Monday, July 18, 2005

The Siege of Fort Mojo

The Siege of Fort Mojo

Mojo and the Factory, Part II.

A continuation of the previous Mojo cartoon. Stay tuned for the THRILLING conclusion!

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Mojo is a God among sockmonkeys. And my hero.


He also makes excellent sandwiches.

Biggest Apple

Wow. Flinging action yet no feces were involved. Perhaps this is some sort of slur on the flying co-worker??

The Jones

I love panel two, great storytelling!


Oh, no! The company is going to call the police and then the police are going to shock him with shockers and chain him to a truck and drive him around on disply until he escapes and climbs to the top of the Empire State Building. And then they're going to lock him up with a man in a yellow hat. Mojo, why?!!


Ehhhhhh... EH.


*wink* I knew you'd have something up your sleeve. I'll be ready.


That Mojo is the Dickens.


it also seems that kevin is the dickens, in that he is leading us on with cliffhanging serial narratives like those written by...
*coughs, pushes up glasses*
i'll try to rein in my literary nerdiness in the future. i promise.


If mojo makes tasty sandwiches, I think he should open a deli. For customers he dislikes.. he could use the forklift to remove them from the shop.


The Jones - Thanks, Jimbo!
Jordan - No need to get crude!!! Wait... are you getting crude?
Wayne - I've got some ideas about some 17 syllable Mojo cartoons...

Eh eh eh ehh eh
Mojo! Get back in the plane!
EEhhhheeeehhhhh! (splat!)
McMullen - There's a job Mojo hasn't had yet - Deli Owner! Good idea!

Mr. David

Aaahhh. The only kind of flinging better than fecal flinging is human flinging.
The whole two birds, one stone sort of thing.
And as for fork lifts...

Daniel the Swede

The second frame is just beautiful. I would like to have that framed and on my wall...


Captured, forklifted and catapulted by a *Sockmonkey* - Johnson will never be able to just have lunchbreak again with his colleagues as if nothing happened.


Does Mojo pronounce "eh" with a long e or a short e? - is it "eeeee" or "eh"?
I've always believed it to be the latter, but I realize now that "eeeee" may be more sockmonkey-like ...


Speaking of he of Canadian heritage? Or did he spend a lot of summers in Canada visiting his cousins when he was a kid? Canoeing, eating bacon, enjoying political banter, running Cuban Cigars across the border, flinging moose with a forklift.....

Brent O'Connor

Finally some excitement around here! :) I like it. Good action.


A framed mojo cartoon! I really like that idea - my birthday's coming up - where's the link to the site where you sell your prints... or do you have one yet? I'll bid on that job.


Well - you're in luck, Randal - because I just opened a store...

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