Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Swap Meat Scrapbook

The Swap Meat Scrapbook

A limited-edition collection of drawings, comics and paintings pieced together from old sketchbooks and piles of loose art

Good news! If you're the one who kidnapped my uncle and are holding him for ransom until you get one of my sketchbooks, put down that piece of ear and pick up your wallet. I've lovingly compiled The Bearskinrug Swap Meat Scrapbook, a sixty-page, signed and limited-edition book exclusively for sale at the Coudal Partners Swap Meat.

So what's in it?

My stars — sooo much! Like brand-new comic characters:

Sample Page 1

Numerous spreads that took me days to draw!

Sample Page 6

Plenty of heretofore unseen art!

Sample Page 2

A heaping helping of Mojo the Sock Monkey!

Sample Page 3

Favorite bearskinrug selections, in life-size detail!

Sample Page 4

Utterly shocking truths of life, revealed!

Sample Page 5

How do I get one of these thingamadingies?

Well, make your way to to pick yourself up a copy. Or you can just sit there, and hope that someone purchases one for you. Maybe a secret admirer? Sounds juicy — do tell!

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Brian Warren

Just deposited my money at Coudal. Can't wait!


Already ordered one this morning, it was featured in the Coudal Partners email. Can't wait to get it.


Hope you guys like it! *fingers crossed*

I certainly enjoyed making it!

The Colonel

Awww... if you keep this up, I'm never going to be able to afford that armored pony I've been eying.

*walks away swearing under breath*


Well, maybe if SOMEONE can just wait 'til Christmas, he just MIGHT get one anyways. SHEESH.

diane witman

I gots mine! I can't wait to breeze through the pages one yummy morsel to the next!

How did you hook-up with Coudal?


Well — we were just chatting on IM and tossing ideas about. Plus, I do all his gardening. ;)


Exciting! And I finally get to cash in on the limited editions! Now to pick up those Ambidextrous books...

His Royal Majesty

Hrmpf, always when I am broke and drunk.

Strange how those three events seem to correlate. Brokeness, drunkness and bearskinrug-releaseness...

Im not sure what that must implicate.

And I sure still know complex words at this level of drunkness. But, hey, I am a student of *clears his throat*...istics.



Now, to make room in the Cornell Wing of the master library.....

Nikki Noodle

Does this come with one of those infamous Bearskinrug Certificates of Authenticity??


In a sense — the title page has a place designed for the number and signature/date. But you COULD tear it out and hang it up ;)


Are there any paintings of tubas?


Dang for me living in Belgium (Europe). It would cost me 32 dollars to get it and when I want it fast it's 52 dollars!

Nice drawings though, I really like to have a copy but I think I'll wait until you have books that are sold in Belgium or atleast Europe.


oh, i've been anticipating this sketchbook for far too long for me not to immediately buy it...which i DID. now i will count the minutes...

Terry Tolleson

Id just give you my credit card if it would speed these sort of purchases along, but I know Mojo would just use it to buy his weight in pencil erasers.

I look forward to receiving it in the next 3-6 business days.


Charles - Yes. In fact, the original title was "The Bearskinrug Tuba Scrapbook".

Murten - Haha - well, you might have a while to go before I can go international ;)

Paul - It will be approximately 1208 minutes. Shall I call you up so we can synch our watches?

Terry - I have your credit card. You gave it to me in Austin — remember? You wanted me to hold it while you were in the taco eating-contest?


There is no one I enjoy giving money to more than you.


What about those vending machines at the supermarket that dispense stickers of your favorite bands?


When those supermarket machines stopped carrying Kajagoogoo stickers I stopped giving them my money and started giving it to you.


super-stoked... Thanks a bunch and owh = jaw-floor!!!

Coudal has my order!


Same here Murtern, I'm from Belgium as well. The money is no issue for me, but using a site I've never heared about to buy online, that's a kick in the n..ose for me.

Nice drawings though.

Universal Head

At last, my primary retirement investment has just been purchased. Now get more famous, damn you!


Don't worry... I'm planning a bank robbery as we speak!


Kevin... I just ordered mine today. I love your work and am damn sure this book will be a permanent addition to my coffee table. Thanks for putting this out there.


Thanks! I'd be flattered to have the book reach coffee table status ;D


This is gonna be the best mothers day gift to myself ever- myself being neither a mother or even female. Huge fan- can't wait to get my sweaty claws on this!


