Thursday, December 01, 2005

Feats of Strength

Feats of Strength

A Powerful, Powerful Sock

Here's a couple little illustrations I did while Mojo was on the "World's Strongest Man" circuit. He was disqualified early into the season when they found out he wasn't a man... and that he was on anabolic steroids. I previously had my suspicions when he ripped that water-fountain right off the wall; we were banned from seeing any plays at the High School. But those times have passed, and we're both happier now that that's behind us — "Guys and Dolls" was spectacular this year.

How do you spell "Sucks"?

Also, as with Ambidextrous, if anyone has received their copy of "The Story of Eh", I'd love hear your feedback. And again, if you're truly motivated, I'd appreciate a review or a rating on Even if the book was as weak as a steroid-free Mojo — the strange, munchkin-like "Lulus" who publish books for candy must hear the truth.

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Memories of Mojo wrestling the washing machine. Good times.


Yeah - he did have his moments...

Rob Winters

My socks are strong in a different way.


my socks are strong...odor-wise! XD

Mr. David

It was fantabulous, front to back. Great job... the couple people that I've had look at it said both, "I have to get this," and "I need to start trying to do comics again."

Also, I think Mojo expressed the plight of the working man better than I thought was possible... especially on the first page.

Ara Pehlivanian

Your 'feats' must be strong if even their socks can lift cars and wrestle sharks.

Terry Tolleson

Is that... is that a jar he opened?! Sweet sassy molassy! Remind me to never piss off -that- yarn ape!

The book? I couldn't put it down. No, really. Here's a hint: Pg. 5, Panel 8. Mojo went where no sockmonkey should ever have to go...

I give it 2 ply — way, way up!


I was unaware that "Grrrrr" can come from a shark. Everything in my life until now has been a lie.

Rob Weychert

Initially, I thought Mojo was carrying the shark on land. While wearing flippers. I like that better than him wrestling the shark underwater. Where is he taking that shark? It sets the imagination ablaze!


All hail Mojo, the sock monkey prince!

Hugh G.

I'm impressed that you made the lumberjack French-Canadian (everyone knows a real French person couldn't cut down a dandylion).

He reminds me of one of my favorite Looney Toon characters - Black Jack Cherac (sp?) - the meanest Canuck in the Klondike!

Ah the memories...

Biggest Apple

Book has been devoured. Stomach has several laugh induced rips and fissures. Review has been left. I'm spent.....


God, I love King Arthur Mojo!


I got my copy of The Story of Eh a day or two ago. I laughed my ass off. Then I lent it to a friend. I hope I get it back,,,

Anyway, I will surely submit a review or something on lulu when work permits me a moment to breathe.

Biggest Apple

Kim - There is something very engaging about Mojo with his arms raised.


i haven't gotten my copy yet, since i told my sister to buy it for me for festivus, but i'll be sure to have a review up by december 26.


I really wish I had the money to buy a copy of the book, as I'm sure it's positively hillarious. Ah, the joys of being in college...

I feel I must ask Mr Ethan if he means he lent the book to a friend, or if he lent his ass. Regardless, I hope he gets it back soon as well.


is that, a fig newton he is ripping in half? i feel as though i don't "get' whether mojo is a diminutive sort of sock pet, or one of considerable size. i think i need a character sizing chart...or maybe i am overthinking this.

yep, that's it. i know that smell.

i'm overthinking it.

Biggest Apple

I beleive Mojo's size to be situation appropriate ( or inappropriate I suppose). Kind of like Jet Jaguar. If you look at the illustration of him in front of the car, he comes up to the top of the grill. Then again he is nearly the same size height/size as Frenchy Lumberjack and Bitey the Shark. Of course both Frenchy and Bitey could be rather diminutive and that would explain things as well.


Kev, when are you going to have my babies?

Biggest Apple

Probably when he finds a good recipe


Bearskinrug and its affiliated sites no longer condone the eating of babies. We still still heartily endorse babies eating, so that they can grow into teenagers. Which we eat.

Stephen Caver

Got my copy of "The Story of Eh" today. Loving it!


Sweet! Glad to hear it!


greenlikeahappyfrog: Upon further investigation, I think the thing he is ripping in half is a telephone directrory... or a dictionary... or "sock monkeys for dummies" for that matter!


Oops! Good call, Colin - He is indeed ripping the telephone book... :D


Hee hee...I love the book, Kevin. I sent the order to my workplace, and showed it to my boss as soon as I took it out of the box, turned back to pushing pixels on the screen, but my boss kept giggling, so I asked what he was laughing at. He showed me "Mojo Quits His Job." Then he said, "Please don't do that if you ever decide to quit." I can see my promotion coming now...


Nary - I hope your boss reads this website too.

Kev - Is the book still available? And if so: did anyone living in Europe received it safe and sound?

thank you,


Biggest Apple

hey - I'm in the UK and it arrived swiftly and VERY well packed.


Have an annoying shark ensconsed in my bathtub. Sure could use the talents of that there monkey.


Yeah - you gotta get rid of that thing. And your loofah... it's over a year old!

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