Monday, November 13, 2006

Six-Penny Anthems I.

Six-Penny Anthems I.

A Collection of Bearskinrug One-Panel Comics

After a blitzkrieg of new inventory, I've come to the Store's final installment for 2006. Which is a relief, because I spent almost this entire year compiling, editing, pencil-roughing, crying-on, inking, spitting at, and designing the first Six-Penny Anthems collection.

This particular edition — aptly titled Volume I. — is a 104-page collection of one-panel comics. It contains some ol' favorites, and some never-before-seen gems, all reproduced in stunning black & white . Each comic has been lovingly injected with extra-humor; and in some cases, extra-confusion or offensiveness!

Limited What? With Original Whazzz?

Like all previous books I've released, Six-Penny Anthems comes in the standard paperback format. But this time, I decided to do something a little extra-special...

I had ten hardcover versions specially printed up, to sell as a signed, limited edition accompanied by one of the original drawings from the book. Have a favorite comic? This might be your chance to own the original! Or at least find one you like enough to put in a frame, or enough to miniaturize with a Shrink Ray so you can hang it around your neck on a locket.

But listen to me, blathering on like an old codger, or filthy shill. I've talked your ear off enough. I'm sure you have organs to put on the black market so you can purchase the crowbar you'll need to break into Lulu's warehouse and steal a freshly-printed book. Or maybe you'll just buy the book from here. Whatever results in the fewest unconscious security personnel is fine by me.

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Hold on, a special limited edit with original drawings?

And I get to choose?

My god, I want one! I want... uhm.... that one, no no

no no no

... that one....

Strike that, now I'm sure, I want that o...


I can't choose the one I want!


Yeah... it's a pretty good deal :D

Terry Tolleson

erm... how do we get to choose what drawing it is?


Let us be wise and purchase many Bearskin books
So that Kevin can continue to pay off the many crooks...

...oh, wait --are we done with this?


Terry- Haha! Excellent question!

I have a few I've specially selected that I think people will like. When someone buys the limited edition I'll email samples back to them. Of course, if there's a particular one-panel they like, and it's in the book, perhaps that one is sendable as well.

Quite a casual process. Like shipping magnates conducting business at the yacht club over Scotch and Sodas...


Heck ya! I totally just got one. I've actually been waiting for a collection of your strips to be coming out for quite a while.


Testmonkey - No, no... I DO need to pay off the crooks... they've kidnapped Mojo. Though when that happens, I usually just wait 'til he annoys them so much they return him.

Tom- Well - here's hoping you enjoy it!

The Colonel

Kevin, you sly bastard!

Well, at least I can rest assured knowing that your clever gimmicks to rip my hard-earned cash away from me will be finished for the year.


excuse my ignorance kev, but what's the meaning behind "six-penny"?


Colonel - That's right! Rest at ease. And I recommend you still go on that transcontinental train ride transporting all your gold. That should be fun for you!

Bandelin - Well... "Six-Penny" and "Three-Penny" are commonly terms used to describe something of little worth... so these are... worthless anthems... or paltry anthems...


I have fallen victim once more to your marketing tact! Clever Cornell, most clever.


The key is "Don't Insult Their Genitals"...

Remember that!


I've bought mine !
I might just add as an aside for those of you on the fence that when you buy something directly through the BearSkinRug store, you get to see a special Mojo drawing upon completion of payment. That alone will make you smile.


Well... actually... that's only through paypal. Lulu purchases go to Lulu...

But there's always the joy to be had from a error.


im sure they were kevin..I'm sure they were. IN 1835. IN ENGLAND.

well, since I was such a jerk just now, I'm going to purchase this "book" of yours. and I'm not going to lie. I'm buying it for the content NOT BECAUSE OF OUR "PERCIEVED" FRIENDSHIP - BECAUSE FRANKLY, I HATE YOU.


But... I washed your car for you.... I even wore those shorty-shorts you asked for!


Wahoo! Ah munna get one! No seriously... Limited Edition all the way!


well... i've a feeling i'll miss out on the limited edition one because i won't have the $ for it for a week or two... but i'll try. and if i can't... i'll settle for the unlimited edition... but i'll be sad :(


Ben - "Ah Munna"... now that is a pleasing bit of slurred speech! I may have to start using it...

Martha - Well... there are officially two left... so keep your fingers crossed... I will cross mine for you... as I type... cdccec sadslnc....


without hesitation i ordered
hard cover


Bought. They tried to trick me with express shipping as standard but they could get the best of me. I cut corners where possible.

RE: The store description.
Vomitoriums in Ancient Rome were not a room to vomit in. They were the name of the passageway from the theatre to the seating area, so called for their ability to expell large numbers of people quickly after a performance.
The romans did sometimes have rooms for vomiting, they just weren't called vomitoriums. Inconvenient, huh?


You sir... have earned the highest praise I can give!


Now I need to find out what the Romans called their vomiting rooms. And I'll have to find a new venue for my Mom's birthday.


Oh, how nice. I think I ought to put this on my christmas list.

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