Monday, February 06, 2006

More Work! In a good way...

More Work! In a good way...

Hey! The stuff around the Bear looks... different.

Indeed! For you see, I have redesigned the Work Section of the site. When I created this latest version of Bearskinrug, over a year ago, I was still making the transition from Designer to Illustrator. Since then, this site has morphed into something that better suits my needs as a Guy Who Makes Pictures than a Guy Who Uses Pictures In Things.

Before now, I really had no area for a visitor to quickly understand what my work looks like. For a sense of my illustrations they'd have to page through the Articles — which gets tiring pretty quick, especially since there's relatively no pornographic content. There is a lot of naked people, but they're all very unattractive.

So I began turning the Work Section into more of a Gallery environment, which pushes the illustration first, and then the overall Portfolio. As a plus, I can include my own personal work, as well as consolidate my favorite imagery throughout the site into one place. Feel free to drop in there and take a look; there's definitely some previously unseen art, with more to come.

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nice stuff kev. alot of stuff ive never seen. you know what, I take that back. I am jealous of every person with a portfolio and all I have is mountain dew reviews.


Nonsense. I can't very well try every new version of Mountain Dew myself... the caffeine would kill me. You're doing a public service...

Some would say, you're a martyr.


could give me a few hints, since I'm currently sitting, wondering how to construct my own portfolio...


Well Anders... what kind of work do you do? Design? Illustration? Programming? Robotics?

John Nick

Really terrific ... and it VALIDATES!!!



Haha - yes it does... Thanks JN :)


I'm glad I played with the bear for 20 minutes yesterday. I miss that bear. Is he still around, or has he been carried off by angry PETA member?

Rob Weychert

Nice job, Kevin. There's even some stuff in there that I haven't seen. Way to not show me that stuff before, jerk.


great initiative. but the pictures don't load. maybe it's just my internet connection, i'll check.


My pics do not load either!


Alrighty gents - I'm looking into it... sounds like there's a problem with the paths MT is generating...


Hey, knock it off with the whole "I'm a fantastic illustrator and I make incredible pictures without even trying" thing. It's just too depressing for the rest of us.

Er... that is, very nice work there Mr Bearskin.

*wanders off jealously*


Thanks, Jordan...and if you only knew how many times I have to restart illustrations because I fuck em up... you'd wander off clicking your heels! ;)


I don't believe a word of it!


I love those old-photograph-style pictures. I tend to draw figures like they are on old photographs, too. The ambiance is so sophisticatedly oldfashioned. You succeed in achieving that feeling in those pieces brilliantly. I think its your excellent use of the blurry watercolour.



Okay, so I don't read. I keep harping on my students about not reading. Do as I say... pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. All loading beautifully.

Thank you for the daily chuckle. (Didn't Clark Kent work for the Daily Chuckle?)


Haha - no problem!

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