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Mojo and Lunch

Mojo and Lunch

Workplace Eating Habits

Back when I worked in an office, elderly lunches commonly spawned angry company-wide emails. I never understood how people forgot their food in the fridge. On the rare occasions when I did bring a lunch, I thought about it all day. Not that it lasted all day. Or even half a day — often I'd eat it at 10:30 or so. And I was usually finished it by 10:33. Then I'd have to watch everyone else eat their lunches at 12, which would make me hungry again, so that by 1:00 I just went out to get take-out with the late lunch crowd.

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Is that a watermelon in there? Does Mojo actually DIET?! :O

Hugh G.

Mojo never struck me as the type to plan ahead and pack a lunch. I think he just wrote his name on someone elses.

david gouch

Did Mojo bring two lunches on 2/7? Please don't say it's from a year ago!


Hehe... who knows!? That lazy monkey...

Mark Benson

Ha ha, that's funny. I work in a corporate environment right now, and often bring lunch but forget what it looks like. Usually it involves me blaming someone else for stealing it.

Nikki Noodle

haha! i totally do that too! i pack the healthy lunch, but get hungry (830am), eat it for breakfast (9am). get a snack as lunch(11am), eat with the co-workers (1pm), and then my metabolism is sky-high so the cheesesteak carts usually call my name for an early dinner around 3... thank God im a professional powerlifter...


I want to believe that's tea or coffee in his mug but something tells me it's probably something more disturbing than that.

Ara Pehlivanian

So then, I'm not the only one who's hungry by 10:30 and eats his lunch way before everyone else only to be famished by 1 o'clock.


if "office" were a color, i think it would be that green


I love that color choice kevin


I like that Mojo actually wrote the date on the watermelon. And the fact that he's eating (or not eating) a watermelon in early February. A great chuckle, Kevin!


I used to sometimes work late and go get Chili's and come back with leftovers. I left loaded mashed potatos in the fridge for 3 weeks. The smell was... *shudder*


When I was a child, my dad would make a lunch for me. Same thing everyday:

  • Shaved Black Forest Ham on white
  • Macintosh apple
  • A Jos. Louis™
  • Can of Coke™
And he'd brown-bag it the same way everyday, with my name and date on it.

Decades later, I'm starting to wonder if I was picky, or he was lazy.

Terry Tolleson

I bring my lunch in a plastic H.E.B. bag. Deposit whatever needs to remain cold in the fridge/freezer. Then eat the various snacks I brought to tide me over until 12ºº. Usually about two packets of oatmeal, a banana, snack bag of pretzels, sunflower seeds, ginger snaps. Yup… that's every day folks.

Elsewhere — I thought I was the only one who had ever even heard of Café Ter Ia. Such a wonderful place to dine, and to see it in a Mojo comic. Sublime.


Here's a secret that comes in useful with communal fridges:

If you have something you don't want anyone else to eat or drink, just label it clearly as 'Science Experiment'.

This is guaranteed to be 100% effective.


No wonder Mojo keeps his svelte figure.

Russer Butters

Well, I guess I am out of the norm, but I eat lunch between 3 and 4 in the morning, then again I'm nuts. I do tend to get hungry leading up to it, but a sheer lack of time usually kills any chance of eating.

And Kev, what is the date on the watermelon? Is it 2/3 or 2/30? To me it looks like there is something written after the 3 which would make the watermelon dated the day after the extra day added to Feb in a leap year.


I had a veal-fattening pen job last year with a schnazzy but expensive and bad-for-you cafeteria. Soon after my honeymoon with $2 jello cups came to a crashing halt, I decided to turn my meals into INCENTIVES for brown-bagging it. Well, that didn't work either. Spending creative energy on fancy tupperware delights resulted in my eating (all of) them just 2 hours into my shift -broccoli salad with feta and raisins, pasta primavera, deluxe falafal pitas, rice pudding- so I basically just started packing more. By the end of the summer I had saved maybe a little money, but lost precious time, and gained weight.

I think that is perhaps one reason why bagged lunches tend to lick chud - if they're good, there's little buyer's remorse to keep you from bringin' more.

I want broccoli salad right now.


Whoever made that Cafeteria sign needs to learn to plan ahead.


SomeJeff - Yeah, everyday for lunch as a kid my mom would make the same thing:

  • Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly

  • Bag of Carrots

  • Can of Coke

The can of coke would always lay on the sandwich, and crush it flat so the bread turned purple. But luckily I'd always be hungry enough to eat the damaged sandwich. I would never be hungry enough for carrots though. I think I ate the carrots maybe three or four times in my 12 years of schooling; yet they were always there.
Terry - Such an organized lunch! And scheduled snacking? You sound like Kim...

