Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Stove is Broken!

The Stove is Broken!

An Ambidextrous Comic

If you're wondering what kind of stove that is, it's a Pot-Belly Stove. All my knowledge of Pot-Belly Stoves, and most other stoves, are based on stories I've made up myself. Did you know that Pot-Belly Stoves are made from rain clouds and dandelion-fluff wishes? Also, you rub a Pot-Belly Stove to ward off unwanted scalpings. For more facts on these historical oddities, read the previous two sentences over again.

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John Nick

Well, at least he fixed the stove!

Great work Kevin!


so, what was that thing? did they find out?


It's a dryer ... of sorts.


Why does a tea kettle appear in the last frame?


I like how authoritative the shoving is. I need to shove! my clothes in my washing machine from now on.


Beau - hahah - that's pretty true!

Ian - What the?

Bryan - Oh yeah - clothes don't clean correctly unless you've put them in a submissive mindset...


I think I figured out the problem. He forgot to close the door. No wonder they looked shocked. All the water's shooting out.


I hope he remembered to use the appropriate detergent for the cold cycle.

Charles G

The expressions on their faces in the last frame are priceless... PRICELESS!

I can kind of hear that sad high pitched annoying 'wahhhh' reminiscent of Lucille Ball, multiplied by 2 of course.

The Jones

I never knew all of those interesting "facts" about pot belly stoves, and the endless knowledge unveiled in re-reading. I just keep learning!


Who's clothes are being shoved in there? ..they look neked to me.


You, dear sir, are simply awesome. I busted a gut laughing. Excuse me while I pick up my entrails.


So… I don't get it. How do you guys wash YOUR clothes…? A little too much accelerant in the pre-wash though I think.


I guess you can forgive their stupidity..the people look like clothes pegs...not to mention their lack of noses!


Don't get me wrong...the cartoon is great!!!


I followed the link to the (very informative) Good Time Stove Co. Awesome! Although, I must say that I am surprised that anybody could mistake a Potbelly Stove for a Cylinder Stove..I mean, really!


Man - this group is cracking me up today! Nice comments, people!


I don't know what is better, your strip, or your comment. You are one witty bastard kevin...and by that I mean: your witty and your mom pushed you out of her birth canal before she was married.


Your use of text to describe actions (shove! shove!) reminds me of when I was a boy. I used to get teased because when I'd play with my action figures I'd describe actions with words like, "walk! walk! juuuuuump! walk!" It's good to see I'm not alone. :)

The Philanthropist

Ahhhh Kevin, You've done it again you witty bastard!. (See Niff's entry above)


Good show, as usual.


Paolo - I did the same things with my action figures! I'd take Major Bludd and be like "Compliment, Compliment", and then Lady Jaye would be all "Blush, Blush"... :)

Philanthropist/JCRogers - Thanks gents!

Richard (Erd)

did they set it for hot or cold water? cause... it could just be a fast way to heat the water...


If it was a dark load, no one will notice!


Richard(erd) - Well - they didn't see the knob, so they threw on the closet liquid at hand, which was bourbon.

Rantzilla - Haha - yeah - you're right!

Julio Guzmán

May be the story should be called "The washing machine is broken"

Julio Guzmán

The story should be called "The washing machine is broken"

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