A Bearskinrug / Inkfinger Collaboration

Back in February, Mr. Matthew Sutter of Inkfinger decided to post a series of one-panel comics based on overheard conversations for an entire month. At a similar time, I was doing a fair share of single-scene Mojo drawings in my sketchbook, which some of you might find familiar. It occurred to us, that these two comic styles go together like the classic combos of Chocolate and Milk, or Milk and Cereal, or Cereal and Eating; and so we decided to join forces to create something for our respective stores...

Thus the Mojo The Sockmonkey / Picnic Mtn. Single-Panel Extravaganza was born!

This handsome set contains 5 Mojo the Sockmonkey prints, and 5 Picnic Mtn prints — as well as a Certificate of Authenticity — all hand-numbered and signed by their respective creator. Each print fits snugly into a standard 5"x7" frame, perfect for your desk at work, or your walls at home, or your car dashboard! The specially-selected range of neutral-toned archival stocks work with almost any color wall (except ultra-violet, since we can't really see it with the naked eye, and bumblebees have notoriously poor senses of humor).

Remember, the Mojo and Picnic Mtn Single-Panel Extravaganza set can easily be divided amongst 10 friends; everyone can chip in for their very own 5"x7" parcel of humor real-estate! Or perhaps you could purchase the set on your own, and give individual prints away as gifts, a classic cost-cutting technique advocated by Mojo himself. Father's Day is coming up, so you better buy a set soon, so I can get my Dad the only thing he really ever wanted... a Cathedral.

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ehrm... what does emm-tee-ehn stand for?


That my friend, is the classic respelling of "Mountain", made famous by Mr. Sutter's inaugural comic collection, Picnic Mtn, Book 1...

It could also be some kind of Mediterranean mollusk. I can't say for sure.

John Nick

Ehhm, I'm a proud owner of said "Picnic Mtn, Book 1," and I'm quite confident it stands for MITTEN!

Don't tell me otherwise, especially now after my nomination to the Pulizter Foundation!


Mmmmm ... Single Picnic Monkey Finger sammiches!!


John Nick - OH! You might be right... that explains the final chapter... where all those mittens are at the picnic. Wow, I wish I hadn't written that angry letter to Sutter....

Greggie - That's right! Tastes great, writes with excellent coverage, with all the health benefits of processed monkey meat!

Hugh G.

Which cathedral does your Dad have his eye on?


Mtn actually stands for mutton. There have to be a million jokes about lamb meat out there.


Mmmm... a nice mutton lettuce and tomato with the mutton cut nice and lean...


Hugh G. - Chartres. He likes the pews.

Sutter - I didn't realize Mutton was lamb... I thought it was one of those medieval animals, like the Jackalope, or the Esquilax...

BigA - They're so perky - I love them...

Hugh G.

Hey wow! I've been to Chartres cathedral! The pews are especially pewey there.


Yet another purchase from the BSR store. I eagerly await my new (and only) wall decorations.


Overhead conversations, like a couple teachers chatting over the projector to the chagrin of dutiful students and the delight of overhead projector bulb manufacturers?


Zombiefactory - I shall prepare them for the journey, along with the Alaskan Smoked Salmon Brains you ordered.

Monking - ! WHOOPS ! Excellent catch — I have now changed "overhead" to "overheard" :D


So what incentives do I receive for ordering the book from one store vrs the other? I mean what's to stop me from heading over to buy from sutter as opposed to bearskinrug? I want to see how far both of you will go to fight for my business. Go on.. FIGHT!


Well.... how interested are in EXTRA bubble wrapping? Hmmmm? Sounds good, don't it... ?

adolfo tavizon

I own a rural church in México if you give me a set of this fine prints I can kill the priest and give the church to your pather ¿what do you say? ¿is this a deal?


I thought mtn was the abbrev. of mutton. Picnic... mutton... they go together like pickles and butterscotch.


Adolfo - Is there a Rose window? How big is the Narthex? Was construction forced under serfdom, or a similar feudal class structure? Dad was pretty specific about the serfdom...

Raymond - That's a classic combo. I can't imagine a picnic without the scotchy-pickle vomiting after the three-legged race...

adolfo tavizon

no, sorry, the rose window its there, but the chrch was constructed by slaves, indians imported two centuries ago to town by a noruegian looking for something to do in his last years, he was a deviant hainist, but he liked the way of the rural chrches in Mexico and designed this one after a hangover, are you still interested? I can paint the church in any color you want


well god dammit, I just HAD to laugh.


Ummm. "Witty bon-mot, or clever repartee" - that's a tough order :) Well, I actually don't want to say anything about this post (right now). I wanted to comment on your sketchbook. Do you have one now? When can we see it? I absolutely loved the last one, and anyway I really find your work inspiring. I've been keeping journals for the last 9 years , but nothing compared to yours! Can we have more? :)


Well, I do still keep one — I'm up to about number 15. I don't know if I'd put another one online, but I do have one I specifically would like to get printed... though that's a little while off. :D

This site is really just one big sketchbook, though... and I do post actual sketchbook entries once in a while...


Sorry... I'm afraid I'm not so clever or witty as the majority of your comment gurus. But I have been frequenting your site for several months now and absolutely love it. Your illustrations are truly fabulous... and I adore your sense of humor.

How big is your head now? Not that I know how big it was before... but I'm certain I've just inflated it a bit.

Oh, and I've been intending to buy your comic book with the little gnome guy... and I'm definitely gonna look into these prints. Keep up the creativity. I love it!


I'm actually in need of some head-inflating, metaphorically and physically. The back of my head is really flat, and people make fun of it.

This is both funny and true.

Anywhoo - thanks for the flattery, Martha!

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