Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mojo Decorates the Tree

Mojo Decorates the Tree

Christmas Comic?

What's that? Too early for a Christmas comic? Perhaps. But I wanted give people as early a chance as possible to purchase their very own Mojo Christmas Cards!

Christmas Cards?

That's right — I have printed up Christmas Cards featuring this very Mojo comic on the front. So if you're interested in sending out some holiday cheer this year — instead of sitting back and feeling guilty as other people send you cards and you do nothing about it — now is your chance to at least get correspondence that embodies your lazy holiday spirit!

The 2006 Mojo Christmas Card Set

For more information on this WACKY holiday card set, go visit the Bearskinrug Store! I'll just wait here until you get back. Or I'll meet you there. Either option is cool by me.

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So funny stuff!! love that he only hangs the decorations in his height, and then obviously pulls a Mojo! :)


But in the end... it's not TOO bad an idea....

Actually... they should invent a "Tree-Decorating Net", that you just throw over the tree...

Hmmm... maybe someone already DID that...


I'm not sure that Mojo actually gave up. I think he clambered into the box and launched it up onto the tree using some spring device. So, atop that tree sits Mojo in the dark.


Yeah... he does like dark places. I found him hiding in the oven yesterday.

Terry Tolleson

Good, classic comic. And perfect for a card!

btw: how did you print the cards? Did you send them off, or is your home printer contemplating suicide?


Thanks, Terry!

Haha - printing these would DEFINITELY have killed my printer. So I got them printed all professional and stuff thanks to these lovely ladies.


i'm totally (that's right... i said totally) going to buy some! i'm always looking for good Christmas cards... and what better joy and holiday spirit than with a little mojo?


p.s. that was supposed to say "what better WAY to send..."

i gotta start reading through my comments before i immortalize myself


Actually, the BEST way to spread joy and holiday spirit is to send Christmas Cards with tiny glitter snowflakes inside.

And glamour headshots.


So, did you turn the print upside down to write "xmas" upside down... or did you use some kind of insane elite upside down writing skillz?


Oddly enough, that's exactly how my 6 year olds decorate the tree. Except for the box flinging. They can't fling that far. But, you know, monkeys can.

Nikki Noodle

What's Mojo decorating with? Eggs?? Way to celebrate "Christmeaster" (or "Easteristmas") on All Hollow's Eve :) The grandaddy of holidays


These cards look soo amazing. Thanks to me! haha..

they really do look great Kevin. I wish I could give them out to all my friends. Too bad all my friend are all your friends. DAMN IT!


Don't forget to tell people how awesome that STAMP is too...

wink wink.
sorry...shameless self advertising on your site. shame on me!


Mattlat - Looking at it, I'm sure I turned it upside down. But I DID have to use insane elite writing skillz to make that x. It's actually two "l's" written diagonally!

Jennifer - Haha - maybe that helps us figure out Mojo's age... he could be six ;)

Nikki - Yep. But than, can you expect anything other than confusion after this?

Niff - Tell you what... all the cards I send out I'll sign "The Cornells... and Niff".


Love the card!

Does the back include any info about Mojo, like a bio or something?

I feel like if I send these cards I'm going to have to tell people that Mojo is a character and not just a random figure on the front of the card.


Good question!

This is what the back looks like:

Xmas Card Back Image

So no Full Bio, but there is some identification...


Thanks for the picture! I think the "mojo the sockmonkey" text should be enough of hint that Mojo appears on more than christmas cards.


I believe this calls for a "Who can write the best x-mas card greeting/caption, dare i say it, contest" seeing as the inside is blank and just itching for a witty bon-mot, or clever repartee in itself.

Good stuff! Too bad the mrs. is on x-mas card duty this holiday season.


Haha - that's not a bad idea ;)

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