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Sketchbook 13, Page 27

Sketchbook 13, Page 27

Sketchbook Spelunking

After The Donestre, I thought it would be fitting to post some art of the complete opposite nature; the quick, down and dirty, unplanned pen wanderings within a sketchbook. This page is from my 13th sketchbook, which I've been using since about August. I'm running out of room in there, so things are tending to get very small and crowded. But, as I mentioned before, I kind of like that.

Some comments on the entries here: the text "Sudoku" was jotted down after my mother mentioned she'd like a book of Sudoku puzzles for Christmas. Of course, we gave her a gift card to a restaurant and a new grater. The Gentleman Eating Pasta is a rendering of me by Stan; although it's interesting to note that I haven't had a goatee in years. It's just his subtle way of giving me fashion tips. Below his drawing, you can see my response, a rendering of how Stan eats pasta. That's normal sized silverware in his fists. Stan has what the medical community would call "ham fists", or what the comic community refers to as "hulk fists".

I imagine Sumo Ghost to be the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future all rolled into one. But he probably helps mortals deal with Sumo-related problems, like when you've got a match in a half-hour and you forgot to bulk up, so you eat a box of ball-bearings to make your weight class. Of course, any warning Sumo Ghost gives you will be unnecessary, because Colon will have a frank, uncomfortable discussion with you in about a half-hour.

Adventure Mojo is kind of a Mojo One-Off. There's actually a lot of them in here; in fact, this is the same sketchbook where the "Feats of Strength" reside. Perhaps someday down the road I'll translate this to a regular Mojo cartoon, but I think it would lose some of its potency. I'd have to say the same for Jesus Packs Spoolman A Lunch, which would probably make a lousy Mojo cartoon as well.

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Jason Santa Maria

You and your "comic community"...


this reminds me of how I first got to know about you - through getting the link to that Flash sketchbook of yours...good times! :) (btw, still adore your typography)


Oh man. I love the potato man and the apple in the top right corner. That might be the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. Including that guy getting hit by a bike yesterday.


Stan - They wouldn't make fun of you so much if you didn't crush cars in a fit of rage.

Anders - Yeah... someday, I'll be able to do that to another sketchbook... Someday...

Pierce - That was a pretty big hit that guy took. How that bike got behind the wheel I don't know.

John Nick

You'll do well to avoid that temptress SUDOKU!

I'm ROTF over "Enjoy Milk! I mean, BUN!"

It's all so superb. Your brain belongs in the Cooper Hewitt. I mean, after you're through with it.


I think I'm pretty much done with it - I wouldn't mind having some extra space for storage... You know, my keys, maybe some maps. Kind of like a glove compartment.


No wonder that sumo guy is a dead ghost. Look how thin he is! He must've been crushed in a match.

Terry Tolleson

Body cavities are great for storing tuna… or cupcakes. Be warned, however, you will miss the cupcakes once you eat them.

Elsewhere: I love your typography. There needs to be a Mojo font available for download.

Questions: What happened to “Z” and is Stan taking him shopping or the repair shop. I suspect Z is just lazy and likes to be carried on all his outtings. And what happened to Stan’s hands in that shot? They are tiny! It's also good to see our faithful dog-walker still alive… or is he? Memorial, perhaps?


I'm so jealous of your talent! Looking at the "sketches", I feel as though I'm looking at a piece of fine art! I LOVE your drawing style ... keep it up ... that's why I keep coming back!!!!!!


More sketchbook!!! Please!!!

Biggest Apple

I'm just so happy that you and 'Stan' have decided to duke it out via the art of the sketch rather than resorting to fisticuffs. Firstly, because, well - Stan would likely cream you with those bad boys, but also because there's something reminiscent of the old days of Breakdancing. I'm looking forward to "Sketchin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo".


What exactly is the Sumo Phantom carrying there? Is that his "Teachin' Stick"?


In addition to the "Sudoku" gift request, did someone else request an album from popular '90's hip-hop group "Naughty by Nature"? Just assuming based on the "O.P.P." in the upper left quadrant.


I'm very confused over Jesus in the laundrymat, and the lunch for the individual with a spool of thread for a head.

It's obvious that it stems from some sort of strange event in your childhood.

perhaps you should zit down on ze couch and ve vill talk about it, ya? Ve vill open a new chapter in abnormal psychology.


I look forward to leafing through your sketchbook again.
Now... which is the best window to sneak in while you aren't home?

Biggest Apple

With Mojo lurking about I'd be damn careful about sneaking through any window.


It's not a goatee, it's a bloatee:

The Philanthropist

Great page!!! Very refreshing to see a cameo by Zorthron. "C'mon Z!!"


Terry - Oh, Z breaks every time Stan goes swimming. And as for the dog walker, that's one CREEPY coincidence....

Greggie - Haha - your zeal for sketches is encouraging!

Apple - Hey! Stan wouldn't walk away unscathed! I'm sure he'd cut his fists on my teeth....

JCRogers - No... that must be where he keeps his extra diapers.

JR - Yeah. You know me.

Mattlat - What's there to be confused about? If you had a spool for a head, you'd do an awful lot of pleading with higher powers...

Ian - The open one.

Jordan - I'll get that Stan for hiding my double-chin in comics!

Philanthropist - Say what you will about him, Stan will always care for his imaginary friends.


Whoa... this round of retorts was quite heroic in scope!


Sumo phantom is also quite an accomplished software developer. I was lucky enough to be assisted by him while debugging some php scripts a few weeks ago.


seriously - your sketchbook work is like some kind of religeous experience


it's so frickin' ow-some how mojo stakes his claims... kind of like the way a fork to a potato or a knife to an apple... *sklurch*


Simon - Man. He didn't offer me any help at all - and I invented him!

Howard - Hahhah - thanks :D

Norm - Hey - the page has a theme and I didn't even know it!


CNN news clip -

Lawsuit: iPods may cause ... eh?

So now you can become a little more like Mojo. Or maybe Mojo just can't hear.


Wow... I suppose Mojo got a staff writing job...


I have a request… A collection of Mojo one-offs on a T-shirt. If there are enough requests, maybe you'll make some.
*hint, hint*


The guy in the lower left looks just like my Uncle Grover!


Kim - I like that idea! GET ON IT KEVIN!

Merritt - It IS your Uncle Grover. He models for me, in exchange for frequent flier miles.


Man, this really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing. God DAMN, I love your comments interface.


963 174 258
178 325 649
254 689 731
821 437 596
496 852 317
735 961 824
589 713 462
317 246 985
642 598 173

(for your mum)


Meng - Thanks!

Sandy - Clever :) Took me a while to figure out what that was!


theme schmeme... i love mojo ('specially when he's risin')


I love your sketchbooks...very inspiring! I 've been keeping visual journals for the last 9 years, and will soon make them available in digital format, with inspiration from you! BTW please keep adding to your downloads section - they're my favorite desktops!


Norm - Mojo did way too much risin' in the sixties. Nowadays, he just rises.

Soosixty - Thanks! And I'll definitely keep up with the desktops :D


awesome... I bow to your superior sketching abilities... and this comment system is... crap, you're my new god...

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