Friday, April 21, 2006

The Coffee Break

The Coffee Break

Mojo's Inadequate Etiquette

I would classify this as more of an encouragement butt-pat than anything of a sexual nature. Not to say Mojo can't charm the ladies with his gentle touch and plush, knitted physique; but being his co-worker I get a dozen or so butt-pats a day, and they don't seem to be a prelude to grander designs. Naturally, I used to find these repeated pattings a bit aggravating, but I've come to accept them — when you work with a species that chooses to communicate mostly through smashing and biting, any form of positive reinforcement is appreciated.

So I assure you I won't be pursuing any kind of legal action against Mojo. At least not for sexual harassment. I am considering some form of a "Cease And Desist" order to stop him from handing me business cards all day. "I don't need these," I scream, "these are my cards!". This is usually countered by a couple seconds of mock-thinking, followed by another business card. Then, later on, when I'm crying out of frustration, maybe a butt-pat.

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The Colonel

Have you considered Mojo may be a former Major Leaguer?

Although it might seem that these are quasi-homosexual advances, it very well may be his way of saying, "Job well done, chap! Carry on."

Although that doesn't provide a logical explanation in the context of this comic strip.

On the other hand, I do suppose that bird has a mighty fine ass.

John Nick

Perhaps when Mojo next plays the butt-patter you might counter with a pat of butter.


What? He was just swatting a fly... yeah... that's the story, and he's sticking to it.


Colonel - I've thought he might have played some baseball. He uses an awful lot of chew.

John Nick - Oh, we can't keep butter in the house. Mojo won't let us eat any dairy not derived from monkey milk. It's kind of like "Buy American" except much more unpleasant.

Jason - Although, if it was an actual fly, Mojo would have caught it and eaten it. His story might not work...


taking into account mojo's height, while he's taking that last sip of coffee, he's getting quite an eyeful! instead of hearing 'brubaker's a handful' i'm thinking he hear's 'you take a handful'...dang that cubbyhole mind!

Terry Tolleson

That last frame... that's not anger — that's longing.

I suspect she wonders why Mojo doesn't show his true affections for her more. If only…

Where does sockmonkey-consumed coffee go? Does Mojo become bloated with coffee goodness upon absorbing the cup?

Hugh G.

"...when you work with a species that chooses to communicate mostly through smashing and biting, any form of positive reinforcement is appreciated."

Damn if that isn't the funniest thing I've read all week.


Hey, at least he doesn't throw his feces at you.


Ha Ha… it's funny to think that it was "longing" that she felt. I could see that. You know Mojo can be very charming. *sigh*


I guess she made the coffee just right.


Oh, how I wish I could get away with antics like that.
Stupid lucky monkey.


Old man Brubaker's charm with the ladies seems to be rubbing off. Must be that combination of Ben Gay and English Leather. Or, in Mojo's case, pudding.

Mr. T

I just think Mojo drinks too much coffee, which leads his hands to sporadically slap young, hot secretaries on the rear. Really it has to do with the universal coefficient of gravity and other such non-sense.


You know, the more I follow Mojo's antics, the more I come to identify with him. That might be highy worrying.

The Philanthropist

pour. pour. sssipp. stir. pat.
Genius, Cornell. Genius.


Is it possible that her ass is nicknamed Brubaker?
- eh.(sigh)
- Hey Mojo!
- eh! (Hi mom)
- How's that ass account?
- Eh ehh eh EH eh. (I'm falling a little 'behind')
- Yeah, that ass is a handful!
- Haha - well, I'll talk to you later.
- eh! (yup)



Cissy Strutt

Do sock monkeys inhabit a moral universe? 'Good & Bad'? or simply 'Good & Arse' in utopian trans-species fondle-play.


"when you work with a species that chooses to communicate mostly through smashing and biting"

-and a healthy dose of fist-shaking.
AGH! Realization! Right now, I am nibbling on a cola flavored "MOJO" candy chew! The world works in mysterious ways...


Hmm.. the left-handed semi-upward pat, with just the right amount of 'slap'. Classic technique, Moj.


Being a sock monkey and thus being made of wool, would mojo be able to make the required 'PAT' noise? If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound? Ahh the mysteries of life

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