Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Bearskinrug Store

The Bearskinrug Store

Ye Olde Online Shoppe

After a couple months of hard work, thinking, and thinking about hard work, Bearskinrug has opened a store. I feel like some sort of apron-wearing, mustachioed proprietor! In fact, I wish to be addressed as "Shopkeep" from now on. Order something from the very top shelf, so that I may use my hook-on-a-pole to take it down....


It's not like I carry barrels of beans, or bolts of canvas, but there's still plenty of interesting stuff here. For instance, over here we have 15 editions of my very first print, Rue 15. Quite a fetching bit of costumery for your wall. And for the "Mojo-centric" viewer, there's the Mojo the Sock Monkey Motivational Poster Series. Dream! Go! Do It! Pick your favorite, or buy all three at once for a discounted price.

Look To The Future

So stop on in and take a look around. Other items will be arriving in due time, including more prints and maybe a few comic collections. Now, if you'll excuse me, I see some punk teenage kids reading the posters for free...

"Hey - this is not a lending library!"

While we're talking about Stores...

Picnic Mtn. Book 1 is on sale now at Inkfinger, for only $5 ($6 outside of the US)... and that includes shipping! You'll laugh! And if you can't laugh, you'll learn to laugh! The cover of the comic is a signed and numbered print by Matt Sutter (who happened to screen print the Mojo Posters).

*UPDATE* - Picnic Mtn is now ALSO for sale through the Bearskinrug Store. So whatever floats your boat...

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Well done. Looks like my bank account will be going in the wrong direction yet again.

Best of luck to ya!


Thanks, Mr. Fish! I hope you don't RUE your purchase.... HAHAHAHAHA!


pretty fancy, kevin, it's about time people had a little bit of Mojo to call their own. (and to encourage their cubicle adventures)

Biggest Apple

Nice work there Shopkeep! Great Mojo set.


Oh yes. I will be buying the poster set after lunch, have to go get the credit card!


Congrats, Kevin! Nice job. The "Go" poster is wonderful! I wish I had some money just so I could sign it over to you...

Charles G

Nice job "shopkeep"... after only 2 seconds browsing through the posters I found myself already at the paypal screen getting ready to enter my credit card information!

Hoooold on there, think I need to wait until I get home to decide if I want the whole set or just one. Decisions, decisions...

Philipp Daun

I just loves those! Especially the Go!-Poster is pretty interesting... It's just that i don't have too much money to spend on posters (i just bought a new display for my pc at home). Great work!

Mr. David

Sweet-ass mojovational posters are currently being shipped my way by the delightful gnomes behind the scenes at Bearskinrung... does life get any better?
Before you begin to ponder, I'll save you the effort.
Huzzah for the shopkeep! Huzzah!


i second rachael's comment. if i find some money on the ground, though, it's definitely heading your way in exchange for a poster or three...


Also, it's nice to know that Mojo promotes an active and safe lifestyle. Notice the helmet while he's in the kayak. Not to mention the weight belt while lifting.

Placed my order.


Thanks everyone! I've been cooking up this site since April, and it feels great to finally have it up! Soon I'll have to go back in the kitchen to check on some of the other BSR plans...


I always used to despise motivational posters - always so patronising...but THESE, they're AWESOME!!!
And I do like that Mojo is safety concious as well as motivational!


I feel mojovated(tm) already! Ordering on payday!


Donna - Mojo SEEMS safety conscious, but in Do It! he's leaping over a shark tank.
Funnel - Wow! These posters are POTENT! :)

Hugh G.

Wow, I never dreamed my wish would be fulfilled so quickly! Thanks Kevin!

Now if only that lion taming position becomes available . . .


Haha! Well - I'm a big supporter of unibomber-style shack improvement! :)


How much is he pressing in GO! anyway, 8oz, 16?


Hey kevin, you should probably tell people about the thing where if they don't buy your posterts they will die in 10 days!...i feel week...


Why in the world would I pay $15 for something that this guy is selling for 35¢?


bryan - I believe that's 35,000 lbs. He's quite strong.

Niff - Oh yeah! But that's only if they've eaten a poster... YOU ate your poster!!?



Sweet stuff Kev!

I wanna see more stuff, though!

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