Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Half-Man has No-Fun

Half-Man has No-Fun

It's Lonely at the Bottom

Most of us are quite oblivious to the struggles a pair of legs faces daily. Well... maybe "faces" is the wrong term. I guess the closest thing to a face that a bottom-half-man has is his crotch. Or his butt. So he's either a crotchface, or an assface... See? These are the kinds of struggles I'm talking about.

Next time you see the bottom half of a man, I certainly hope you'll reach out to him. Maybe go get a cup of coffee together. Ask him about his day. Play some kickball. Tie his shoelaces. Because the bottom half of a man will never reach out to you — unless it's from a sitting position.

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Bryan Fillmer

At least the bottom half of a man will never be accused of thinking with the wrong head... he only has the fun one to think with!

Tasteless, I know.


Hey - I DID just write that assface/crotchface joke... don't sweat it!

John Nick

I have no pity for Half-Man. I'd give my left (and right) leg to be able to fly like he can!


My, those Natalie Legs are just INDECENT!


He wouldn't be able to see over the guy in front anyway. Poor Half-Man.

Still, he's probably a bit hit with the ladies.

Jeff Louella

Just think of the money he saves on clothing.


I'm not getting a cup of coffee for that guy. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen...

Bryan Fillmer

Not to mention there are no pretenses when on a date! He doesn't even have to pretend to care about her job/cat/dreams, lacking ears and a mouth to respond!

It must be great to be a bottom half of a man.

Biggest Apple

I'm going to assume (dangerous I know) that he's wearing pants there, which begs the question - how does he pull them up?


i grow tired of the propaganda this site site effuses. bottom-half people (or 'bo-po' as i call them) are what's wrong with society today. they're lazy and taking up all the jobs that require walking and pushing levers with feet from all the decent, hard-working americans. what you're probably not telling people is that the bo-po pictured above and his hooligan friends are going to see a bo-paganda movie about bo-superiority and overtaking our whole-people (ho-po) society. nuts to that! full-body nuts to that, bearskinrug!


Like a game of Tetris, perhaps there is a solution.


Jeff - Maybe. Now he has to buy expensive belts to show off.

Mike - True - but then, he has to drink it through his penis anyways...

Pierce & Bryan - When a woman goes out with the bottom-half-of-a-man, it's usually because she needs a table for the night.

Apple - He probably has his friends help him. Or he uses his feet, like one of those dextrous people who paint with their feet...

Paul - It's time you knew the truth; I myself am a bottom-half. I have a top half-prosthetic.

Composernate - Hehe - I like that phrase!


That's the asshole that stole my Segway!!

Jeff Hartman

He's pretty chauvanistic though - dating only women who are top-heavy.


Never accept an offer to shake the hand of Half-Man.


I think you have been hanging out with sutter a bit much lately. this def. has his flare (aka: weird twisty meaninglessness.)
very nice!


Oh, it's not meaningless, Niffer - in fact it's quite metaphorical...


Now usually, when I come to your site and see an "off the wall" drawing or comic, you give insight underneath as to its inspiration.
Here there is nothing, and I can't even imagine what could possibly have made you think of this, but it's really funny. Good job!


It's very obvious what inspired him... Kevin had to clean the basement and was very lonely...

(yeah that was pretty lame, but I'm studying so i don't have time to visit your website!)


Somewhere out there is a top half woman that is very lonely. Maybe some day they will meat. I gess time will tell...


meet, sorry

Charles G

Mmmmm, meat.


The Jones - Well, the idea for it came about when I went to the movies, and I noticed it was suspiciously empty of bottom-half people. Although, I wouldn't really see them if they were in the seats in front of me...

Ty - Top-halves and Bottom-halves get together all the time. The result is usually she-males.


"Because the bottom half of a man will never reach out to you..."
Yeah, right! Tell me another one...am I right girls?


:) Hahah, Joyce - good one!

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