Monday, February 27, 2006

Mover’s Trick

Mover’s Trick

An Ambidextrous Comic

See, the key to helping someone move without injuring yourself is to learn the correct way to lift. Doctors will tell you the correct way is to lift with your legs, but in almost 90% of cases the correct way to lift is to push the item along the floor. Then, the homeowner will come over and say, "Dammit, be careful with that! All my expensive crystal bird nests are in there!" Then they'll pick up the box and move it themselves. But make sure you push the item along the floor with your legs, or else you could seriously injure your back.

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Actually, the safest way to life a box is to simply nudge it along until you find a flight of stairs going down... then I can say for sure that that is the last box you have to move...


I don't think it'd be appropriate to sue mom's ass, unless he's left handed.
I have to assume that he put her in a nursing home because he's sick and tired of minimising his web browser everytime she enters his room without knocking.

Terry Tolleson

If you do lift a box, it is best to set it down and sit on top every 2 steps you take. Pad your brow for effect.

Maybe throw in a "whew..." every now and then.


You can also just roll a box along by tipping it over repeatedly. It works best going down stairs.


Jason - What do you do if it's a ranch-style house?

SomeJeff - He may be left-handed. I'll have to draw a comic where he plays baseball to be sure.

Terry - Hahah - I'm picturing that in my head, and it's VERY amusing...

Feaverish - You can never help Jason move. He's onto that trick!


Bear - in ranch type houses, I find it best to just give it a swift kick across the nearest smooth floor... one extra point if it manages to clear a doorway, and two if you ding their cat with it.

The Colonel

Other options? Why, dogs, of course!
With a pack of Waffles like you have, you'll never have to lift a finger! Just tie up a couple of boxes and chuck a treat to your desired destination.

Done and done.


Two words - helium balloons.

Captain Purple

You know what really changes the tenor of this comic? Imagining that the 'sore elbow' character didn't know that the boxes contained the remains of his "missing" father. Or that Mr. Sue-Happy was in on it from the very beginning.

Why is everyone looking at me like that?


I've more than a sore elbow from all the sanding on the coffee table I'm working on. I've spilt hot tea on my shaking hand twice in five minutes. I should sue myself and follow up with dinner and a movie.

Different Bird

It is a known fact that the best way to move a box is to set it on fire. You will deffinately never be asked to help move again. CAUTION: IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN FRIENDS WITH THE MOVEE, BEWARE OF CONTENTS OF THE BOX, SO AS TO NOT SET SOMETHING VALUABLE AFLAME.


Capt Purple -
Ah yes, a friend helps you move...
A best friend helps you move... a body.
A future father helps you save on car insurance by switching to Geico!
Yawn, I forgot where I was going with this...

Thomas M.

I'm surprised that everyone is overlooking the obvious statement "I Think..." Was it or wasn't it? ... Let's get the story straight first.
Now, I know for a FACT, last Friday evening a friend of a cousin's uncle, on my sister's side, said this young man was doing the "Macarena" with Lola Falana at the local pub. The dance floor was pretty crowded, and many elbows were slapping against one another quite raucously.
I think that's how the story was told to me, anyhow...


I've owned trucks for 16 years, which means that I've become the first person anyone ever asks to help in a move ...

What you're saying to me here, is all I had to do was put their boxes/furniture in front of my truck and start pushing the boxes/furniture forward with my truck to get them to pick the damned stuff themselves??? Hmmm, maybe I can get out of any future engagements.


Helping friends move can strengthen relationships as well as muscles.


Greggie- I know what you mean... I've been the "friend with the truck" for the last 7 years now... and all my friends seem to move from a third floor apartment to another third floor apartment... sometimes it sucks being the nice, truck-owning friend...


I like that they don't have mouths until they speak...


maybe his elbow hurts because he has no hands.


I'm not sure if a lawsuit is the best recommendation. Aren't financial benefits the whole point of dating your friend's mom?


The Colonel - The Waffles won't chase a treat. They'll only bark at it. For HOURS.

Different Bird - Naw - you're SUPPOSED to set the valuable stuff on fire. Except for their antique fireplace logs. Those you soak underwater.

Thomas M. - Let's be realistic. EVERYONE was doing the Macarena with Lola Falana.

Laura - :D I like that too

Jared - Not really. The biggest benefit is getting someone to make your bed, and cut the crusts off your sandwiches.


Or, in the case of hippy scum sans motor vehicle -like moi- the correct way to move is to buy a 2-4 to entice neighbours with pick-up trucks. I suppose that has little to do with the physical LIFTING.

Did you know that the best selling car of all time is the Ford F150 truck? Actually, those are hugely skewed statistics, since Ford includes ALL of their trucks - including business cube vans, that WHOLE F150 line-up, from like all of time - in that count...

...I had a point, it's around here somewhere. The point is I don't own a Ford F150, or any vehicle for that matter.


You need to step back and rethink this step out of the box.

Our possesions own us. So sfter you pack the box and tape it closed...just walk away, and never look back.

Stop worrying about the box...just set the house on fire.


Now I finally remember where I was going with this...

I wonder if the two nameless characters are really father and son to begin with. Take in consideration that they compete all the time.

And here, in this strip, father wants the son to sue mom and get her all depressed, so he has a reason to cheer her up.

Mary Amico

I hate to pack and move things so I just buy everything new. I hate laundry too but that's another subject.

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