


BigA - So, if you buy a gun at a garage sale, do you still need a license? How about a mortar shell?

Colonel - How do you know it wasn't the woman? Did any of them happen to sell the low-grade explosives at a garage sale?


You know what really sold me on Uncle Stu being fun???

It was the hat and suspenders, and the way he stretches his suspenders out as he talks to Connie...

And the fact that like Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite he refers to himself as "Uncle"


Hang on a moment. When I first looked at this, I assumed that wee Connie had totally dissed Uncle Stu, and simply gone off into the zoo to have fun by herself.

But then I read about what happened to lil Jimmy, and now I'm thinking that its the tigers that have dissed wee Connie.

A different kind of 'dissed' though.


Splendid. Except I choose to think of the word "tigers" as meaning Mojo. And Mojo isn't tearing lil' Connie to pieces. Oh no. Mojo is simply batting her lightly and annoyingly over the head time and time again with an old timey billy club.

Now that's just fun.


wow. i wish i had a fun uncle stu.

i love tigers.


Shane - Suspenders are a sure-fire sign. Especially if they're striped!

Robert - Well, no kid would think about ditching Fun Uncle Stu! How would they have any shenanigans?

Testmonkey - Yeah, Mojo loves a good beating. Though he generally prefers a brickbat when it comes to an old timey weapon.

Martha - You don't need a Fun Uncle Stu to help you risk your life! It just makes it easier — so knock yourself out!


I'm also reminded of the recent article in the Onion: Area Man Realises He's Not The Cool Uncle


That bitch Connie. I bet she asked him for a shilling for ice-cream too.


Robert - Haha - that's pretty hilarious...

Anaglyph - Sheesh. Why get ice-cream when you can get enough dry corn to feed the ducks for two hours?


I wish all my fun uncles hadn't gotten arrested.

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