Friday, February 16, 2007

Fireman Mojo

Fireman Mojo

The Height of Irresponsibility

There's not too many possible outcomes if you're going to allow Mojo to join your fire company. Things will burn down. Theoretically, there might be less fires throughout the year, since Mojo is responsible for about 35% of them. But now there's an increased risk of the fire station itself burning down. And that's an important building — not like Lew's meager banana-shack of a house. What's more, Mojo's entire stuffing-filled body is highly combustible — and especially on a Friday... or Thursday... or even Wednesday afternoon, it's nearly the equivalent of hiring a Molotov Cocktail.

Let's all make a silent wish that the fire chief comes to his senses soon. Maybe send a strongly-worded letter.

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Some people (and sock monkeys) have a morbid fear of fireman's poles. Mojo had only the best intentions.

I like bananas too.


Yeah. I suspect I would be afraid of a fire pole. I mean... it's like training wheels for falling.

Cissy Strutt

maybe mojo needed the encouragement of a stripper working the bottom of the pole.


Haha — NICE :D


I have actually tried one of those once. It was one of the scariest things Iīve done, ever. It felt like my head was gonna stay in the air and my body fall like in the old Goofy-cartoons. It didnīt though.


Is that similar to a Molotov cocktail? ;o)


rasmus - That's good. I imagine that's hard on the neck.

olly - Good catch! thanks ;)

s. zeilenga

Wait, hang on... Mojo said a word? So, he isn't perpetually stuck on Eh? Wow, I am kind of tempted to sort through all the other Mojo comic to check if he knows any other words. Or is this his first non-Eh attempt?



Haha - actually... the monkey at the end is Lewis... he has relatively few appearances compared to Mojo, though he has appeared occasionally.

Lewis is a much more eloquent monkey than Mojo.


If Mojo is afraid of heights, he's got nothing to worry about. He's his own landing pillow!

William Stewart

You would think a monkey would not be afraid of heights. Perhaps he was stalling so he wouldn't face his real fear: fire. He is a conbustable monkey afterall.


Jared - Haha :D True...

William - You could be right. And for all we know, sliding down that pole might generate a dangerous amount of friction... when you look at it that way... he's a HERO.


Jared makes a good point - but being that Mojo IS a recycled sock he also would experience little or no friction on a metal pole. He would slide down that pole with no chance of deceleration. He might not get "injured" but a bad bounce could send him flying into the trash or that evenings pot of chili (firefighters always make chili)! Is that worse than letting a friend's house burn down? To Mojo... probably.


Wait. Mojo... spoke?


what WAS the fire department thinking? two seconds in that fire and mojo would have been a pile of ashes. but how sad to lose all those bananas. i'm sure lewis was devastated.

mmm... i love bananas.

The Colonel

The problem is, Mojo's likely diminishing his own banana horde if Lewis loses his... after all, would you imagine that Mojo actually pays for his bananas?

Also, that is a fun fact, Kev. Remind me never to mail you this sandwich.


BT - Firefighter's make chili? Wow... a town Chili Cook-off could spell disaster should a fire strike!

Territan - Well... Mojo speaks all the time. "Eh" is quite expressive!

Martha - Maybe that was the Fire Department's plan... maybe this is how they planned to solve the many fires around town... wow... there's a lot more depth to this comic than I thought!

Colonel - I don't think Lewis would divulge the location of his banana horde. I mean... why horde anything if you're just going to let anyone know where it is? Then all you have is a stash, and what the hell good is that?

Zaihan K.

Territan - Actually, that last frame isn't showing Mojo. That's Lewis, who only says "bananas" much in the same way that Mojo only spouts "eh". So don't worry, Mojo didn't suddently expand his vocabulary. Kevin is very consistent about that. Well, mostly. Hehehe!

Kevin - Maybe Lewis is really generous? After all, he wasn't the one who got coals for X'mas in 2004. We know who that was...


Ahh, so now I understand where the error page graphic comes from. eh,heheh


I think we're looking at a deeper issue here. Mojo is hiding feelings that once tortured his young life. I think there was a fire in his bed, and possibly his pet rabbit died or something. Maybe he is plagued with visions of hell when he thinks of fires, firemen, fireladies, or firedogs. God forbid he'd have to save a huuuuge lady from a burning building, 70 stories up. eh....

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