Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Story of Eh

The Story of Eh

Mojo: Monkey... Sock... Author.

Attention, all! The first Mojo book ever, entitled Mojo The Sock Monkey: The Story of Eh, is now available in the Bearskinrug Store. A full narrative (meaning all the comics interrelate and tell a story), The Story of Eh explores the struggles of a simple stuffed primate, a directionless raft floating hither and tither at the whim of the cosmos. Intrigued? Then go forth and join Mojo in his first epic... uh... Epic!

Maybe... but first I wanna see some other Mojo Cartoons to warm me up!

Very well. Even though every comic in The Story of Eh is a brand new Mojo adventure, here are some past Mojo cartoons for those of you who want to browse outdated, un-paperized comics!

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John Nick

The Pulitzer Review Committee has just received their copies.



This is so coming home with me! Send a couple extra and I'll slam them in Atomic Books in Hampden. They're sure to disappear quick. I can't promise anyone will pay for them, but they'll disappear.
Truly monumental. Great job!


For a second there I thought Anders was doing it again (first post). Well.. he's slacking I suppose.

Great stuff Kev. The cover looks sa-weeet.


Thanks, gents!


Colossally awesome!


Me no understand strange comment button.


Damn, it did it again. Technology hurts Hulk's head.


Hulk must smash non-semantic markup!


congrats! i'll avoid buying various doo-dads and whatnot this week to save up for this book!

(also, do you hand draw the type in the titles?)


The main title of the Mojo Book is hand-drawn, but the "Story of Eh" and the titles of each comic are a font I "tweak"...

John Nick

May I pat myself on the back for recognizing your punning title?

(If it wasn't intentional I'll really be embarrassed.)


Sorry John Nick, I just kind of made up the title. But here's an odd coincidence — the storylines are EXACTLY the same!


MURTEN -yeah, I'm kinda slacking...I missed it because of partying again...was at our graduates' exhibition (see link if interested)...but enough about me - this book is HAWT, I'm sure! :)

Ara Pehlivanian

Hey, cool. Hope it sells out!


Are these limited edition?


Now I have to get this AND ambidextrous. Please don't sell out in the next two weeks.

Just kidding.

We already knew you sold out a long time ago!
*boom-tish* Them's the jokes folks! :P

Stephen Caver

I don't think I have ever purchased anything online so quickly and with so little thought. Damn, why must shipping take so long?


Looking at the cover is like being held by a gentle lover.

Is it wrong that I'm considering getting a credit card just to make buying all the cool stuff I've seen recently online easier? Crippling financial debt, here I come!


I have a question, after re-viewing the Lewis and Mojo Xmas 2004, I realized that Mojo gave himself Coal, and Lewis gave himself bananas. Or did I misread that?

*when I type it here, it shows up, up there... coooool.

Steve Erwin

I, for one, would like to see a battle between Mojo and Kitta.net 's Little Red Monkey - no holds barred, pitted against one another for global domination. My money is on Mojo, of course. Place your bets!


Congratulations on the book, Kevin. I can't wait to read it. But do you think that Mojo will be able to handle the fame?


Why cut out the middle man? Personally, I'd like to see Kevin wrestle Kitta. 'Battle', not 'wrestle', you say? Shhh. You're interfering with my mental image...


.... what he said.

Mr. David

Nice super-secret project, Kevin!
Of course, one would be hoping for a Mojo feature, but you've signed, sealed, and delivered. Top-notch. Good show, old bean.
And my copy? It should be on its way- post haste!

Biggest Apple

Eeeeexcellent. Time to add a 'Cornell' plaque to the library.

Biggest Apple

Btw, I'm thrilled that you counted the number of 'ehs' but I WILL be checking.


Lookin' good pal. Mojo with the hawks is pure Roland! Now only if Lewis could dress up like Cort. ;)


FunnelBC - Sold out? You didn't like my spoken word album!? *boom-tish* :)

Stephen Caver - I was the same way with my kidney...

Pierce - Perhaps you'd like to open a MojoCorp credit account? Shall I put you through to Mr. Mojo?

Andrew - Well - I would say that Santa Claus gave both of those presents... (the live preview is courtesy of Mr. Inman. I can only take design credit :) )

Steve Erwin/Pierce - *roll of quarters in fist* Bring it on. I can take a Monkey.

Mr. David - Hoozah! I see you selected the "post-haste" option in the shipping?

Apple - I knew someone would check. But just as a note, I did not count "eh" when humans made the noise, for there it represents indifference...

Springfish - Lewis would make a much more suitable Eddie... but I didn't like Eddie, really...


Charles and Eddie, they would never lie to you, baby.

Terry Tolleson

I'm so glad I have the will power to not purchase every piece of kewl tha... hey! Left Hand! What are you doing with my credit card?! Don't listen to him, Righty… don't you move that mouse! Back away fromt the "Store". Back away from th...


very well, cornell. i will purchase your comical book. is there a percentage laugh guarantee?


I guarantee AT LEAST 12% of this book is FUNNY. The rest depends on how comfortable the reader is with fart humor.


First Ambidextrous and now this! man... gonna have to change my pants more often... BUT it's on it's way to my house.. all i got to do now is find out who sold my Ambidextrous.

too much info?

Marco Faasen

Congratulations Kevin!
Comics have something magical. As a child they always gave me a thrill! Great you've now made your own!
Keep up the good work!


Looks like I'm gonna have to go sit by my mailbox again. Congrats, Kevin! I'm sure these books are inspiring a whole generation to take up reading again. And I love that there are pretty pictures to look at because having never passed 2nd grade, I can't decipher those symbols in the speech bubbles very well...


You need to have these down at Art Prostitute here in Denton, Texas. Your work is truly amazing, in my opinion.

You should check them out!! http://www.artprostitute.com

They've got artwork in the same vein (poet ... didn't know it) ... books, art, etc. for sale ...

Oooh ... squirrels! You need to have mojo meet a sock squirrel!! Yes, I stare at squirrels all day whilst working on the University of North Texas web site on the 3rd floor of the Administration building. Oh, and pidgeons in mid-coitus. Interesting dreams at night to say the least.

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