Costumes Make A Cost Out of U M E.

We've entered October, so it's time to start whipping up some good ol'fashioned Halloween comics. Which I would have done sooner, but that also means it was time for Kim to whip up some good ol'fashioned Spooky Monkeys, and I had to spend yesterday poised over the keyboard, ready to mark a monkey as "Sold" at a moment's notice, because they were flying off the shelves like fluff-filled hotcakes.

Let's pause a moment and consider why I'm keeping my hotcakes on my shelves.

So... anyway... I thought a good topic for discussion — to celebrate this scary new month — might be Halloween Costumes. Specifically, The Best Halloween Costume You Ever Had. I myself probably peaked a couple of years ago, dressed as a Pirate. Of course, what really impressed people was my parrot, which in actuality was Mojo dressed in a parrot costume constructed by Kim. So I guess in a way, he was really the first Spooky Sock Monkey.

Mojo In His Parrot Costume

Hmmm... I should have sold him for profit, and recouped the cost of our hotcake-stained books.

Whatever. So... best costume you ever had?

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With that hat, maybe Mojo could go this year as Bob Ewell, the non-ambidextrous fella from To Kill a Mockingbird. That way he'd be no competition for my best costume ever: the creepy assistant to the crime boss in Return of the Dragon, woman's vest and all.


Wow... that sounds uncomfortable!

Hercules Papatheodorou

I love it how Igor is almost as tall as Mojo...

sutter Igor could have stopped that angered mob anyway...


Matt Trakker from M.A.S.K. Plastic face mask with voice modulator and all. That or the homemade giant gumball machine., complete with hundreds of individually wrapped gumballs. That one was a hit!

DD wishmore

Mojo has perfect timing. Speaking of timing, how did Mojo get to the past? Next time he plans a trip, could you let me know? I have a few things in the past that I'd like to get resolved... My own portal is broken...


My scariest costume ever:

It had a funny little square hat (made ridged with cardboard) that had some sort of French origin. Coming off the hat was some strange pull-cord that served some secret nefarious purpose. This head apparatus was paired with a long flowing vestment that, though black in color, oddly reminded me of a hospital gown. The gown made me feel pretty. And sweaty.

Man, I hated graduation....


Sutter: Igor has all kinds of angry mob stopping devices in that hump of his; you have no idea.

Terry Tolleson

My best costume (and scariest) was a labor of blood, sweat and tears. Not my blood, of course. Which means it wasn't my tears either…

Anyway — I wore this thing for 3 Halloweens, participated in 2 contests (and won) and have since decided to retire it. Let's have a look, shall we: Spooky

The gentleman next to me is just over 6 feet tall.


best costume ever: I was a toilet. I even had a handle that flushed and made the noise. it was a pretty clever little set up. not scary though; a truly great Hallowe'en costume should be scary. a friend of mine dressed as a creepy, drunk, homeless clown two years ago. I swear it was the scariest costume I've ever seen, and I'm not even particularly scared of clowns.


my best custom, on as Mr Smith, the Mr Smith of The Matrix, I was talking to everyone by his second name at the partty, some of them were really scared


I visit your site regularly, at least twice a week. I really love your work although sometimes the language makes things a little hard to understand. Now I linked you on my blog, hope you like it. Thanks for the years of good laughs.


Hercules - Not for long... I foresee a mighty hump in Mojo's future.

That sounds sexual, but it's not.

Sutter - Sutter... you must BELIEVE....

TheJones - Haha - Hey, he was my favorite M.A.S.K guy! Him and the SUV that turned into a tank...

DD Wishmore - It wasn't so much that Mojo traveled to the past... more like everyone else traveled to the future.

Testmonkey - I had that same costume! We wore it bowling.

Colin - Haha - NICE!

Terry - I'm going to assume your costume is the one on the left... but either way, they're both FANTASTIC costumes!

Spunky - Haha - that's clever! How'd you get the noise to play?

Adolfo - Well... did you jump 20 stories down to the adjacent rooftop? Because that would freak ME out...

Paulinho - Thanks! I appreciate it!


FLYING sock monkeys? I'll never sleep again.

Best costume... yeah, well it was cheap.


Most years I went as a miserable older brother who had to take his younger sister trick or treating. It was boss.

Btw, is that photo of Mojo taken at Stan's house or did you guys go in halvesies on the paint?


btw - best costume of all time - ever was featured in To Kill A Mockingbird - 1962. Scout dressed as a ham. Large paper maiche blob with the word 'HAM' written across it. Classic.


There was a cartoon in the UK called Superted. My grandmother made me a costume. It not only had the 'Super' red tunic and cape, but a bear skin to wear over the tunic.

So, I could wander round, being a normal bear, until I happened upon some crime or public danger. Then I would peel back the bear skin and save the day.

Mr. T

My cousin onced dressed up as the Cow Bell Guy from the SNL skit. I just dress up as a out of work bum (college student) because all I have to do is get off the couch.


"Badges, we don't need no stinking badges."

Oh yes we do, and we're the Coast Guard. Prepare to be boarded. Water boarded that is,


BigA - Nope... that's my office. My red looks a little orange in ths picture, and Stan's orange looks a little red in his.
Mojo wouldn't set foot in Stan's Office... Rollo would surely beat him up.

Robert - I imagine that most of the crises that SuperTed hears as he walks through the city are "There's a Bear Loose In the City".

Mr. T - Oh man... I bet the Cow Bell costume got a little annoying... after 3 hours of cowbell.

Dan - I'm not sure I know what the Coast Guard looks like. I imagine they look like the Navy, but with more aquatic-themed accessories... harpoons... tridents... seashell-bras...


Kevin have you seen this:

There might be some inspiration there for future comics. Enjoy.

Terry Tolleson

HAHAHAHA! Panel 4, people!

By "destroy", they mean "dine"! That's a spoon in his left hand. The secret's out. The good doctor makes a mean frankenloaf.


bearskinrug: when people pressed the handle, I pressed the play button on my dad's mini tape recorder :) it would have worked better if I could get the timing right, but I was always a second off. one guy was really disgusted by the idea that I'd taped the sound of my toilet flushing. I really wish I had pictures of me in that costume; I'm quite surprised that I don't.


Andrew - Hehe - pretty clever idea!

Terry - You know that wacky doctor; he'll eat anything as long as it's in loaf form...

Spunky - Oh dear... you're tape recorder was probably covered in miniscule feces particles! I hope you didn't keep that baby next to the candy...


Classic, Kevin ... classic.

The Philanthropist

You know what I think is scary, the creepy over -lapping in Big A's entry, like its trying to take over. YIKES!!


Is Mojo saying, "Eh!" or did he scratch it in the door?


Well... I was thinking he was SAYING it... but I suppose it could be on the door...

Go with whatever one you think is MORE funny!


Haha. I think its funnier scratched in the door.

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