Monday, February 13, 2006

Mojo in Egypt

Mojo in Egypt

A Peek into History

Having been battered by snow this weekend, I felt it fitting to post a Mojo comic set in more hospitable climes. It's also nice to see Mojo in a position of power, where his single-mindedness is his greatest asset. Why, with that kind of unwavering determination to keep his charges working, the pyramid might be finished within the next 80 to 85 years!

I think it's also appropriate to be posting Mojo in a historical context, seeing as the last one I posted was almost a year ago. Coincidentally, I was fighting off the flu back then, and I'm currently wrestling with a cold now. Perhaps anti-histamines make me more eager to explore the past. Imagine — if I had debilitating hay fever, I would be an archeologist RIGHT now.

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I knew they had to have Mojo-esque disciplinary actions to build those things...hope you get better soon, KC!

Captain Purple

See? My mom was right; NEVER surprise a monkey (and finally, after all these years it makes sense! I wonder how mom is doing. I really should unlock the basement door)


Haha. I saw that coming. People shouldn't pull stuff like that on Mojo.

Chris Zocco

Never touch a monkey's cake.


Sort of surprised Mojo hasn't taught himself how to use his own tail as a whip. Seems like the sort of thing he might actually spend time working on.


Maxigumee - That's the truth. He startles easily, and lashes out. Quite literally in this case.

Chris Zocco - Well, it's technically not his cake until he blows out the candles... although, maybe that's what he was doing with the whip... like Zorro.

Biga - I believe he's still learning how to use it to pick locks. One thing at a time, you know...


One has to wonder, though — how does Mojo become everyone's favourite slavedriver when he behaves like that even when they make him a birthday cake!

Rob Weychert

Do you really think anyone spoke English in ancient Egypt? Do some research once in awhile, Kev.


@ian: you know... I guess the last panel's action applies to the slaves actually as successful.
(Besides: do you really think the 3 slaves do represent the full party of the Mojo managed mortals?)

Some Jeff

@Rob: Of course they spoke English! Betty Crocker never released a sanskrit version of her famous multi-layer chocolate amaretto snowball cheese&cherry bundt cake! Get with the program!

Chris Zocco

@BSR: Mojo. As. Zorro. He could definately get the part.


Ian - Well... the other slavedrivers have Cat O Nine Tails.

Rob - Well, in the documentary "The Ten Commandments" they spoke English...


bearskinrug - Shouldn't that have been "The Fifteen Commandments"?


Perhaps he's dissatisfied with the quality of the loincloths they're wearing...


dvsdave - Well, whichever movie had the Spelling Bee in it...

Jordan - Could be. Or it could just be general dissatisfaction with them not wearing pants.


Panel 9 is awesome, when the slaves are JUST getting a hint of what's to come..... hahahahha.


I meant panel 8.


I agree-- panel 8 is perfect.


Yeah.. they're still so pleased with their surprise... and their so full of hope...

So I suppose humor comes out of crushed hope. That's a life lesson!


That's a stupid theory BearSkinRug, and completely wrong. Get back to work.



Yessir... *sniffle*


Can I call you Kevin? I feel like I can, cause you make me laugh and laughter touches my soul, but you'll have to fight with the devil for that!

So, Kevin... you're a funny fellow.
Thanks for the shananagins. (wow, I spelled shananagins... oh! I did it again!)


You can call me whatever you want Raymond, your dual spelling of shananagins deserves RESPECT.

Christian Montoya

Eh, Mojo has it coming to him. Soon there will be frogs and blood in the river and then he'll lose his army in the Red Sea. That'll teach him.


Well you could have stopped the cartoon at panel 8, if you like the idea of an open end.


*hrrm*, it's spelled shenanigans ;)


Christian - Wow. That would be the second army he lost. The first one was somewhere in DC. It's those damn roundabouts.

Hilmerr - I love open endings... I think I'll do a more open ended comic next...

Erikhk - ! My god, you're right! I'll GET that Raymond!


Open ended comics...Sounds like a real "comment generator", but don't you think 8 frames might look a tad lopsided!?


Maybe... unless I added a ninth, and just had it be a BIG question mark...


Pah! Would ending it with a question mark also negate the use of a sinister "dun dun DUHHHN!" caption?
Oh, how I hope so. Gee whiz, outmoded comic vernaculars make me slap-happy.


I meant necessitate.


Please, sir, be kind. My very own shenanigans got the best of me.

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