Friday, October 28, 2005

Black Warrior Review

Black Warrior Review

A Comic amongst Poets

In the spring, I was asked to submit some comics to Black Warrior Review, a quarterly compilation of poetry, prose, and art published by the University of Alabama. So I gathered up some Six-Penny Anthems, a trio of Mojo comics that you might find familar and a short comic called "The Talking Goose". To my great pleasure, they chose 8 single-panel Six-Penny Anthems for their Fall Issue.

If you're a fan of reading, and the subsequent magical powers it brings, Black Warrior Review is available for purchase through the website, and you can order by single issues or get a whole subscription.

And speaking of books...

I've heard from a few people (including a lovely write-up by Biggest Apple), but if you've purchased Ambidextrous and received your copy, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought. You know... stuff like whether you liked it or not; whether there where any problems with the print job or shipping; whether all copies need to be gathered up and burned — that sort of thing. And if you really are motivated by it, feel free to rate it or give it a review on

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what "subsequent powers" are we talking about they include FLIGHT, or perhaps even X-ray vision?


I don't think you get Flight.... lemme try....


Nope... it's definitely not flight...


yeah, I've been flapping for quite a while now, but nothing happens...I'm gonna try telepathy next...


I may never be the first to post on, but I landed the first review. Take that speed posters! (I'm looking at you Anders)


I got my copy of Ambidextrous the other day, and I spent the whole night laughing because of the comics inside. Truly an enjoyable transaction- lulu has been great for everything I've ordered from them so far. Thanks.


I just read it - Thanks Nat!


that's great. i've long been a fan of black warriors, and i'm overjoyed to learn that there is a publication dedicated to discussing and evaluating them.


reviewed and rated! this book has tought me a lot of things, one of which being that it isn't spelled ambidextrIous. man, i feel like such a fool now. thanks for the education, kevin.


Ethan - Thanks! Do you have any other lulu recommendations?

Wayne - Ummm I think you've misinterpreted the title. They're reviews WRITTEN by Black Warriors. There's a great write-up about "Herbie: Fully Loaded".

Paul - Awesome! I'm glad I can bring you one step closer to winning that spelling bee...


Is there any chance of this John fellow releasing his songs?

I'm sure they'd have a good hook, eh?



( Hee, hee )


I ordered's "Go For The Gold" from It's a sketchbook sort of thing with work from a dozen+ artists. If you like random doodles and sketches, it's very cool.

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