Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Client Meeting

The Client Meeting

The Brubaker Account Goes South

Well... honestly, this was inevitable.

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Well what does he expect? You pat someone on the ass, you expect some acknowledgement. Am I right or am I right?

John Nick

Brubaker is a lightweight. Mojo is made of sock and stuffing -- how painful could that *PAT!* have been.

I think it's his feeble masculinity that's feeling the pain. It's the 21st Century, Bru. Welcome to the New Economy.


Pierce - I certainly do. And maybe some filthy language.
John Nick - I don't know... even a pat from a stuffing-filled paw could be painful if the asterisks are that big.


Oh, oh... I hope Brubaker wasn't an important account.

Rob Wilmshurst

I hope to God Mojo stays well away from me with those asterisks!
I think Brubaker secretly enjoyed the Pat. It's in his eyes -
"ooh, go on - tell me how baad I am! Naughty Brubaker! Naughty!"

...Or perhaps I got carried away. ahem.


Now in the "The Coffee Break" it was a mere pat so why must he pat to the point of pain here? Is it a gender issue, a dark history between the two or is Mojo just stressed?


the mojo business belly laugh made my day


BigA - I guess he was worried the first *pat* didn't take...

Wayne - Haha - yeah, that was one of my favorite parts of this comic.. :D


Ahem ... okay, here it goes:


Brokeback Mojo


Sorry about that, everyone, but I just felt that I had to run with that one. Seeing as how Mojo is so obviously one of my top 3 superheros, I felt that I could safely jest at his obvious confidence in his masculinity. Or is it Man-sock-ulinity? I don't know ... I just know that he's so damned competitive, that a slap on the butt is probably just saying, "hey, good job!" and not, "hey, whadda you use a sock in bed for?"


Can I hire out mojo to deal with my clients? Except have him pat them in the face? Maybe while holding a bat?

Terry Tolleson

That second-to-last frame... that's not anger — that's longing.

Wait, I used that one already. Well, when the sock fits´┐Ż


Hahah - I just saw this on Newsvine.

So it COULD be a lot worse than an encouragement pat, Brubaker...


Just thought of something. Are you sure Mojo isn't trying to smack the wallet out of this guy?


I think Mojo could handle being sued. He's a popular icon in the online industry. I mean, compared to his net worth, I'm sure any settlement is a walk in the park.


BSR - Here in Sweden, a 57 year old woman working in a zoo got beat up pretty bad by a cornered orangutan the other day...

Nikki Noodle

Oh the subject of heinie taps, can i make a special request to see Mojo and the Hartford County Bigamist in an up and coming comic?


Does Mojo do well communicating over the phone? Maybe he wrongly anticipated a more, er, friendly relationship with Brubaker from previous non-gestural comunications...?


"Mojo doesn't have hair on his testicles, because hair does not grow on steel."

Mr T

I think Mojo just thinks Mr Brubaker didn't feel it the first time on account of his fine cotton pants... or his large wallet.


BigA - Maybe. I know the company wanted a more aggressive approach to handling the Brubaker account... he's rather tight-fisted.

SomeJeff - Heh - that is right! The terms of most of the settlements are "1 fifteen-minute walk in the park with defendant while holding hands". Mojo tends to steal a lot of diaries from teenage girls...

Anders - Yeouch... yeah, Orangutans are pretty damn strong. Still, better an orangutan than a Baboon. Baboons are the primate equivalent of a biker gang.

Nikki - Oh, I SEE what you're trying to do... You think Mojo and the Hartford County Bigamist are the SAME person, so could NEVER appear in a comic together — looks like I'll need to do a little photoshopping to protect Mojo's identity!

Anaglyph - It's hard to say... I think Mojo's a good communicator over the phone. Although, whenever he calls home, his doesn't sound like himself on the phone. His voice is much sweeter, and there's less screaming. But that might just be because he wants me to pick him up from the strip bar.

Kirk - Haha - that's a pretty awesome line!

Mr. T - Yeah... Brubaker IS raking it in...

Nikki Noodle

BSR-- haha, oh that is much more clever than I had intended! In all honesty, I just wanted to see the Bigamist get spanked by Mojo. Or vice versa. Whichever works better...

Zaihan K.

Hey Kevin, is it common practice to shake hands with the left where you come from? Cause neither Brubaker nor Mojo seems to find it awkward to shake a leftie... Or is this all drawn in a mirror?


I think the left handed shake and butt smak is a fraternity thing. Mojo got a little carried away, because he hasn't seen any "brothers" since Mardi Gras '97.

Kinda like saying "bet" to Fred Flintstone.


Zaihan K. - Haha! I didn't even notice that! Nope - everyone shakes righty around here. But maybe Mojo prefers left because his right is his smackin' hand. Or it could be that Raymond is right. Mojo does seem the type to enjoy hazing...


Does it really still qualify as a "pat?" I mean, really...

Did I mention I love it?


Ohhh, the right-handed offensive WHACK Brubaker, account, ha!

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