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Lumberjack Lament

The life of a Lumberjack is no picnic. Even a Lumberjack Picnic is no picnic, for the threat of bears makes dining leisurely at ground level a near-impossibility. All meals are taken in the treetops, and yet the lightning-quick appearance of a Beaver Swarm could disrupt a refreshing bowl of syrup faster than beaver-quick bolt of lighting. Yet still, those unhappy few perched at the top of the felled tree are only slightly less doomed than the imprudent Lumberjack below, whose split-second change of focus to sing a Logging Hymn will earn him an early burial not unlike the hammer burying the nail.

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The Philanthropist

I may be commenting just to be first here, but I really like the forest in the background. Nice touch!

DD wishmore

The whole idea seems a bit random, but I like it. I only hope that the third guy gets down and far away before the tree top falls, or those guys aren't going to get their lunches.

The Colonel

Maaaaan... it's a good thing he didn't get the French Toast.


If lumberjack #1, had lumberjack #2's salary would he just get waffles, or a side or bacon as well?


How did the lumberjack on the left get above the other guy in frames 3 and 4? Does he have special tree-friendly velcro trousers?


ah, beaver swarms --where have all the good beaver swarm establishments gone?

Hercules Papatheodorou

Very nice colours...
What I don't get is why the guy at the right gets paid more, he even works less (note the Gzzaw's)!


Philanthropist - Thanks!

DD Wishmore - True - that is awfully careless of them. But that's what an empty stomach will lead to...

Colonel - Sheesh... I don't even think the foreman could afford french toast. That's like eggs, toast, AND pancakes all in one!

Monkeyinabox - Well, nothing encourages beaver swarming more than the smell of bacon. I'd like to think he'd err on the side of caution and just spring for waffles.

Chris - Lumber Magic.

Testmonkey - Oh you won't find a good swarm above the Arctic Circle nowadays, what with man-made dams and such.

Hercules - hehe... well, Lumberjacking is no different than any other career, apparently.

John Nick

The way their knees touch in frame 4 is so tender. Ahh, lumberjacks.



Hahaha! Well, that explains the cost!


He actually needed to write that order down? How is he ever going to remember song lyrics for the Lumberjack Choir?


Thats it. Im going to grow lumberjack chops now. And Im going to find a saw that makes "Gzzzaw" sounds :D.

I really enjoy the traditional lumberjack hats too :)


Jared - Well, all the songs are pretty short, since they need to be alert for falling timber. So most of the lyrics are just variations of "I like this tree, I like that tree"....

MattLat - I don't seem to have scared you off of the concept of being a lumberjack at all! I'm a failure!


haha. love the absolute randomness of lumberjacks.


(sigh) I wish I had a saw ... all I have are these stupid scissors.


haha... nice. i found myself hoping, as i made my way through the frames, that lumberjack #3 survived. whew... you didn't really tell us one way or another, but i'm going to let my imagination tell me that he did.

thanks for letting us decide :)


You said Bever Swarm

Steve Lindstrom

I sure hope that lumberjack #3 brings an umbrella with him most of the time, because it doesn't look like there's a bathroom up there...


Martha - Who would want to kill off the guy who delivers pancakes? He's a HERO!

BigA - No... YOU said Bever Swarm.... I said Baver Swurm. ;)

Steve - That's how you figure out the hierarchy in Lumberjack Society. Top of the tree is the place to be.


I'm guffawed that noone mentioned that the brilliance of this strip is in the onomatopoeia GZZAW!

Now that that is remedied, I hafta gooutanpoeia, pardon me.

Terry Tolleson

Gzzzaw! Gzzzzaw!


Perhaps you gents would be interested in Lumberjacking? Take these pamphlets...

Captain Purple

[reads pamphlet, packs collection of flannel shirts and touks, runs out the door for the first moose North]

Its the lumber jack life fer me, boys! Mmm, pancakes...


I'm impressed that you've gone through the effort of drawing the background trees virtually indistinguishable from frame to frame. Or perhaps, the great Kevin used "copy la paste"?


Captain Purple - "Touks"? Are those some sort of moose-riding apparatus?

SomeJeff - They are indeed copy and pasted :D These comics are deceptively more difficult to put together than it probably appears. Sometimes it feels like I'm designing more than illustrating...


LOL, I eat peanut butter toast every morning (because I'm lazy, not poor), and my girlfiend felt bad for me this week and promised to cook me pancakes tommorrow as a treat. Does that mean that I'm lower than pancakes on the lumber scale?


I don't know... peanut butter would be a hot commodity in the wilderness. You rarely see wild peanuts anymore.

Terry Tolleson

The undomesticated variety are called legumes.


Oh... I see... the name changes...

It's like how a couch in your house is a "Sofa", but when it's on the curb it's "Trash".

Andrew Hollister

i will never eat another pancake as long as i live.

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