Thursday, March 29, 2007

Daring Fireball Shirt

Daring Fireball Shirt

The Torso-Topping Stunt

I've recently been jumping through flaming hoops — in the good way — to put together a shirt design for Daring Fireball, the excellent site of developer, author and fellow Philadelphian John Gruber.

I couldn't have been happier to work on this baby. It's based on his childhood dream of being a famous daredevil stuntman, a dream he can only live out today through his website, and on the 3rd Saturday of every month when he jumps his motorcycle over 15 helicopters piloted by man-eating crocodiles.

If you're tired of your old shirts, filled with holes and entirely devoid of helmet imagery, head on over and purchase one from John. And remember, you don't just get a shirt — a purchase gains you access to Daring Fireball's member feed, and helps support someone who works damn hard to do what he loves for a living.

Two people, if you want to count me in that.

In other news

It really does seem like a long time since I put together an article on additions to the Work wing of Bearskinrug Manor. In fact, yesterday Mr. Sutter commented that I "snuck" in the Peoplemals paintings that I had put up way back in January. So feel free to check out some of the recent additions to the Gallery and Portfolio sections if you haven't been there in a while. If you have, ignore this last part, and pretend I wrote something poignant about clouds.

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I want one!


Anders, you deserve a "Professional First Commentor" shirt. :D


Really attractive.

Is that hand-lettering or tweaked type?


Is this 3-color spot printing? Or will it be screened?


Ian - Tweaking! (of John's brand font, Hoefler Champion)

Stephen - 3-color spot printing - which I definitely think will look better than screening would have.


When I first glanced at this I thought, "football." But now, all I can think of is my childhood days spent watching episodes of CHiPs.

Ah, Erik Estrada, where did your life go so wrong?


That's what happens when you hit your peak when you're young. It's a good life lesson: don't try to succeed until you're in your fifties.


Possibly slightly worryingly, this will be my third Daring Fireball t-shirt. Lovely job as always, Kevin.

The Colonel

Oh, no freaking way.

Earlier this week, I went, "I'll get a DF membership, but I'm holding off until the shirt comes out."

Now here you are. Designing the shirt.

Worlds Collide! *gasp*


I agree clouds are just fluffy animals after all....


Oh yeah and thats a really nice shirt !


Benedict - Three shirts!? You almost have an entire Daring Fireball suit!

Colonel - That's not all... tonight, when you get Wendy's, I'll be the guy working the drive-thru window...

Shane - Wow - sounds like I made an excellent point about those clouds!




Sweeet! I shall always hold a door for you. Or not... I can't remember which you like...


Just a shame that John doesn't actually send the shirts out, he just takes the cash. [ link ]


Man, I *knew* Gruber'd be into that kinda stuff out of hours.


WOPR - I don't know what to tell you, other than point out that John has addressed this issue on his site:

All pending shipments (and re-shipments for lost packages) will ship before new orders begin shipping in mid-April.

and with regards to future sales...

Second: I'm now partnering with Oddica — a wonderful purveyor of shirts and other apparel — for the printing and shipping of Daring Fireball t-shirts. You still order and pay for your shirts here on Daring Fireball, and you still get a one-year membership with each order (or a one-year extension to an existing membership), but then the order immediately gets passed on to my friends at Oddica for fulfillment and shipping.

pauldwaite - Yeah... he's one of those people addicted to danger. I hear that on a plane, he always sits as far away from the emergency exit as possible.


> "Just a shame that John doesn't actually send the shirts out, he just takes the cash."

Er... you didn't notice that, when John did send the shirts out, it tooks months? Whilst with the shirt guys sending them out, it'll take days?

Dude, real world.


pauldwaite what the hell are you on about? I never got the damned shirt.


When I become a big time online media darling I want you to design my shirt....and my colander. I plan to release an extensive line of colanders


Oh man - my mouth is watering. I've got about fifty colander designs stowed away for just such an occasion.

What are we looking at? 50 hole count? 80?


"what the hell are you on about? I never got the damned shirt."

Er, you could try /emailing/ Gruber and asking him about it. He makes it pretty clear what you should do if you think he owes you a t-shirt.

Basically, if you got the membership and the RSS feed, you got the shirt.

DF is not, like, IBM or Cingular or something. It's a guy and website. Sheesh.


If you'd bothered to read the article you'd see that I *have* emailed him and so have others, and he *ignores* the emails. If he can't cope he should stop offering it.


Okay gents - that's the last of this argument here. As I mentioned above, John addressed this situation in his post, and I have nothing to do with fulfillment, past or present.

Comments are now open again, but any further commentary on this subject will be unpublished.


Great design. Brings back memories of my Evil Knievel-worshipping youth.


Erik beat me to the Evel Knievel comment. First thing that popped into my head when I saw that helmet was "Evel!"

Cool shirt.


Erik / Steve - Yup! That was definitely something John and I were thinking of when we discussed the shirt ideas :D

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