You're a mother in that you've given birth to a financial transaction. Congratulations!

luke dorny (luxuryluke)

So i was browsing messages on my phone, saw a twitter from kyle about this book, and i promptly finished waffles for my mo in law and sat her down with a good book so i could use her slow modem to purchase this book whilst she sleeps!
Thanks a ton, kevin. a huge inspiration.


Mmmm... waffles... you've given me some inspiration of your own ;)


I was pleased when I saw PayPal was an option. I was even more pleased to find roughly $33 in art money sitting in the account. The rule? It doesn't count as 'shopping' when art income is reinvested in materials that may directly make me a better artist in the future. Thanks for contributing to my education. I can't wait to receive the book!


Sweet! Will I get a teacher's discount from Adobe? ;)


Received the scrapbook on Saturday (no. 60) and had a little opening ceremony with my family yesterday. I love, love, love it! My family dug it too.


Wonderful to hear, Jenny! Thanks :D


I just got mine today and it is impressive. I love the numbered and signed insde cover. You truely have wicked art skills.


I got my copy today (#4, hoo-ha!) and I have to say, it's fantastic. Amazing. Really, really attractive.

I do have to comment on the fact that my friend got his copy today too, and supposedly he has a little Mojo-vational "Thanks!" in the back.

So while he lords that over me, I keep telling myself he got #18, so I'm quicker on the draw.


Nick - Sweet! Thanks for sharing! What number did you get, by the way?

Jason - Haha - yeah, a few books at random got a Mojo drawing, and one particular number has a VERY special message for the owner!

But... definitely... #4 was the one where the paper was made of... solid gold paper!


I am the proud father of issue #74. I cherish every page.


I am the proud father of issue #74. I cherish every page.


I'm the idiot that made dup posts? I am so embarrassed, don't look at me.


That just means you have issue #148.

David Holt

I decided, against my better judgment, to take a lunch today. This, of course, shows what my judgment knows, as Book Number [16] out of 200 was sitting, lovingly unwrapped for me, on the table by the door. Now I'm back at work, failing miserably to get anything done for the Army, but enjoying the heck out of the myself all the same. It is an absolute treat.


So my book is interfering with Army business? Crap... am I going be court-marshaled?

Adam Perfect

Still waiting for mine to arrive, has anyone else in the UK received theirs yet?


Got #163 today, love it! Wodehouse characters = genious. I grew up with Jeeves and Wooster!


Adam - Has it arrived yet, Adam?

Kyle - Excellent! Glad you like it :D


I got #26 today! It's beautiful but where is my super extra Mojo drawing? Please don't tell me it's not in this one ... I know it must be hidden somewhere ... I know ...


Belgium speaking, still waiting for mine to arrive... I think I feel a little bit sad...


Boris - Thanks Boris! Well, only a random few had a mojo drawing... filling up 200 would have delayed shipping another week! ;)

Tim - Hopefully it'll get there soon, Tim! Got my fingers crossed for you :D


Pfiew, false alert, received the book today! Allow me to say it looks fracking brilliant!


Hoozah! *uncross fingers*


Absolutley beautiful! The best thing I've purchased from an online swap meat all year!


Better than the oyster shells with googly eyes glued on?

The Colonel

Little late to report, but I got mine last week, and it is BEAUTIMOUS! (An apt combination of beautiful and fabulous... or something.) I am the proud owner of #66.

Granted my long history with the Dark Lord (that cad!) I found it to be quite appropriate.


Got #24 two days back - very happy indeed. Strange thing is that as I live "down under" all the illustrations are upside down - oh yeah and the book seems to start at the back. I've found if I stand on my head while reading it I get a very sore head.


Colonel - I believe #66 is the one with a pentagram on every page. And it's doused in goat's blood, right?

Roughy - Yeah - you need to hold it up to a mirror when you read it. And it probably spins counter-clockwise, doesn't it?


Oooh, my precious just arrived from across the world. Lovely. But why was there no cash stuck into it? I'm confused. Are you even the heir of the late president Mbutu, like the email said?


Oh... I didn't mean heir... I meant... hair. I'm his... hair.

Dan Osterman

Kevin, I found one of your cards on a street in Somerville with a note to "Ethan" and had to look you up and I like your stuff alot. Thanks!


i missed out on the sketchbook at swap meat. what must i do to get my paws upon one????


Alas! They are all sold out :( Sorry Brooke...

Your best bet is to get close to someone who owns one of the books, and get them to will it to you. Then, it's a simple matter of waiting until they die.

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