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Midnight Micterations

With the recent introduction of a rather tiny-bladdered household member, the Cornell Patriarch finds himself waking up regularly at 1:30 AM these days. Not that I didn't already seem to be heading in that direction — while Ernie's bladder is small, my prostate only grows bigger, so that we've both taken advantage of this disturbingly-early time slot to relieve our respective discomfort.

The only problem with this, is that I have a tendency to not be able to return to Slumberland once I leave. Thus, I find myself writing this article in the wee hours (pun intended), having thought of another particular good quasi-game to share, since the Doodle Association Game still seems to be steadily popular. Except with this guy.

A Spontaneous Contest

About 7 sketchbooks ago, when I first left my real job, I was joined in my unemployment by Mssrs. Sutter and Dalkner. We whiled away much of our free time sketching together, some of that material having been touched upon in the past.

One particular day, we were talking about drawing cars. I myself struggle to draw convincing cars; Sutter and Pete both felt similar. So we decided to see who could draw the best car (from memory). And so the first Doodle-Off was born:

The Car-Off

As we further discussed objects we had trouble drawing from memory, other Doodle-Offs were born — including a Camel-Off, some of which Pete crammed into his Car-Off above. Here's a handful of contests from my sketchbook (A good deal more being in Pete or Sutter's books):

The Boat-Off The Sloth-Off The Turkey-Off

Whenever we could, we'd round up other willing participants — the more the better:

, The Penguin-Off

Zelda & Herschel Come Into Their Own

As we engaged in more and more Doodle-Offs, we noticed Sutter's tendency to include the same couple in all his drawings (based on the couple in the initial Car-Off, I assume). I chose to name my version of them The Dudlehoffs, and other participants started to include them in their own Doodle-Offs (for the best example of this, make sure you check out the Turtle-Off over at Inkfinger). To our delight, certain personality traits started to emerge. The Dudlehoffs tended to get in fights, often about being lost, or over Zelda's disturbing proclivity to fall in love with the subject of the Doodle-Off:

The Raccoon-Off The Octopus-Off The Pig-Off

Eventually, the Dudlehoffs became an adequate subject matter of their own, evidenced in such classy portraits as this:

The Dudlehoffs

Doodling for Dominance

So there ya go. I highly encourage everyone to start their own Doodle-Offs. If not for fun, at least to help establish order in your own pack of friends. It's important to assert your dominance if you're pack leader, and nothing makes others submit quicker than a triumphant Doodle. Or, force them onto their back, put your hand on their belly, and hold them down until they stop squirming.

Wow... getting a dog has changed my outlook in so many ways. As has only getting 4 hours of sleep.


Sutter has posted a couple more Doodle-Off results that lived in his sketchbook — and frankly I think they're funnier than the ones I have here. Go check 'em out!

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That Peter sure is quick. He seems to cram much more in and sooner.

Oh, and FIRST!!


I'm glad to see that you have drawn attention to one of the less violent ways of asserting your dominance with a pen.
I remember being less fortunate in my childhood.


Well... that's why we have TWO eyes. One's a backup.


I love Peter's Raccoon-Off doodle. You just KNOW that Mrs. Dudlehoff's exchange with the Raccoon was supposed to include Mr. Dudlehoff ("help me get this rodent in yer pants"), but as soon as he opened the barn door he became distracted and has now tuned out their nagging/chirping (do raccoons chirp?), and he'll be there for DAYS. You know, just... lookin'.


wow, i'm glad you have brought attention to the fact that my drawing skills habits are swimming in the shitter. And you have also collected a series of examples to prove it.


I will say, however, that these are pretty funny when collected.

Terry Tolleson

These are hysterical!

Peter's penguin getting his tux back from the cleaners.
Kevin's octopus about to brain the Dudlehoffs.

Zelda's hot.


I have to say, my favorite might be Sutter's boat-off - Zelda crashed the boat underwater, apparently by removing the steering wheel...


Aaaah yes... A new pup. Kev, you'll get used to "Honey, take the dog out. I did it last time." (last time was 3 months ago). That is, if you're a married fellow such as myself.

Dogs are a love/hate relationship where the hate results in you doing a Curly type face smacking motion when your cute pup does a twosie on your carpet.


why does ms. Dudlehoff is carrying only the bag's handles?
Or is that one of those invisible bags?

They do make a lovely couple, don't they?
I wonder how their offspring will look like!


I love Kim for drawing Opus!^^


These are awesome. Did you ever do a Dudlehoffs doodle-off? Would love to see the results of THAT.


Haha - actually, we DID do a Dudlehoffs doodle-off. I believe it's in Sutter's sketchbook though. He's got some choice doodle-offs in there too...


I take particular pleasure in your Sloth. The Sloth which announces itself. As a child who doodled, I would avoid questions of "what is it?" by slimply labelling everything. It's such a time saver.


This may shock you - but judging by that handwriting, I'd say Stan is responsible for writing in the dialogue of my Sloth!

Apparently he thought my sloth needed clarification. Oh dear.


Why would anyone need a car, with that many camels around?

And why in the world would anyone want a raccoon in their pants?

I love their facial expressions Mrs. Dudlehoff is very demanding, while Mr. Dudlehoff is staring down his pants as if something is missing, then the raccoon is like, NO WAY, I've already seen where that has gone and I didn't like it one bit...

Either way the entire post reminded me of those comercials with Lincoln and the Ground hog where the dreams are missing the guy...

The Colonel

I dare not guess what Herschel is referring to with regard to 8ft.

Either way, that guy's probably exaggerating just a smidge.


Is your penguin sitting on a sled?!? That is a nice detail. Was there a time limit on these?

Captain Purple

"And why in the world would anyone want a raccoon in their pants?"

Mr. Shane, it's called "Interspecies Erotica," and its a beautiful, natural thing...

This cold medication is really messing me up. Weeeee!


I would request a PANTS-OFF, but I think the results would scare me.


Colonel - I think he's talking about regulation basketball hoop heights. He's way off anyway.

Gerren - No time limit... but I'm sure these were all done in under 2 minutes or so. There's always pressure to finish from the next person who has to draw ;)

Captain - Well, the raccoon is Nature's Groinbrush. That's probably why.


you know... the general distraction of your site may actually result in my never becoming a 'real' violinist.

On the other hand, my nephew and nieces think I come up with the coolest drawing games. I think it's a decent trade off... so long as they never find this site and find out I'm a huge fraud.


What is a real violinist anyway? I mean, technically having a violin makes you a REAL violinist. It's got to be more credible than my shoebox and rubber-band violin.


Well, they say the difference between a violin and a fiddle is that you carry one in a leather case(monogrammed!) and the other in a burlap bag(strung with that thar 'pussom gut). I'm not sure where that leaves a rubber-band box.




Shall we remember this info?

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