Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Christmas Party

The Christmas Party

It's a swinging party, not a Swinging Party.

Mojo's disappointed, but he should see the upside. You don't want to go home with someone after they've been sucking down eggnog and fruitcake all night. Or Wassail. Expect big trouble if your date ate Christmas Pudding. No, if you want to get lucky at a Christmas Party, you always have to opt for an office Christmas Party. The food choices there are usually less sexually prohibiting — you know, sensual foods like pretzels and diet cola.

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Biggest Apple

not to mention the romantic glow of the xerox.

Mr. David

Am I crazy, or did I see this in green earlier?

I could've sworn... pine tree green.

Also... Mojo is one cheeky, albeit presumptuous, monkey.


Apple - Ah... very true...

Mr. David - You are definitely NOT crazy... I published it, then regretted the color choice, and recolored it :D

Mr. David

Thank you for affirming my sanity.
I thought my eyes were revolting for the torturous screen-staring I put them through daily.

Ashley Bowers

Very funny cartoon and captions enjoyed it alot I needed a good laugh!


Okay, I love the cartoon (it's making me want to watch The Ice Storm), but there's one little thing that's bothering me...

The caption on the fourth panel is "momentarily." That's striking me as off just a little. 'Momentarily' really means 'for a moment.' Is that what you mean? I guess that could be what you mean, but that combined with the "and..." panel doesn't seem right. Or, lots of people use 'momentarily' to mean 'in a moment.' I definitely don't think that's what you mean. I think what you really mean is 'a moment later,' but 'momentarily' definitely doesn't mean that.

Sorry to be a stickler about that kinda crap.


that was a pretty good wayne impression you just did there, grey. the holiday has started early for me, it seems.


Yeah, I can totally understand people hating people like me (and you, maybe) who walk around screaming, "It's whom, you mean whom!" all day, but I just can't help myself.


WAYNE - Yeah, I can totally understand people hating people like me (and you, maybe) who walk around screaming, "It's whom, you mean whom!" all day, but I just can't help myself.


That's weird. I really don't think I pressed the button twice. Dammit.

Biggest Apple

Nothing wrong with being a stickler, but momentarily can mean, 'at any moment', or 'in a moment', or even 'instantly' so I think its usage is fine in this instance.


Well... I believe you guys... but at least I'm not SUPER wrong...

Merriam-Webster doesn't mind it, but 59% of Dictionary.com does.

Just to be safe, I shall add it to the list of things to avoid!

Captain Purple

Aww, poor Mojo. How very sad.

I think you just ruined my Christmas...

Captain Purple

... no, wait. I'll be okay. I was just thinking 'every Santa has his Herman' and that cheered me up.

We're cool.


Damn. To pull Mojo's keys out of the bowl...Ooo hoo hoo!


Dear Grey,

This is hardly a place where one should be overly concerned with grammar, as it is a rare thing indeed to see it abused within the confines of Bearskinrug.

Moreover, one could just as easily correct Mr. Cornell on his very liberal rendition of the human (and simian) anatomy. But this is, after all, a comic.

In other words, chill, Cpt. Grammar.


I appreciate the points made in my defense, Paolo, but honestly I don't mind the criticism as long as it's helpful.

Now... let's put all this grammar talk behind we and enjoy comic reading it!


No, wait, hang on. Us can't put the grammar talk behind we yet. 'Cause now I'm confused:

BIGGEST APPLE and Kevin - You guys both said things that agree with what I said, but you meant them in disagreement with what I said. Now my brain hurts. I think you're both saying that the word here means 'in a moment,' which isn't the preferred usage for 'momentarily,' but it's an accepted one. But my point was that it definitely doesn't mean 'in a moment' here; it means 'a moment later.' That's really the usage here, no? And 'momentarily' does not mean that. That was my point. Does that make sense?



good comic, sir bearskin. rug.


The big question that no one seems to be asking here is:

Who was Mojo going to be, you know... swapping out?

'Cos someone told me that's how it works.


Grey - Hmmm... you don't think it works here in the sense of 'in a moment'? I agree that 'a moment later' is a better way to say it. I'm not trying to wriggle out of this or anything; I'm just not sure it's 100% wrong yet.

Sue - Why, thank you!

Pierce - I don't think he planned to make a trade. He was too concerned with scoring to remember to bring someone. Although... that might be what the hat is for.


Wow. To be the person who got Mojo's key... I'm assuming that a flea dip would be necessary afterwards. And they would probably be removing pieces of banana for weeks!

Terry Tolleson

Rachael - Banana… for weeks… hehehe… that's just gross, but I guess Mojo will have to use something.

To be fair, I think Mojo was gonna trade Lewis. It's not his fault Lewis didn't show… or did he?


Hey! I'll have no challenges to Mojo's "man"-liness. Keep it up and I'll get all Paolo on your ass.


Rachael - Eww....

Terry - Actually, Mojo doesn't like to bring Lew along when he's scouting for chicks. Lew is the sock monkey equivalent of Clark Gable. The ladies don't even NOTICE Mojo.


From their hair, people. Picking banana from their hair. Sickos!


oh kevin! at first i was like "why is mojo carying around a key? IS that a key? Is that bell?" then it hit me. AHHH! hahahhahahahah. that mojo is such a perv.


Good comic, but I'm offended by the lax rendering of your nathan hales.


only Mojo has the unique power to make a single key go 'jingle jingle'


hahaah, very complicated!
Good observation sutter


You may also notice that Mojo's key would be more appropriate for a treasure chest or a crypt, than a car.

Remember, this is ALL a result of Mojo's wackiness, as opposed to sloppy comic authorship.

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