Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Mojo Sonata

The Mojo Sonata

In the Key of M I

Such a shame to waste a good song on Mojo. Why, that could have been about any number of things, including the dangers of icebergs. If you really think about it, there's never been a good iceberg song on the Top 40 charts, and in the meantime, icebergs are sinking our ships, squatting on our poles, and unabashedly cooling our Gulf Streams.

So, my point is, if you've written a song about Mojo, go back into the lyrics and change all the instances of Mojo to Iceberg. And all the instances of Love to Hate. You can leave any areas that mention gambling debt or adultery.

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John Nick

Really though -- isn't this the behavior of ALL muses? I'm sure the subject of the Mona Lisa walked away similarly.

Likewise the subject of the ballad, "Beth," by KISS.


I think it's best to always write such songs so that they're not obviously about someone, or for someone. Make it a bit vague.

If they hate it, or are indifferent, so be it.

If they love it, then you can tell them who it's written for.

Goddess In The City

Who cares about how Mojofeels? Look at how happy that musician is! (1 of 20)

John Nick

Actually, the pianist is Dennis DeYoung and the panels depict the origins of the song that would eventually become the Styx hit, "Come Sail Away."


I'm so glad you decided to not publish the uber violent fifth panel of this tragedy.

s. zeilenga

yeah, I saw the 5th panel too. yikes! Are pianos supposed to fit there?



Chris - That's a good approach. That being the case, I'll change my original composition "I accidentally slept with Betty White" to "I accidentally slept with a Golden Girl".

Goddess - Yeah - he's sure happy about this tune!

John Nick - So Mojo's entitled to royalties, hmmm? *Kevin rubs hands together*, *Mojo rubs sock stubs together*

BigA - Well, I do have some semblance of humanity. It's in the backyard now, burning in my trashcan.

S. Zeilenga - I thought I saw someone putting out my trash can fire! I thought you were from the township!


On the Friend Ship lollypop... You can steal that line if you want.

The Colonel

You know something...
I think I'm finally going to write a song about that adulterous Iceberg that broke my heart and left me to pay off its gambling debt. I hate that bloody Iceberg.


This reminded me of the C-Word joke from Arrested Development. That's the only reason I laughed.


I like how Mojo is interested there, for a second, with the 'Sail away...'

Like he can see a potential junket in there if he plays his cards right.


i am always the last!

"kevin, kevin, kevin.."


No, I'm last now. Yay!

(Kevin's going to block me one of these days, first i started the being first thing, and now am encouraging this... )


That could be a new reality show -- composers try and write the song that actually keeps Mojo interested. I'd really love to hear what a zombie Mozart or zombie Schubert could put together.

Terry Tolleson

I can't help but be a bit taken aback regarding the assumption that Mojo is disinterested/unappreciative of the song about, and for, him.

Have any of you (even you, Kevin) considered the possibility that he is so moved by the gesture that he is almost ashamed to face the pianist? Notice how he isn't walking in that last panel. Merely standing there. And the extra H's are a sure sign of stifled tears.


Monkeyinabox - Done. I've written down in my book of stolen jokes. Man... this thing's getting heavy.

Colonel - Did it leave you for another monkey? Errr - Iceberg?

Terry - Sometimes I forget the great depths of Mojo's heart. My apologies, to both of you...

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