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The Holidays Can Be a Confusing Time

For Mojo, at least. Most holiday traditions he's gleaned from commercials, and his participation in marketing focus groups. It's a pretty spotty education. I feel sorry for him — but more for myself. What you're seeing here are the relatively mild effects of having a stupid monkey. It can get much worse. Last Easter he hid painted bats all over the house.

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An easy mistake to make. Just watch out for your christmas tree being mistaken for a bonfire in a few months.


Hmmm... maybe someone will give me a fire extinguisher this christmas...


I just realised that you probably don't know what a bonfire is. In Ireland, it's a big fire that we light outside at Halloe'en.

This is the problem with the Internet.


Well... it could just be Internet Explorer. If you clear your cache....

Shaun Inman

An unsolicited dig at IE and a new Mojo comic? Bliss.


I could throw in some raunchy .php code and REALLY make your day! ;D

DD wishmore

Hmm. Could be even worse. Say, REAL hearts (even human) for Valentine's Day? I shudder... That's a cute... Jack-o-lanman.


I can't help but think you're missing a frame of this story. You know, the one where Mojo comes back to provide the simple yet deeply meaningful *pat pat* to the Jack-o-lanman.

Ah, I guess I'm just an old romantic at heart...


With those white pumpkins, this is a pretty good idea.

Terry Tolleson

That is the largest pumpkin saw I've ever seen! What gigantinormous pumpkins do you expect to carve with that thing?

And you let Mojo have access to that? ...shudder...


In honor of Mojo's carving attempts:
3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorial
Even with the step by steps mine would end up like Mojo's/


You know, the Christmas season seems to be start sometime in October. Mojo is merely consolidating. Kudos to him and his efficient ways!


I wish Mojo would take that knife and go after Charles and Arthur. They deserve it more than the pumpkin.


Testmonkey - Yeah... but then I would have felt obligated to include the frame after that, when Mojo pushes him off a roof.

Jared - I never considered that Mojo might have forethought. That changes my thoughts about those pills he subscribed me...

AndrewH - Mojo would never attack another Sock... who is better armed.


hey... mojo's my kinda sock-monkey

he's efficiently combined my two favorite holidays... and i thought that an impossible task considering one is the holiday of pagans and the other the hoiday of... well, you know


haha... whoops... just to clarify, i do not think Christmas is the hoiday of...

i wonder what a hoiday is... if it's not already something, it should be


It's a holiday with no long lines.


ooo... sign me up for that

long lines suck... like rush hour while standing... but where people can hear you cussing them out


It's best that Mojo just stuck the knife in like that. I suspect that if there was any carving being done, there might be loss of limbs.


That's a pretty accurate assessment. But at least if he does it alone, most limbs can just be sewn back on....

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