Friday, February 17, 2006

An Omen of Death!

An Omen of Death!

The Portends Cometh

You've always got to keep your eye out for omens, good or bad. You'd be surprised how often they appear during the average day. Like yesterday, I was driving along the road, and a sign appeared in front of me: a giant black deer, on a yellow diamond. Sure enough, I saw a deer on the Discovery Channel that night.

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I don't want to freak anyone out, but the day my friend got hit by a car, he says he saw several cars that very morning on the way to work.


I was in the kitchen, and I just saw all these KNIVES! :(


i think the bigger omen of death is the fact that kevin drew this with a wacom tablet.

sorry i tried to be funny..didn't really work. LMAO


Interesting you should SAY that...

I didn't draw it with a wacom; that's just crowquill pen, recolored in Photoshop. But I did USE the wacom to clean up the pencil lines that came through!


So if a vulture is an omen of death, what is Mojo- an omen of impending mischief?


I suppose so &mdash but often enough it's an "Omen that Mischief has Occurred and He's Now Trying to Leave the State".


I really like this "new" style. Rough lines are nice every once in a while. :)


If you watch the 1976 film The Omen and then never actually experience an omen, is that irony or an omen?


That was the funniest thing I've seen all morning. And I've been awake and naked for about 10 minutes now. Talk about omens.


Out of curiosity, is he nudging the bird away from them, in order to cheat death; or is death just stuck and he's giving it a boot to get it going again!?

Ara Pehlivanian

Is it an omen that omen spelled backward is Nemo? What would the captain say about that?

Chris Zocco

These are the worst ninjas ever.


I like squirrels. Ahhhhhhh NUTS!


Speaking of omens ... I watched the Sands of Iwo Jima AGAIN last night for like the umpteenth time ...

When are we going to see Mojo storming the beaches of Normandy, in defense of his country and all those who could not protect themselves?? I can see it now ... the close up on his eyes like in Saving Private Ryan ... shivering ... cold ... scared ....

An omen ...

Captain Purple

I have found that wrapping omens in plastic cling-wrap and storing them in a freezer will help keep them as fresh as when you first find them. Of course, wrapping a live vulture in cling-wrap may prove to be daunting.

John Nick

All these comments are hilarious. Kevin, they're all actually YOU, aren't they?

And if KC refers to you as "&mdash" does that mean he likes you or doesn't like you? Maybe Rachael gets called that because she invaded KC's personal "&nbspace."


hmm...why do they have those strange skin colors? do they have some strange disease?......I can see why they would be folowed by a vulture if he can sence their iminent death....hmm...that would explain that vulture that's following me.....and I thought he wanted to be friends...."sniff"

Hercules Papatheodorou

It's got this bird-flu I tell you, it's gonna kill them!


Why don't "omen" and "women" rhyme? Not that they should...just, y'know...wondering...

Ben Young

I just can't get over how cool this site is. I love the shapes and strokes in this cartoon, apparently simple, but also clearly artistic. I just can't wait for the next post pops up in my feed reader. Much respect, Mr. C.


Cpt. Purple - Is that what you want out of an omen? Freshness?

John Nick - Naw, only the Bearskinrug comments are mine... but I do think "Greggie" and "Greggie" might be the same commentor...

Jack - It's impossible to be friends with a vulture. Unless you are a vulture. Which is inevitable, since they all attend the same dinner parties.

Herc - Not unless they eat its feces. So I guess there's still a chance...

Joe - You mean they don't? Oh man - I've been sounding like an IDIOT for years, now!

Ben - Thanks very much :D

Hercules Papatheodorou

Anyway, it'd be great to se a sequel to that one :P

Terry Tolleson

A vulture? Man, death omens are really coming cheap these days…

I remember a day when it was three thumps heard in the house at night. Now that's dead creepy omen shtuff. Or Uncle Bernie bumbling around for cottage cheese again… I can never remember which.


This comment isn't by Kevin.

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