Wednesday, October 19, 2005

That's Not Fair

That's Not Fair

The Mountain of Victory

I can't tell you how often this happens in the world of Elementary School Science. There's so much pressure to get ahead — traditional sportsmanship gets tossed aside like moldless-bread the morning of the fair. And don't even get me started on the steroid abuse.

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If I were in School and I heard about this kid.. he'd be my best friend hands down... or I'd just beat him up and take his volcano


goody, now Super Nintendo Chalmers can get more computers...


McMullen - Yeah, he'd totally be my partner in lab...

Anders - Hahah :)


The next strip should look like you panned to the right, where some other kid's bigger volcano is surrounded by more judges as it spews 20 and 50 dollar bills.


the school can finally get those guitars that are like, double guitars!


I see you were able to include a 10 year-old me with my project, "The Effects of Sitting Beside a Broken Car Stereo and B-Ball Net at Three Minutes to Three Because my Crummy Dad Didn't Help With My Project."
I'd've taken honorable mention, but Sutter burried us all with his "Get a Fox, Chicken and Bag of Feed Across The River" Machine.


having gone to a grade school with literally no lab science program, my knowledge of science fairs is based entirely on pop culture representations. that said, this is the best volcano i've ever seen.


where do you find time to do these cartoons now kevin? you are one hard working sunnofabitch. hee hee


Victor Conte as a child.....hillarious.


I did something similar for my Elementary School Science Fair. I did the science of making IceCream and sat there making homeade Ice Cream. I didn't win. Ice Cream couldn't even beat that smart girl.


But the one thing the volcano cannot spew is happiness.


No - it can - there's a switch on the bottom...

Biggest Apple

hey Kevin - just received my copy of Ambidextrous. TOP MARKS! Anyone who hasn't ordered it should seek out professional medical assistance.


Kevin Cornell received passing grades in college illustration classes in much the same making cover flaps for his artwork out of actual 5 and 10 dollar bills!


Apple - Awesome! Did you recieve your decoder ring?

Joe - Very true! I don't suppose I can get any of them back? I've got a science fair in a couple of weeks...

Biggest Apple

No - but I blame international post for loosing it :P


I don't understand the American education system. They make it really simple in australia...1) you go to preschool 2) you go to primary school for seven years 3) you proceed to high school for a further 5 years. AND at no point do they encourage competition amongst students, That could be interpreted as some kinda political slant....


Those kids in the back know they've been beat. They should just leave now, and take their " You can clean pennies with Coke" exhibit with them.


Well this is very timely. My oldest son had juts been set the task of building a volcano for his holiday homework.

And I must confess (to my shame) that the primal urge to compete and make it really good started to take over!

Now, I can just relax.


Fiona - I don't think all American schools encourage competetions. But kids in school are competing against each other all the time anyways, with or without the administrators help. I fondly remember my first one-on-one gladiator-style fight to the death in French class...

Stinn - Is that true? You can clean them with coke? Man.. I should figure out some way to have a science fair competition on Bearskinrug...

Mearso - Well, I gotta tell you... Volcano's can get pretty out of hand. I suggest making a smaller one, and limiting its "lava-substitute" to one dollar bills.


Cool thanks for the idea! My son has a science project comming up and we've been racking our brains.

Ara Pehlivanian

The question is: does it create the money, or do you need to refill it yourself. Because it creates the money, then it's a legitimate—albeit strange—science project. If you have to refill it, then it's just plain ol' bribery. :-)


Oh it's true alright..


All those years that I was worried people would judge me by the condition of my pennies... and peace-of-mind was right in my refrigerator all along!


Can you imagen this thing in a stripclub? You would be king!


Bah - A stripper would have to perform an entire 3-act play for me to earn a 10 dollar bill.


One stripper, you´d be like sugger to bees. You´d look like you were on MTV.


The more I think about this thing the more it bothers me, tell the truth, is this just an old picture of Hugh Heffner?

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