Monday, October 31, 2005

Mojo's Halloween, 2005

Mojo's Halloween, 2005

Trick or Treat or Panic

I think Mojo gets the basic premise of Halloween — he's got a big bowl of candy in his lap, after all. I guess there's just a small sliver of logic that gets skipped in his thought process. Perhaps it's something all monkeys lack. Or all socks. Maybe it has something to do with the experiments they did on him at space camp. Whatever the matter, it's probably for the best that I sold his antique cannon collection in the spring yardsale.

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I think Mojo did the right thing. I mean, who goes trick-or-treating as PIRATES? Those are the real deal...


oh, I just have to compliment the excellent toss onomatopoeia :D


I know! Only ACTUAL pirates are brave enough to risk seeing GHOSTS!


i like that he's actually sitting in your living room.


Hey... he DOES live here...

Ara Pehlivanian

Maybe it's the heat lamp that's affecting his judgemnt, it seems to be following him everywhere. Or is that just the glow from the wandering pumpkin?

Hugh G.

Everyone should know never to trust a Pirate. Real or otherwise!

I also hope Mojo knows to give away candy, and not throw feces at anyone who comes to his door!


Kevin, is there a place here where new visitors can see where does Mojo come from ? Who is he ? What is he ?

Or maybe is this the wrong question ...


I'm thinking about installing a pre-dug safety hole in my backyard. Big thanks to Mojo for demonstrating its effectiveness.


Hugh G. - Well... if another monkey came to the door, I'd hope he'd be polite and offer the feces anyways...

Kris - Actually... other than doing a search for Mojo and reading those articles... there really isn't much background. But thanks to you, I think I just might have to write a "About Mojo" article...

Jared - Haha! Yeah, I was doing the pencils for this comic and I thought... "hmmm... do I need a frame of Mojo digging the hole?"


Thanks, Kevin, a Mojo adventure always makes my day. Now I can survive another day at the office dealing with printers that won't print and emails that won't email. By the by, I got my AMBIDEXTROUS, Collection I, and I love it -- (turns to others) hours upon hours of mirth and fun, get yours NOW! Such a classy looking book, too. Congrats again, I'm looking forward to the Mojo Collection.


that really is a realistic depiction of kevin's house--orange walls, orange drapes, orange trim, etc. i can't say whether the neighborhood kids/pirates are really orange though.


Kevin, I too recieved my Ambidextrous Collection I, and I found it to be without class, vulgar, and tasteless. Basically it was fantastic. A great light read, and the paper + cover combination is great.


Christ, why can't my mom borrow me her credit card. I want a Kevin Cornell book. :(


Mojo's able to dig holes very quickly on account of his yard being made of a very light, fluffy white foam. In fact, he dug that hole with his little sock hands.


I keeping having this image of a kangaroo stuffing Mojo into its pouch and hopping away...So when you gonna visit australia Mojo?? oh the possibilities, mojo in the melbourne cup, mojo at the opera house, mojo at the great aussie bbq....


yeah, i also like how he is in your living room. poor mojo, he was really putting up an effort. you should move all his valuables from his range of sight. i think that will help.


I just found the link to the Halloween sock monkeys on Kim's website. Dang, those are cool!

A Mojo story like the one when they're on holiday (but about his birth or something :P ) should be way cool indeed, nice work Kevin!


Hehe - The birth of Mojo could get pretty grisly - all the stuffing strewn everywhere, disembodied sock limbs... ;)


um, i just want to know...where did mojo get money from? does he have a job, a rich sock puppet auntie or just finds bits of change...on the ground. under a banana. i didn't realize he was a self-made monkey.


Oh - he'll pick up any bright shiny object he finds. Some of the stuff in that jar is just bottlecaps or glass eyes.

greenlikeahappyfrog eyes.

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