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Horus Forgets His Bus Pass

Horus Forgets His Bus Pass

It's nice to find a god with some humility. You won't find Zeus or Odin riding a bus. There's always some sort of far-out vehicle they have to travel in, like a cloud, or a host of honored dead warriors. I say, our pagan pantheons could learn a few lessons from Horus here.

Geez... I hope my praise doesn't get him beaten up during recess. Or whatever the god's equivalent is. You know, that free time when they turn into animals, go to earth, and seduce humans?

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Bwuahahahahahahaha... note that he doesn't pat his breast pocket, since he has only nipples there...



He could probably balance his bus pass on a nipple on a cold day. Or erotic day.

John Nick

Wow! The Wikipedia entry for Horus is chockablock full of juicy bits! He ripped off one of Set's jewels, then they exchange, um, fluids in a pas de deux that involves a river and (why didn't I think of this) lettuce.

I.e., Horus got FLAVA!!! He can borrow my bus pass!

BTW, does Thoth take the subway?

John Nick

BTW, I like the speckled fade-to-white vignette format.


BTW, does Thoth take the subway?

I'd think so. Why go all the way up to the surface world to catch public transportation?


My favourite part of this is that he can fly, yet he still takes the bus. There must be an election looming in the heavens.


Hehe... it's hard to kiss babies with a beak, though....

Paul Annett

I'd imagine should the need to kiss babies arise, he'd just remove the falcon's head. It's clearly made out of an upturned paper bag.

Love it.


Still, even assuming that he could take that falcon head off, and that there's a regular head underneath it; he's still a guy with no shirt on and nothing but a towel covering his breadstick and meatballs. That's creepy. He's not coming near my baby.

Though I suppose he would fit in quite well on the bus.



DD Wishmore

point to ponder, I don't see how he could even have pockets... nope, don't want to know. Another thing. Isn't it kinda high-horsed of you to believe that something a person can say can affect a 'god's standing in the pecking order? Or is that why Horus is riding the bus in the first place?


Your god may be able to beat up my god, but at least my god doesn't sit around crapping on Hondas while I'm in shopping for groceries.

...I guess if I'd learn to stop parking under the power lines I wouldn't be crapped on by the gods anymore...


And all this time I thought a shirt and shoes (but apparently not pants) were required to ride the bus...

This opens up a lot of options for tomorrow's commute.


You know, I don't think Horus is really flying in that last panel... He's probably just jumping up and flapping his arms really quickly, to give the illusion of flight.

Horus is a tricksy devi... god.

Although it makes me wonder who he's trying to trick...


He's trying to trick Loki... it all started when Pan made a bet with Horus over beers that he couldn't trick The Trickster... and as with all bets made under the influence of many beers, it ended with the poor guy half-naked at a bus stop, trying to fly home.


Half-naked? Actually, according to my book of hieroglyphics, he's actually dressed quite modestly.


I agree with MATTLAT. A bird's head alone will not allow him to generate lift. He needs feathers and hollow bones. Who wants to worship a god with hollow bones?


There just aren't enough Horus themed toons these days. Sad commentary on our times.


Jared - What if the bones were filled with holy air?

BigA - A truer observation has never been made. Well, perhaps it has before. Probably by Horus himself.


I guess they'd have to be hollow for the holy air to get in.

Oh, and the last frame, please tell me wears some type of undergarment.


You know, now that I look at it, I think that in the last frame, Horus is jumping off a cliff. Perhaps he's so depressed that he forgot his bus pass that he decided it was time to go.

What a depressing comic, Kevin :(


It's Real Life, Mattlat. I'm tired of these Mojo comics and their goody-two-shoes messages...


just to clarify on some of the observations above:

1. The hollow bones are filled with holy helium, just like the zeppelin. It's the same flying principle, really.

2. Although I fail to present evidence on this, Horus wears undergarments. Generally he wears tiger stripe thongs.

Geesh, do your homework people!

This is the best stuff on mythology I've haver seen. Kudos mr. Cornell


Generally he wears tiger stripe thongs.

Oh... so that's why there's no Egyptian tiger-headed god?

Steve Lindstrom

I still wouldn't worship Horus if he was filled with Holy Helium (Batman!). Now if his bones were filled with Holy Taffy - well then we have a deal!


What if it was holy licorice taffy?

Steve Lindstrom

If it's a Twizzler-like red licorice then sure! But black licorice...not so much...

Paul Annett

I won't be fooled. If his bones were full of Holy Helium he'd constantly need to back-flap just to stay on the ground.


Ha, haha - I'm just picturing that in my head now... good one, Paul... :D

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