Anaglyph - I would think you'd get the same results with 'Lab Results', too.

Russer - Don't ask me — ask Mojo! I'm not sure why he writes dates anyways. He's had that same "Ladies of Reality TV" calendar since 2004.

Rachel - Wow... I have NEVER put that much work into a brought-lunch. My lunch was almost invariably the previous night's leftovers.

JCRogers - Haha - But maybe Terry's right, and the sloppiest the sign painter got was to forget the accent over the E...


I recall a couple of times in elementary school when a kid would forget his lunch and the mom would arrive at school with a bag from McDonalds for him. My God that kid ate with the eyes of every other child upon them.


Oh man... that IS the dream lunch for a kid. Or at least it was when I was a kid, before McDonalds was viewed as something that shortened your life span.


Indeed... bringing a bag lunch to work is saving me tons of cash that can be better spent on important things... like action figures and comics.

My lunch usually involves the following:
turkey/cheese on a roll/pita
2 packets of fruit snacks (preferably TMNT..)
2 cans of lemonade/orangeade

unless it's "God totally doesn't want you eating meat on fridays" month, then it's pop-tarts and 2 packets of cheese & PB crackers...

Back in school it was almost always pizza day, and for $1.30, you couldn't beat it...

Terry Wall's Concubine

I love your work. Ter got me your book for ramadan and I love it. Your extreme subtle bizarritude makes me feel less alone in the world. In fact, it makes me feel less weird. You far exceed my spazzmatazz aptitude.


After reading comments about the Cafe Ter Ia sign, I wondered what that might translate to. Cafe is coffee, and "ter" I thought meant SOMETHING...

So, over to a hit-and-miss translator, in goes Cafe Ter LA (with an L because I thought it COULD be an L), selected French to English, and ta-da!

"Coffee for the third time"


Now that I know I'm not alone with the "Arrive at 9:30-Eat lunch at 10:30" crew, I feel much better about myself.

I think Mojo's water melon is filled with liquor for the company mixer he never attended. Every company has a booze-hound employee like that.

I usually pack a lunch everyday, but I fight with my tastebuds, around 11:30am or so. We start getting into a debate about where I could go for lunch and how much better it will taste in my mouth than what I packed. I never win that battle. It doesn't help that my co-workers fight the same battles and loose just as often.

KC - "CAFE-TER-IA" brings me to my knees. Great touch. The panel isn't wide enough? or "Cafe" wouldn't have sufficed?

Captain Purple

Back in my college days I would spend a lot of time working the the sculpture studio. There, several of were cultivating a taste for cheap wine (anyone else ever have that fine Czechoslavacian dessert wine known as "Tiger Fever?") We had a community fridge in the studio but I didn't want to share my wine with just anyone so I removed put some "Danger: Patina" tags on the bottle.


At least he arranges everything chonologically. Most people just cram everything wherever it would fit. But question is what's in the bags behind the bags? Are those other peoples' lunches that mojo regularly moves behind his uneaten ones? Mojo's 2nd and 3rd lunches? Or just decoration?


And that's the thing. Everyone, including the person who made the sign, knows damn-right who the fridge-hog is. But they sheepishly address "All Employees."
BTW: Way to capture the nature of office memos: MEMO is the largest item on the page – no shit it's a memo.

Russer Butters

Some calendars never go bad, anyways if you keep them long enough the days will eventually line up again.
Oh, and I would ask Mojo about the date, but every time in the past that I asked such a question I just got a loud Eh! and a slap.


I carried brown bags almost exclusively until my mom bought me a classic black steel-worker's type lunchbox. The other kids were trotting around with Star Wars and Smurfs, and I looked like I should be wearing a hard hat. Oh, the humiliation.

That "Danger: Patina" tag is a fantastic idea. Too bad noone I work with knows what a patina is. A miniscule pate? A dry yet fruity Spanish wine? Or the younger sister of a certain hurricane?


I confess: the people I USED TO work with didn't know what a patina was. I teach art at university, so hope no colleagues are frequent visitors here.

Oh, the humanities!

debu purkayastha

no way dude! i'd have eaten it up all. i used to finish lunch and get my hungry face back to the ref to check for others meals waiting to be whacked... can't believe mojo doesn't behave that way too!

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