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Mojo Wins

Poor Mojo. He finally has a chance to show all those suckers in his hometown that he's a success, and the reward is too much of a let-down to brag about. It just goes to show, he should have never entered that "Design a Trophy" contest.

Terrence Wins

All Mojo victory aside, I'm pleased to announce Terrence May as the winner of the Submit A Caption contest. It was a tough choice, but after much thinking and a scary clown nightmare, the decision was made. His winning caption reminds us all that any heist can be disrupted by a poorly-timed personal revelation.

The Winning Caption

Other captions I was particularly fond of:

"That level of marksmanship is exactly why you'll never
make Cirque du Soleil."

and also:

"Look, Frank, change of plans. Gimme that semi. Take this instead. Don't worry, I got your back. Ok, now on three..." - Nary

I quite like what's going on here. Left Clown definitely looks like he'd set up Right Clown in a deadly web of harlequin espionage. And Right Clown definitely looks like he's not the brightest clown under the Big Top.

For my own part, I wrote a few captions out. I must admit, this was a more difficult image to work with than I intended because there were so many different elements to juggle. So kudos to all of you, for having to wrestle with a toughie. Anyway, here's a couple of my own:

Right Clown: "This doesn't make sense... I'm a HAPPY clown."
Right Clown: "Wait... I'm getting big cold feet..."
Dangles regretted bringing Oodles on. Only Kippers had the stomach for this.

So there you go. Let it not be said I didn't heartily gargle my own medicine. Thanks again to all who participated, and congratulations to Terrence — may your prize survive transit without bends or creases!

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Mr. David

I'm adopted... clearly the winner.
With such concern and obvious sadness on Clown #1's face... well chosen. But at the end of the day, let's face it-
Mojo's always a winner.

Rob Weychert

Terrence May, my hat is off to you.


"I'm adopted?" is a one-dimensional caption and doesn't make an effort to bring in any of the other unique aspects present in the great illustration.

Of the runners-up, Cirque is the only one worth mentioning on this page.

Here comes all the mutual admiration for a mediocre winner.


congratulations to Terrance. he was indeed the best one here. *applaudes* Hey Kevin, are you going to do the 'submit a caption' thing more often? I have enjoyed it for sure.


Congrats Terrance!

Have to admit though - I was more a fan of Wayne's!


Sorry John, but my decision has to stand. I appreciate you speaking your piece, though. :)

Tony - I'm sure I'll do another one, don't worry. :D

Rob Weychert

John, the winner's non-sequiter is exactly the reason it is the best. For my money, in this case, choosing to ignore the ludicrous intricacies of this illustration and keep the mystery intact makes for a much funnier caption.


On a lighter note, great illustration! It was fun and can't wait for another contest.


thanks for the nods, john and tim. but as i've told kevin, i was hoping not to win, since i'm perfectly terrified by clowns. i second rob's analysis of the winning entry.


Brilliant. Congrats, Terrence! Good to have the ever eloquent Rob on your side of an argument. I agree with his logic in all its entirety. That caption coupled with the expression on the clown's face is priceless. Thanks for the honorable mention, Kevin. Awesome illustration, but what else is new? Is Mojo sitting on one of the boxes from his fort at the factory?


Shucks, I would have said, "You didn't have to emtpy the entire clip into the damn thing!".

Love this site, and I especially love the artwork.


As for Rob's analysis, I can understand his point. But could any caption have diluted the mystery contained in such a wonderful illustration? :)

I believe that something non-sequiter balances on the razors edge of genius and stupidty, thus this heated discussion. :) See reference below (this ought to stir the pot).

Stella (boo!) vs. Kids in the Hall (yae!)

Kevin: Does mojo bathe? If so, in a bath tub or washing machine?


Well John, that depends - the REAL Mojo takes a bath in the laundry room sink... the Cartoon Mojo bathes in public baths, not unlike the ancient Romans.

R R Anderson

As a long time fan of both bearskinrug AND A List Apart, I was both shocked, confused and happy to discover today the two things have merged together outside of my own lunchbreak surfing. ROCKET SAUCE!


Haha - thanks, R.R.!


Um. I hate to ask, especially in this post-nine-eleven environment, but— what is with the moon on Mojo's scepter? Is he Muslim?


That is a banana. :D

Daniel the Swede

Kevin... You should have won with:
"Wait... I'm getting big cold feet..." I'm still laughing!


Well done Terrence, a worthy winner!


so, back to the comic at hand...
i don't know what Mojo is so upset about... he can still drink beer out of it!


This is a really great strip kev-bo. I love how the 3rd frame is right above the 6th. brilliant!


Daniel - Thanks!

Sutter - Mojo doesn't need a beer-drinking vessel. He obviously needs headgear that elevates him socially.

Niff - Thanks niffer! That did work out kinda nice!


I literally LOL'd.


This comic strip reminds me of a well known situation back in my childhood. Should I tell it here? Well, I guess you don't want to hear it. I I don't wanna tell, so.

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