Monday, June 26, 2006

Desktops! (Vacation) Desktops!

Desktops! (Vacation) Desktops!

The Neglectful Master

In less than 24 hours from now, I leave for vacation. Now, I'm not the traveling type of person, but I get the wanderlust every so often — it will be nice to get away from this one-horse town. The last vacation I took was to North Carolina, right after I quit my old job, so this may very well be my first legitimate "break" in two years.

While I look forward to this nice holiday, I'm not crazy about parting from the site for a couple of days. It makes me feel guilty, like how I suppose people feel when they drop their beloved housepet off at the kennel. Of course, not everyone drops their pet off. Some people just pour 7 day's worth of food in the supper dish and then skedaddle, hoping that beloved Snookies will be alive when they return. Very irresponsible.

But still — that's a kind of plan — so following that example I decided to post a whole handful of Mojo desktops (7 different Mojo comics, to be precise) to tide my pet website over until I get back. Hopefully, it will be so busy parceling out desktops it won't even notice I'm gone. In the meantime, I'm counting on all of you brave Bearskinrug readers to take care of some of the site maintenance (The bear needs to be fed regularly, and I occasionally need to dust some of the older articles).

So, enjoy a couple of desktops, and I'll be back in mere days to tell you all about my vacation, starting with the shuttle launch, and hopefully containing lots of details about the Martian landscape.

Each link below will give you a .zip archive, containing all 7 desktops in the desired screen size. Click and download!
1024 x 768
1680 x 1050 (iMac screen size)
1920 x 1200

Hate these colors?

Just a note for you expert (or not-so-expert) photoshop users out there — should you wish to tweak the background color a little, these desktops are designed so that you can just use the "Hue/Saturation" filter on the .jpg, and it won't affect the black & white Mojo drawing. So feel free to change the desktop to whatever color of the 'bow you want, even though it's a flattened image.

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Have a blast and thanks for the desktops! I'm especially fond of the 'push-up' and the 't.v.' Both remind me of myself.


Excellent! I shall try my best to be a good vacationer!

James Gregory

You read my mind! Just last night I was thinking: "I need to get me a mojo background". Fantastic!

Enjoy your break.


Life is good once again ... my "Mojo in the Sheets" desktop was gettin' a little old (**to be interpreted as my co-workers were gettin' sick of seeing him!!**). Thanks again for some GREAT work, Kevin!!!

the brightside

I know how you feel, in regards to leaving the favorite pet for vacation--once we took a two day trip away from my tabby cat. We'd left him enough food (so we thought), but when we got back, he'd opened the pantry, dragged the bag of food out, split it open along the side, and happily munched on as much cat food as he could for 48 hours. He must have gained three pounds in two days.

Hopefully the bear can't open doors...

...but have fun on vacation nonetheless!


Nice desktops. Enjoy your holidays!


Be sure to watch out for the reentry farts. Sure, upon leaving the atmosphere you get all that pressure and bloating. But you're smart; you expect that. What everyone forgets is when you reenter, whoa nelly, your colon don't like that. At all.

I guess what I'm sayin' is pack the Beano.

And thanks for the 'papers.


This set is great. It also makes for a pretty hot screensaver.




Incredible! Has nobody made the obvious "Mojo the Shock Monkey" joke yet?

Vincent Simard

I, for one, welcome our new Mojo desktop wallpapers overlords

adolfo tavizon

lets take this web site now that Kevin its gone boys, we can turn it into a cooking site or into a Blondie Shirine, les begin by burning mojo alive.......:D


Looks like we have the site to ourselfs folks! Im gunna drink the minibar and wee in the goldfish bowl. And nobody is here to stop me! MWEEE HEHE!

Erm... Nice selection of wallpapers! I have them rotating every 15 minutes, so I get a good mojo-mix.

Hercules Papatheodorou

What!? Not ???x??? resolution wallpapers available!?

Nice ones dude, have fun in your vacation.


You'll be back in days, yet it takes months to make a one-way trip to Mars with our current technology. Now, I don't want to be too forward here, but are you from the future?


yay, yay. have a good holiday, kev.


everyone at my new job loves the monkey... and the fact that he replaced my family portrait...

thanks for the opportunity to show my true allegiances!


NOW I find out that my wife checks out your site!

Thanks for the opportunity to experience sleeping on the COUCH!


Oooooooh. This sounds delicious!


yes, spam is raw, but is it organic as well?

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