Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Last Walkies

Last Walkies

A Serendipitous Single-Panel

I drew this on Sunday, after driving by a neighbor walking his dog. It was an enormous beast, and from far away it looked like a bear — Kim informs me it was a "Newfie". This is one of the few lucky instances in life when a comic just plops right into my lap. I didn't have to do too much of that dorky "thinking". The only effort I invested was to wonder... how does a man come to be walking a bear?

After drawing it up in a sketchbook, Kim suggested I make a desktop out of it. These finely-sewn digital coats are available now, in the Downloads section... Enjoy!

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that is the longest bear tongue i've ever seen...


So what's the longest tongue you've ever seen, Norm?


Neither of them seem to be particularly happy. I can understand the bear being displeased since he's being dragged round by his tongue, but what's bothering the man?

Terry Tolleson

You'd be pretty miffed too, if you had to walk that little ankle biter, Piddles. He has but to look behind himself to turn that frown upside down.


Haha - Very true, Terry...

And Jordan, I think you've been misled... that's not his tongue :D


Lies! That `rope' is clearly coming straight from between his jaws! I CAN SEE THE SLOBBER ON IT! YOU CAN'T HIDE THE TRUTH!

Hugh G.

Ha ha! Funny you mention slobber Jordan, because this was in the Wikipedia article Kevin linked to -- "Newfoundlands are known for their love of water and their drool."

Ooooooh, now I get it! The bear ate the dog and the man hasn't noticed yet because he thinking about all the horrible presents he got this year.

Do I win a prize?


Quite, i thought that the man while innocently walking his dog had been set upon by a polar bear who'd first eaten his dog (hence the lead as we brits will call them) in his maw and was then going to proceed to devour the poor soul, still unawares of what lurked behind him....

Hugh G.

Hopefully the dog wasn't Teddy Salad, the worlds greatest secret agent and master of disguise.

Biggest Apple

Damn paparazzi! This is a behind-the-scenes shot of the new Disney Epic - Lady & The Tramp Go Polar. Here we can see one of the stars being led to the set by his PA (Polar Assistant) for the entrail eating scene.


I guess picking up the poop is out of the question, as he is not pulling a wheel barrow.


heh, heh, :D


Nice illustration. Subtle combination of paint and photoshop. Really sexy. Good work on beating out Stan's desktop.


I think the polar bear is quite annoyed at the fact that many of its friends died this summer while attempting to swim through the Arctic sea. They used to do that just fine, but now with global warning they die of exhaustion before reaching the shore as ice melts and the gap widens. Just to comfort me and the remaining polar bears, can we have the image of the bear devouring the guy, please ?

the niff

I think it funny that so many people thought that was his tongue. that was almost funnier than the comic.

nice one kev


I aim to make my comics as misleading as possible! :D


There's definitely a Newfie inside that bear.. and by the look of the bear, it's thinking "Man, I should have booked the colon cleansing for tomorrow.." Christmas dinners, ugh oh. Anyway, thanks for the background, it's greatly appreciated.


whys the rope in his mouth?


I'm a newfie!


That's actually a leash, NAME -- make more sense?
It's easier to understand in the actual desktop.


I got the rope/leash/lead gag immediately. Dogs do that. They like to feel independent, like they're walking themselves.
PS: If anyone sees Narnia after viewing this comic, you're in for a laugh on the run-up to the climax.


that's gonna be quite the newfie furball.

p.s. kev - in response to your question, her name was babs and she'd let me know when she was feelin' frisky by giving me a quick lap behind the ear from across the room. i won't go into some of her other acrobatic skills with that thing so as not to pollute your site with my cheap pornographic reminiscing...


Now that is a dude not to be messed with. After all, how many guys would have the cojones to give a polar bear a tongue piercing and then attach a leash to it?

Captain Purple

Polar bears LOVE meals that come with their own floss. 'S true.


I lived in Newfoundland for six months, but I never saw any Newfoundland Dogs. However, I did see a few in Nova Scotia. Big in size, big in heart, and bigger in smell.


No Newfoundland Dogs in Newfoundland? Are you sure you weren't in Jamaica?

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