Friday, July 21, 2006

Pharaoh and Caesar

Pharaoh and Caesar

There's something funny about this storyline...

These boys have a future as Hollywood Producers.

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Nice drawing.. but is that sprig of laurel authentic, and most importantly, organically grown?


Actually, it's Poison Ivy. He's not a bright child.


I see a remake of Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man happening.

John Nick

How strange -- I was just imagining a remake of Little Fauss and Big Halsy.


the other kid isn't too bright either, misspelling PHARAOH an' all...


Haha! NICE - I'm an IDIOT...

I need to install a spellcheck in my sketchbook.


* The edit has been made - Thanks Anders!*


i've got my money on the pharaoh, he can double as the pope with that hat and we all know the pope is fluent in 600 kinds of martial arts.

Russer Butters

Yes, great storyline forming, what with two great leaders of old shooting at each other with guns. The Pharaoh rules mighty Eygpt with an iron fist and a 45, until Rome sends Caesar back in time to conquer them with a 38 to add them to the empire.

Terry Tolleson

A .38? The Ceasar would be caught with nothing less than a Desert Eagle .50 which he procurred from any number of Guy Ritchie films using a magic ticket, bringing Jason Statham right into his ancient world!

And the Pharaoh? I bet you a million-gazillion-trillion dollars that he's a "pa-tinger". Y'know… those kids that would play Cops-n-Robbers and when you shot at them, they would point to a body part (chest) and then point away while saying, "PA-TING!"



Oh man, I hated those kids. Except they did that all the time, during every game.

"I'm rubber, you're glue. Everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!"



Obviously... naked battle! If ever there were a time when freedom of movement was most coveted, that would be it.


Sutter - Do you come to the papacy with 600 martial arts, or do you get them when you GET the papacy? Because the latter sounds like a pretty sweet deal...

Russer - Sheesh, Russ. Where are the ROMANS going to get a time machine!!?

Terry - You should have shot them in their pointing finger, THEN in their chest.

Katie - Say... that's not a bad line... that probably could helped during my trial...

Russer Butters

Yeah, sorry I should have given Caesar much more credit and something more like an assault rifle.
But as to the time machine, Everyone knows the Romans had a time machine, They stole it from Bill and Ted who were too stoned out of their minds to fight the legion and were thrown to the lions.

Hugh G.

Dude, I'm diggin' those colors!

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