Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dirty Dating

Dirty Dating

On the Neatness and Fastidiousness of the Common Household Sock Monkey

It's not as evident in most comics, but Mojo can get remarkably dirty. If you were a comic character, and you just walked up to Mojo and grabbed him, like so:


Chances are you'd catch Mojo in an unclean phase. The actual Mojo isn't near as objectionable, but that's because he sleeps 23 hours a day (the standard Sock Monkey sleep cycle). It's hard for him to get really filthy in one hour of consciousness; especially if he wants to catch all four episodes of Spongebob. Now, Lewis is another story. If you were walk up to Lew and grab him, like so:


Yeah. Well — I suppose you wouldn't get too far. But I assure you, Lew always has a fresh clean smell about him. With a slight peppery odor.

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More Lewnacy to the people! :D

Lewis P. Monkey

Bananas! Bananas, bananas...


Hey... you got crud all over my keyboard...



So... what IS that on Mojo's head? Do I dare ask?


I suppose the other knob didn't work? or perhaps he just dislikes cold showers...

On a side note, I think the smell of old laundry is an under-represented fragrance on today's cologne/perfume market... you should look into that.


Since Mojo is a sock monkey, can't he just spray himself down with Febreeze or hot box himself in a car with odor eaters?


Lest we forget the infamous Mugatu fashion statement, "Derelique" ...


You know I was just noticing how dusty Murray gets. Not dirty or smelly - just dusty. I'd try to dust him off but honestly I'm afriad I'd draw back a bloody stump.

Russer Butters

Since Mojo is a sock monkey, shouldn't he be putting himself in the washing machine instead of getting a shower?


Does Lewis wear Burberry? From the description of his smell, it seems like that would be his choice of cologne.


Jason - The other knob isn't water. It's pudding. Mojo installed the shower himself.

Jared - "Hot Box"... man, that's a unique concept to clean something!

Russer - Well, there's no way for him to turn the machine on from INSIDE the machine... SHEESH. You've obviously never tried washing yourself.

Maxigumee - I've never heard of that cologne... of course, the last bottle of cologne I bought was "Skin Bracer".

The Colonel

You would've figured that with the option of showering in pudding, Mojo would've just gone for it.

After all, scientific studies have shown that the ladies love pudding. The ladies and Bill Cosby.


The shower head seems so depressed :(


i can't believe mojo let that guy get away with calling him an idiot. or did you just delicately skip over the subsequent maiming with your decorous jump cut?


I used to have a shower like that...

  • 1 part salmon
  • 2 parts antique white
  • 1 part sandy brown


Wayne: Let's just say that faucet isn't made of metal...


Colonel - By the look of the stuff on his filthy head, it looks like he already showered in pudding.

Zombiefactory - Haha - yeah, it does!

Wayne - I think Mojo was too distracted by the concept of not "scoring" to seek vengeance. But perhaps someday we'll see that guy without arms... and we'll know why.

SomeJeff - Well, I have a similar shower - that's why I picked the color scheme...

Hey - you don't live in my house... do YOU?!!


BSR - Maybe you bought my old house! II used to live on Rue 15... the house without a frame!


Hmmm...nope. I live in the house with teeth.


why does mojo get all the glory...more lewis!!


Hey - I'm ALL for posting Lew related comics. I just need to find some loopholes in this contract with Mojo...

Russer Butters

Are you kidding Bear, all you need is a clothes pin to trick the machine into thinking it's closed, and then it's smooth sailing. Hmmm... sailing sounds nice, maybe I should take the boat out, and by boat I mean canoe, and by canoe I mean the little rubber ducky I take into the bathtub when I look like Mojo does in the above comic.

Captain Purple

A "sad shower head" that also dispenses "pudding?" Freud would have made a mint off this site


Mojo should've just tried the other shower knob. He could use a cold shower before a hot date anyway.


yes, we have no bananas... bananas and pudding... gotta go.


soooo... Sutter must be too good to read what the other posters have said before he throws in his own repartee?

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