Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome to Mojoburger

Welcome to Mojoburger

Spreading Love Through Condiments

Well, this is impressive. I wouldn't have credited Mojo for being this down-to-earth. Here he owns his own restaurant, but he's still slugging it out in the trenches — working with the customers, face-to-face. And not spitting on them, or biting them, no less!

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Kevin, this is gold. I used to work at a DQ, and we definitely drew pictures on buns with the condiments - though the pictures were never as cute, and we did bite the customers on occasion.


Hey! That was YOU!?

Jason Santa Maria

I imagine this is only the first 5 minutes of the grand opening. Mojo rarely hangs around doing anything, especially work, for more than a few minutes.


My brother used to work at a certain mc-burgerchain. We had a trick we used to do were I'd go in and say "Can I have a mc-burger please..." and he'd give me all the burgers on the rack for the price of one. Is mojo ever prone to random acts of kindness? (for family or otherwise...)

John Nick

I'll pay $30 for a MBDx! Will Mojo take PayPal?


when you order a regular mojoburger, mojo draws a picture of a turd on the bun.


Stan - How very right you are! He didn't even bother to get a cash register.

Simon - Sort of. He let Lew into MojoLand for free:
John Nick - Probably not. He's been pretty wary about the internet since his identity got stolen.

Sutter - Right... he, uh, DRAWS a turd...


For what I believe is the first time, Mojo has expanded his vocabulary. O' momentous day!


Haha! You mean the No?

Terry Tolleson

When you receive a ketchup drawn heart, you’ll take the burger and you’ll like it!

Ungrateful son-of-a...


i actually used to write things with condiments on sandwiches i made for my wife. now she's leaving me. stupid mustard.

Ara Pehlivanian

I used to wash the dishes and watch my betters make the food. Now I make websites. Does Mojo make websites?


yeah, but think about what those 'Patties" are made out of?

delux really means with corn.


ARA - He does nothing. Mojo is still one of your betters.


I'm just happy that Mojo doesn't equate "slingin' burgers" with "slingin' poo"!!

Ever been to the zoo?

The Colonel

Why, that surly gentleman has clearly overlooked the most important ingredient in a Mojoburger Deluxe...


So THATS how I can pay for art school.


yo - this dude is rude. mojo has provided his likeness and signature in his own monkey blood for this guy. he deserves a slo mo mojo blow... to the head


That's one of Mojo's most dangerous moves. That or the "Boneless Leg Whips the Groin".


He doesn't get it. Mojo isn't showing him the drawing, he does that for ALL of the burgers. Mojo is showing him that the buns are actually his own buttocks. That's why only one Mojo Burger Deluxe is ever available.


Mojo DOES only have one butt cheek...

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