Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fun Uncle Stu

Fun Uncle Stu

Kids love him; siblings despise him

Poor Uncle Stu. All he wanted was to take his nephew out for some good ol' fashioned fun — the kind of high-steppin' monkeyshines that a young kid needs to get into, but a mother just can't understand! She thinks it's too dangerous. Nonsense says Stu!

Of course... he didn't really count on his nephew being that stupid...

Oh well — plenty more neices and nephews out there. Chin up, Uncle Stu!

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How terribly absurd...


Poor clothes, no chin and no sense


I guess he has quite a few nieces and nephews, since he doesn't drink anything stronger...hi-effin'-larious! :D

Ara Pehlivanian

I wonder what inspired this little bit of satire. Was Jimmy wanting to end it all? If you look closely, you can see that Jimmy's body language communicates the intentions of a suicidal person. Frame 1) he's distraught, Frame 2) he's disturbed by the words "we're having fun ain't we?," Frame 3) he contemplates the possibility of death, Frame 4) having decided to end it all, he seems scared of what's to come.

Or maybe Stu likes blowing up deaf kids.

We'll never know.


I think Stu secretly knew that the rocket wouldn't take off and would explode on the ground. Ultimately, in his own mind, he was doing Jimmy a favour. A fine example of tough love.


Ara - Naw... Jimmy didn't really have any problems other than he's a little thick. Look at frame 4 - I bet he's just on the verge of running... he's scoping out a spot...

Owen - I don't know... I suspect Fun Uncle Stu doesn't teach any other lessons than "Havin' Fun!!!!".


You're probably right. Looking back on it, Jimmy doesn't appear to fully understand what a firework is, and seems to be trying to figure it out in frame 3. He is definitely scoping a spot in frame 4, now that you point it out, haha. Poor Uncle Stu.


Haha - well... perhaps Stu could have simply pointed the rocket in another direction and saved himself some trouble...


I don't know what you guys are talking about. Jimmy is right here with me. That's his brother, Johnny.


Oh great - now he's SURE to be blown up... or hit by a car...


I just don't understand what went wrong... why didn't he run? I was really thinking "run Jimmy, run!" in frame 4... but he just stood there...

John Nick

Thank goodness the bartender has a handlebar mustache. Shouldn't it have been a little bigger?

I love high-steppin' monkeyshines!


Sorry to post twice in such short notice, but this drawing is called "hero.jpg"... so maybe there is a bigger part in this story...was Jimmy a hero that couldn't take it anymore? Was Uncle Stu a hero for turning around and yelling at his nephew to run?

We need more information, Kevin!


Haha - sorry Murten - all the main images in my articles are called "hero.jpg" (and all the thumbs are called "thumbs.jpg"). But they're still both "heroes" in their own way!

Ara Pehlivanian

Bearskinrug: I don't know, frame four looks to me likehe's about to pe himself (notice the placement of his feet).

Ara slaps himself "don't debate the meaning of a drawing with the artist who drew it! Idiot."

Ara Pehlivanian

Ugh, keyboard trouble. :-(
likehe's = like he's
pe himself = pee himself

Biggest Apple

My poor Uncle Stu was/is named Poor Uncle John. He let me buy ninja throwing stars (back when they were truly de riguer), butterfly knives and other such fun. Then one day Poor Unlce John decided to teach me how to shoot a gun when he was drunk. He used an antique from his collection and when he fired it - the damn thing blew up in his hands. After that my mother sort of put the brakes on Poor Uncle John. Bummer.


Haha - No Ara — You have as much a clue as to what's going on in these as me. And he totally does look like he's peeing himself... :D

Apple - Man - there's a couple good comics right there!


Jimmy looks as if he can possibly be the next Jeffrey Dahmer. Frankly, I'm glad he got blown to bits.

Ara Pehlivanian

There is another thing to consider. Why did uncle Stu's firework explode rather than take off and blow up in the air? Is he just cheap and bought a second rate firework? Or is there truly a murder mystery afoot? Maybe Uncle Stu is jealous of his sister for having kids. Maybe he's part of the Royal family and so long as his sister has kids, Stu can't inherit the throne. Maybe I need to stop with the conspiracy theories. ;-)


Jared - That's true... most serial killers have names that start... with... "J"... u m . . . J a r e d . . . *gulp*!

Ara - I certainly hope he's not part of the Royal Family. I'd hate to see a cool hat like that replaced by some schmaltzy crown...


Kev, you are sick. When are you going to have my babies?


I really don't know how you make it, Kevin. But your sense of humor is just fine and always makes me grin. Not like laying on the floor, but thinking: hehe, nice!


I certainly hope Kevin isn't sick!


Looks like Jimmy has sleeping problems. Insomnia. He seems to be addicted to something. ;D


I have a cousin named Jimmy who was always a bit of a martyr, too... he stapled his hand to a piece of cardboard once and explained to a terrified babysitter that "You should have been watching me!"
Uncle Stu wears a top hat - wherever a top hat is, halarity ensues!


Very, Very True! Top Hats are a comedy staple...


Is this what they call evolution?


You know... I think you're right! Fun Uncle Stu is an agent of necessity!


Itīs a tough job but someoneīs got to do it.

Benighted Joe

I laughed my ass of by this comic. Love your work btw, Kevin!


Thanks, Joe!

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