Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mojo and the Cactus

Mojo and the Cactus

Les choses sont contre Mojo

Ah, my dear monkey. If only I was there to advise you. No one wins when fighting an inanimate object. Why, just the other day I was teaching the plastic lids of our tupperware a much-needed lesson in respect — and to tell you the truth, I don't think they learned a thing. They still refuse to be dry when I take them out of the dishwasher, no matter how hard I rap them with the slotted spoon (which, by the way, dried fine.... a utensil after my own heart).

Granted, I would rather battle a hundred-thousand tupperware lids than face my true arch-nemesis... the one enemy whom I fear above all the extension cords in all of the world...

Wet Plastic Bag — a pox upon your low-density polyethylene soul!

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König Bonifaz

Despite the imbroglio this situations imposes upon poor Mojo, this could actually be the start of a wonderful symbiosis between sockmonkeys and spiked thingies;
just imagine something viciously attacking a cactus(...whatever that creature would be...), just to find a ill-tempered being of pure ferocious sockiness on the other side. Documentary-makers, rejoice!


Hey, sounds good to me. I wouldn't mind leasing out Mojo's services to some rich, powerful cactus. Ka-CHING!


I'm not sure Mojo was exactly fighting the cactus. Observe the last few panels -- he's obviously upset that his attire to the discotheque includes obscenely large cufflinks, but he decides to dance the night away regardless. Unfortunately, the cactus was completely unresponsive to Mojo's attempt at a slow dance.

Poor Mojo, clubbing doesn't seem to be his strong point...neither is picking a lively date, for that matter.


Cactuses and Plastic Bags are dangerous and all... but they're no match for Band-Aids. Like when you peel off the protective covering, and one side sticks onto the other side. Suddenly, it's completely useless. I HATE that.


ah, Mojo: The Fourth Stooge.

Mr. T

Every timeI check bearskin rug and a new post is up I pee my pants... I'll send you my dry cleaning bill.


Vijchti - Well... he COULD be good at clubbing. He loves passing out...

Sutter - Naw... Shemp was the fourth Stooge. And Curly Joe was the fifth. So Mojo would be the sixth. Sheesh... learn your World History, Sutter.

Mr. T - Well... I guess that's only fair. I'll fax you my credit card number. *bgzzzzeeeee*


Poor Mojo! While everyone else is laughing at Mojo's expense, I am weeping for him. WHO the heck is gonna save him.

Kevin, how could you be so cruel?

The Colonel

Completely unrelated to this post, but I agree, Kingdom of Loathing is a gem.

Don't worry, Kev, I'll be your brother in nerdy shame.


Kingdom of Loathing haha! Find me in the campground and my 3 lbs mosquito and I will beat you with a suede sword and steal your meat. Respekt!


I'll take a wet plastic bag over an orange extension cord any day. Unless it's wet with garbage-wetness; all bets are off if it's garbage-wetness.


Dear Mr. Bearskinrug,
Your RSS feed at http://www.bearskinrug.co.uk/_articles/index.xml is busted—it gives a PHP error. So now my newsreader just laughs at me when I ask him about Mojo.
Wistful in Winnetka

Jason Santa Maria

I've been waiting so long for you to post this one! It's my favorite Mojo comic in recent memory :D


Niff - He'll eventually be peeled off at night, by friendly desert reptile. Sheesh... that's the beauty of comics... you can add your own panels to change the story!

The Colonel - Maybe we can make a clan... that will function like a Nerd Support Group...

RevDrLuv - We can have tea! Though tea might be the one thing you CAN'T have...

Ian - WHAT!? You're crazy... Sure, Orange Extension Cord is an outdoor extension cord, covered in bits of Poison Ivy oil... but Wet Plastic Bag sticks to you, and tries to envelope your hand as you throw it in the trash!

Jojo - Thanks for the heads-up! I'll try and fix it right now... :D

Stan - I would have posted it sooner, but I was legally obstructed by the Cactus Defamation League....


This was no accident. Mojo is just too excited to get his Acupuncshirt™ in the mail.

Someone should teach this monkey some patience...

...or introduce him to an albino monk.


There's something very 'Old Hollywood' about this . I believe Stan Laurel would approve. I applaud you for it.


I punched a cactus lately. You think I would have known better, but nope. Of well, sometimes you have to suffer some pain to get to the sweetness you know is deep inside.

The Colonel

Mr. Cornell,

I have applied to your nerdy clan and hope to gain acceptance verily.

My associate, Mr. Serpentine shall be joining us post-haste.

I look forward to many conquest in this most Loathing of Kingdoms.

-The Colonel (Moses)

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