Friday, September 30, 2005

Mojo’s Charts

Mojo’s Charts

A Monkey with Something to Prove

Since Mojo and I started working together, I've noticed he makes an awful lot of charts. I was never actually sure what it was he was measuring, but he seemed terribly determined to have flawless, empirical data to prove something.

Mojo, crunching numbers and processing data

Eventually, I sat down with him to go over our business model, and discuss each other's contributions to the company. The steadily climbing numbers he provided were very encouraging — although as it turns out, he was charting his chart-making progress.

Numbers continue to climb.

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that's blueberry pie, isn't it? :P


That sure is a big number on the calculator.

This post is both fascinating and hugely disturbing, somehow.


Anders - If it isn't, that monkey is MISSING OUT....

Pierce - Disturbing in the "Grown men shouldn't be doing this kind of thing" way?


Hahaha. No, that kind of disturbing hadn't even occured to me.

Disturbing in the "Picturing mojo working away at dark desk over graphs, what the hell is he up to?" way. How can you sleep at night? Insert unsuitable joke about your insomnia here.


It is true that sometimes you have to provide management with a clear representation of when you want to go to lunch


Really funny, Kevin. And this makes me think of hot chocolate.


This post makes me laugh… especially the happy and sad face next to the pie chart.

Joshua Lane

55378008 ...ahhh, a classic.


What? Wait — Hey! That damn monkey told me those were "projected 4th quarter profits"!

Hugh G.

Eh seems to be a major element in all of Mojo's calculations. Is 55378008 the numerical approximation of Eh?

I think that's the 1st time I've ever used the word 'approximation'




Mojo and I use the same calculator! I feel so validated!!

Biggest Apple

Am I completely off base here or is one of Mojo's main aims to spin as much as possible in that chair?

Ara Pehlivanian


Haw haw

Mr. David

There's also the ever-popular 5218008...

Given Mojo's previous escapades with 5218008, I'd figure he'd also be in favor of that number.

John Nick

I think the photo betrays Kevin's own personal hell.

Look at the smiley and frowny faces -- perfect, aren't they? Even though requiring a mere 4 strokes apiece, he imbues them with unique Kevinness!

Own up, KC -- you can't even make a smiley look sloppy! CAN YOU???

It must suck to be incapable of sucking. Way. :-)

BTW -- 55378008. Nice.


(: ˇ5318008

Mr. David

Yes, Anders... I meant 5318008.
I'd openly blame the fact that it was early and/or late... but yeesh. 11AM?


it's alright, we have no idea which time zone you're in :)


Frames 1 and 2 are great. The fact that Mojo isn't sitting at a desk or anything cracks me up. The bum gets Employee of the Month Indefinitely for just sitting there!? I'm working too hard... And the "spin!" in frame 2 is awesome, almost as good as the "tuck"s in "A Gentleman's Armistice" or the dismissal of the guest in frame 5 of "The Talk Show Host."

I really don't have anything clever to say here, just expressing my appreciation. And, perhaps, showing an indication that I have too much time on my hands or am looking for some serious distraction from other work I know I should do.

I'll just spin around in my chair, instead, though. Mojo is a good role model.


:) Mojo is a GREAT role model! I groom myself three... four times a year thanks to him!

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