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The Elevator

The Elevator

The Trials of Colonization

Beyond the initial genetic setbacks, this new human race faces some daunting obstacles. They'll have trouble finding raw materials to build shelter from the climate. Without adequate soil to grow crops, they'll have to become a nomadic society of hunter/gatherers — will these two city-folk be able to coax out their predator instincts? And how will they get their Vitamin D without the nourishment of Earth's Sun?

Good luck, John and Susie Campbell. You're going to need it.

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A guy in work recently showed me that you can just grab the doors of the elevator and pull them slightly apart as it's moving, and the safety instantly stops it, midfloor.
It doesn't go anywhere until you push a floor button again.

It was scary. But I can see how it would be useful for getting dates with girls.


ooh, elevator porn! *unzip*


wow, every man in this new colony is destined to be bald.

John Nick

I like the sneaky cartoonist's trick (or rather, cartoonist's sneaky trick) of using just 7 lines (6 at the ceiling, one for the floor) to establish: PLACE YOURSELF IN AN ELEVATOR.

Especially the second panel, with its rap-video-style Jurassic Park shudder, puts the reader (this reader, anyway) IN the elevator.

It's less sneaky than the LAZY cartoonist's trick of having the action take place in the dark, so he/she doesn't have to draw anything except eyes and voice bubble.

So really, the elevator trick isn't a trick, it's just more Cornell genius, dammit. STOP IT KEVIN -- YOU'RE MAKING US ALL LOOK BAD!!!


I don't know... this could still be considered lazy... there's not even any more lines in the last 3 frames ;)

david gouch

The lines are gone because the elevator suddenly started dropping, so they're sort of hovering in mid-air. See, in the last frame she's bracing herself before she hits the ceiling.


Haha - good observation!


Why is his hand out of frame in the second panel? Methinks he pushed the stop button... He's been planning this for years!

andy barry

My favorite thing about recolonization is the necessity to mate with your sibblings. But that usually happens in the second generation.


That's a rather worrisome thought...


I can see the t-shirts now...

"I got stuck in an elevator with my sister for 20 minutes and all I got was this lousy flipper baby."

Chris Zocco

She seems naked in panel seven. Maybe even impatient.

John Campbell

Well, she was a whore anyway.


Vitamin D? I got two words for you ... whether they're hyphenated or not, it should work:

Breast Milk.


Nice, work, mr. Cornell. You made my mother laugh.

By the way, have you seen this project thing on Drawn!.ca? seems like something for you, really.


some people... any excuse to see their sister's naughty bits. better than mom or gramma i suppose. (ew!)

Some Jeff

I was thinking, an illiterate might interpret the images quite differently...

F1: (uncomfortable pause)
F2: A spider! Step on it!
F3: hmmm
F4: I think I soiled myself. - Oh no...
F5: We stopped on the Mojo's floor -- Great.
F6: Switch clothes with me. -- What?
F7: Smelling like this, think of the rumours!
F8: That's ridiculous.
F9: No one understands him but you!


He could have done that so much more smoothly. Instead of jumping straight to the 'mating' suggestion, he should have said "So, let's share stories. Did mum and dad ever tell you that you're adopted?" That would have definitely scored him some points later on.

Stephen Schumacher

This lil scene reminds me of a similar incident I had stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel.


Oh sheesh... is this going to be another one of your "I was in a crazy orgy" stories? Can we just skip straight to the part about the VD clinic?

Stephen Schumacher

and the hilarious consequences

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