Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Last Voyage of the S.S. Eh

The Last Voyage of the S.S. Eh

Cults Aren't Always the Answer

Hmmm. That's a real shame. The chances of the houseboat bringing Mojo eternal happiness were much better than finding joy through renouncing possessions. Granted, Mojo has a tendency to latch on to material goods with more gusto than the average being, sock or flesh. But every so often he can surprise you, and perform an astounding act of selflessness.

For instance, the other day, I found him in the kitchen smashing our dinner plates. And after asking him politely, and offering him the remaining cash in my wallet, he stopped.

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at least he got a cool toga...toga, toga, toga...


It's not often that I feel sorry for Mojo, but on this occasion I do.


Anders - Hey... that's true. Now he can attend orgies.

Olly - I can't really sympathize, now that I have to eat all my meals out of our teacups.


Two things I really love about this strip:

1. The opening, overture frame where the mood of the piece is set by having Mojo stand alone in a field of orange with nothing but one tiny speck of dust hovering in the air next to him. And

2. The symmetry that's achieved by having Mojo alone in the last frame as well.

There's a certain dose of melancholy at work here. Everything okay, Kevin? Excellent work either way.


Haha - thanks, Grey! That speck of dust is actually a recurring character that appears in a lot of my comics. Though it's contract is up for renewal, so I might be giving it the heave-ho.


I'm the lawyer for Fred, the speck of dust in question. Please be on the lookout for the packet of legal documents that should arrive at your home tomorrow on behalf of my client concerning his contrat renewal.


Furthermore, our legal department (i.e: myself and the hordes of other lawyer here at the firm) wish that I point out that the word contrat, as found in the previous comment, is indeed a legal term, having roots in Latin, for contract, and in no way should be seen as a means to circumvent the impending litigious documentation that is to arrive at your residence on behalf of our client, Fred, the aforementioned speck of dusk.


Ok - I'm not buying it. If I know Mojo ( and I'm pretty sure I don't) then in about three frames from now that boat is going to start to take on water but seriously. He's a total saboteur and his true path to eternal happiness would be in knowing that he drowned those hippies.

Joey Livingston

LOL@Biga. Yeah, something isn't quite right here. I've never seen Mojo get bested quite this bad. That boats either going to sink...or explode.

Terry Tolleson

I was expecting to see flames in that last panel, too. What does that say about us? Are we opposed to religion? Or to the idea that Mojo might actually give up a material possession?

Regardless, in leu of floating fireballs, there is only one obvious answer. It wasn't his boat. Slapping "S.S. Eh" on the side doesn't indicate ownership, just that Mojo had access to paint. A bit elaborate to get a toga, but well worth the effort, I say.


The title of this strip does, in fact, imply that the boat (and it's occupants) are destroyed a few panels after the strip ends.

John Nick

BEARSKINRUG wrote: "Hey... that's true [about Mojo's toga]. Now he can attend orgies."

Um ... I hope this doesn't come as a shock ... but when you were horseback riding in Narnia or wherever that vacation took you, Mojo concocted some intense "While You Were Out" action at your crib, and it had NOTHING to do with home improvement.

Not that I was THERE. I just heard about it. Probably on Gawker.


Terry- Good point on the SS EH! I thought that being painted on the boat alone was a sign of it being Mojo's greatest possession, but it could have just been he latest shenanigan with a can of paint and some sticky monkey fingers for those "jingle jingles'.

The Colonel

He's just lucky they didn't get to the forced, ritual castration part of cultdom... at least he'll still HAVE interest in orgies.

Although considering he's a sock, this may be a moot point.


People, people...the boat has already sunk in panel 9!


Oh my... you beautiful people... so full of HOPE...


Wow… you almost had me until Joesplanet pointed out that the ship actually had sunk.

That made me feel stupid.


What has truly happened? Perhaps we'll only know in the forthcoming days...


I don't mean to be nit-picky or anything, but doesn't "SS" refer to "Steam Ship"? I couldn't find any evidence of steam propulsion and the installations attached to that--or maybe I just haven't been looking close enough...


Steamship? No way. That bad boy has a sail. Is there a prefix for sail boats? I wouldn't know, I've only ever seen them named "The Elizabeth II" and "Just My Luck".

Also, I'm on board with Joesplanet, in panel nine the ship hath not sailed, it hath sank. So swiftly, and so furiously that the water barely had time to ripple.

Terry Tolleson

S.S. can also stand for Sailing Ship (SS Minnow, anyone?). In the United States Navy, an S.S. designation represents a Submersible Ship (submarine). Both definitions being apropos if the boat did, in fact, sink in panel 9.

With modern cruise ships S.S. has come to mean other things like State Ship or Star Ship.


... and in that fashion, "M.S." of course doesn't mean "Motor Ship" but "Mojos Ship"... Sheesh, talk about standardisation.


But the real question is... what does Mojo think S.S. stands for? He put in on the ship, after all...


S.S. stands for Sinking Ship. I'm surprised the cult missed that.


That boat is an awesome cloud.


Jared - haha - NICE.

Rachel - You mean Mojo's thought bubble?

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