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James’s Floatable Derby

James’s Floatable Derby

Past Hat Vexations

Having never owned a derby myself, I'm guessing this is the most common hat-related problem gentleman faced in the late 19th century. That, or getting the Hatter and the Haberdasher confused. Or worse yet, finding you've accidentally stepped into the Milliner's shop!

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What the hell is wrong with you?


Ah the ancient Hat Leash. The close but long forgotten cousin of the Croakies. .

Rob Weychert

I'm envisioning Sutter holding a gun to your head as you draw this comic.


Haha - it's EXTREMELY Sutterish. That's because he was sitting next to me when I originally drew it in my sketchbook.


I've had hat problems before. I think I shall skip the leash, and go directly to wearing a birdcage on my head... post cage-cleaning, of course.


Excellent choice. But remember... it's a "hat cage".

Ara Pehlivanian

Is that Teddy Roosevelt in the last frame?


Oh my. Quite a predicament.

John Nick

Such frightening serendipity! We all sat around the Library of Congress 'hall of snacks' this morning discussing derbies.

You'd have thought that if anyone could revive the fashion it would have been the droogies.

I love the intra-asteriskical "FLOAT" best of all.


i'd love to visit your version of the 19th century. none of that nasty imperialism and repression--just lots of well-shaped mustaches, blustery speech mannerisms, and bicycles with one big wheel and one small wheel.

Captain Purple

And thusly, the crash helmet was invented!


Good show, man. Good show!


In the third-from-last frame, it looks rather like he's breakin' it down on the dance floor.


Ara - Come on. Be realistic, here. TR wouldn't tolerate the caging of a wild hat.

John Nick - How did the subject come up? New addition to the Derby Wing?

Wayne - And Rhubarb Feveria, Triskadelphic Mumbles, Smuckler's Grope... Let's not gloss over the pandemic illnesses in our haste to embrace the 19th century, Wayne.

Cpt. Purple - Haha - well observed :D

Jordan - Well, that's because so many of today's modern dances mimic 19th century pulling techniques.


Is this why they used to have chin-straps on everything? They kind of disappeared.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all clothes had to be tracked down in the wild and captured? I'm picturing a half naked man taking down a pair of pants in a running tackle on the open plains.

Pants Safari!

Draw that for me Kevin, there's a good man.


I bet that one of those Abe Lincoln hats would be strong to hang the guy. Put one of those in the hat cage and you have yourself a 19th century jetpack!


Pierce, I don't think Half-Man would enjoy that.

I do agree though, that image is extraordinarily appealing. It's the kind of image I would place on my mantlepiece, enormous and in full color. Kevin is the ONLY one who can draw it!



I prefer free-range hats ... excuse me, derbies. I prefer free-range derbies.

Terry Tolleson

Pierce I remember hunting down an Australian Slouch about 120km outside of Brisbane. Bad business, that. While "slouch" refers to any hat with a turned-down brim, the A.Slouch is by no means mild sport. A militaristic hat, to be sure.

The Derby Floater, on the other hand; like shootin' a balloon on a tether.

Ara Pehlivanian

Bearskinrug - You're right, in the missing frames TR would have released the derby into the wild, pulled out his trusty shotgun, mounted his steed and proceeded to hunt the thing down, Rough Rider that he was.


but... but... in both of the solutions - leash and cage - he is no longer actually wearing the hat


cheese & rice kevin? what the hell is going on during these cold nights to have you develop such a leash fetish? nevermind kind sir - i'll don my derby and be on my way...


It's not a fetish! I just really like them in a sexual way!


just wanted to find what comic was on my birthday.. i really enjoy the sideburns and fancy moustaches. cheers!


Happy birthday!

I drew this comic for you.


Testing eh? You must be a scientist...

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