Wednesday, May 23, 2007

False Compromise

False Compromise

Wagers The World Never Knew

I know of at least two huge deals that fell out like this. That big Prostheticos, Inc. merger a couple years back, and that Gentleman's Wager between Art Frocklow and Stu Stitzer at the 2007 Fireworks Convention in Salt Lake City.

All the more reason for us to start sealing business deals the old-fashioned way — Dowries.

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dowries = sheep.
sheep = Idaho rancher.
Idaho rancher = lonely.
lonely = the reason for signed contracts.


I was going to suggest that we seal contracts with large purchases of illustrations and sock puppets, but I suppose a dowry works well too.


It seems to me that this has occured on more than one ocassion, he could possibly replace that hand with something more sturdy such as a hook or an iron claw


Testmonkey - I've never heard the plight of the American Sheep put so mathematically. It makes more sense now!

Dave - No! Go with with your first idea! NOOOOOO!

Michael - I don't know... does the deal still stand if one of the hands was impaled?


n. pl. dow·ries

1. Money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage. Also called dower.

How the heck does that help two "guys" seal a business deal? and SHEEP! how are sheep involved with this...


Well - you need to approach it creatively. In every business transaction, decide which partner is the most like an unmarried woman, and have them provide that extra-bit of property, be it currency or livestock.

Oh - that reminds me, I better start raising cattle. Chances are I'll be the unmarried woman from here on, what with my girly wrists and all.

Captain Purple

And THAT is why lepers make terrible salesmen.


Not if they're selling the cure for leprosy!


It seems as though the bald guy has no shirt on, and who would ever make any type of a seriouse deal with a guy without a shirt????

Terry Tolleson

What the hell's going on with that tie?!

Is that a face in the blot behind baldie in panel 3?

Obviously, the deal was for an arm and a leg. An “All Or Nothing” thing…


Shane: Now that you mention it, I always had my doubts about that Michelin dude...

Charles G

I got a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast this morning.


Bearskinrug: LOL!Bearskinrug: LOL!

Is that white line in the background of frame three that connects the two men's heads a happy accident, or did you do it intentionally to infer that the two men were having the same thought at once?


Shane - Maybe a guy without pants?

Terry - Haha - yeah, that tie does looks wonky! And you just may have the right perspective on the actual terms of the deal... ;)

Jwong - He does resemble the Stay-Puft marshmellow man. And you can't trust a cinema monster AT all.

Charles G - Interesting. And relevant!

Gerren - Heh - that's funny - that line was definitely not intentional. How about that for serendipity!




I think I misplaced my dowry.

I know how Little Bo Peep felt.


Hehehe - NICE :D

Steve Lindstrom

It seems to me that the bald guy had the upper hand on THAT deal. Get it? Upper hand? Oh the mirth!

work swerver

I was looking for pictures of goats giving birth and i stumbled across this shambles of a website..... i love it!

By the way does anybody have the cure for lepracy?
My penis just came off in my gran's hand


Pheww! I'd give my right hand for becoming so creative like you …
Whoops - did I write that aloud?


Well - I could definitely use a spare right hand... just in case!

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